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The winter months are right in front of our doorsteps. This time of the year is well connected with a lot of prepping activities. Preparing our home for the winter, preparing ourselves, both physically and mentally. Usually, people don’t go out as much, sports, grooming and all the extra care we take for ourselves is kinda left behind and we enter this state of mild hibernation.

However, the words “Take care of yourself!” are often spoken these days. (Due to recent events, which we purposely won’t name) and we really have to take care of ourselves, our bodies and our beloved homes. Keeping things nice and clean at home helps out with being trapped inside. Keeping ourselves well-groomed and healthy, also helps our mindset and keeps morale high. So, in order to achieve that we will need some “tools” in the form of appliances, right?

Here is our take on things, going through the categories of top UK appliances retailers, we have gathered the top offers for small appliances. To keep things consistent, we have gathered the best picks for your personal health, and those that will help you in keeping your home comfy and welcoming. Before you buy an electrical appliance from the UK or the EU, make sure you understand how to convert your UK or EU plug to a US plug with our in depth guide.


The “No-Shave November” is here, but it won't last forever. We no longer have to cut the grass outside, but we can take care of ourselves and keep things nice and short. Easy to wash and easy to maintain! To help achieve this we have spotted an electric razor from Braun on 50% sale! It’s a steal, considering the reputation of the brand and the quality of their products. This razor is cordless and waterproofed, giving you the freedom to use it anywhere, even under the shower. It has the option for wet & dry shaving and two different razor heads. One for the beard and one for the body. Ladies can also benefit from this deal, giving their legs a quick trim while enjoying a book in the bathtub.


For those that like the soft silky smooth finish of a professional intense pulsed light hair removal, we have good news for you! Braum’s Silk Expert Pro is also on a 50% sale!

Keeping the healthy train rolling, most of us suffer from a lack of nutrition during the winter. But that might change when we are properly equipped with a good juicer and maybe a blender to partner up with it. Extract the vital vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies in your favourite smoothie goodness. That will keep your vitals pumping and make you more lively and active during the cold winter days. Take a look at the blenders in Hughes, they offer discounts if you apply a “voucher”, which is actually a discount code. You can find the codes here. And for the juicers, head to Harts of Stur, as they have a decent variety of juicers.

But what is healthy living without a good breakfast? Good thing Argos thought about it and issued a 25% off on Russel and Hobbs kettles and toasters. So you have your tea and toast sorted out, now all this meal needs is some eggs. And a great product for that, on a great price, will be this dual omelette maker from Amazon.

Russell Hobbs electric kettles

To keep us going throughout the day some of us need a bit of help. This help comes in the form of freshly brewed, good, strong, hot coffee. And how about if that coffee is free?! AO are selling coffee machines with one month of free coffee!


The first thing most people look for when they enter a home is how well the owners keep it clean. Carpets usually collect dirt, hair and other contaminants, so they are a good tell-tell sign that those living here sure love their slacking time. To keep dust away from the floors, sofas and carpets, you can use one of these friendly-looking Numatic vacuum cleaners. They are British to the bone and prize themselves with durability and quality. They even make professional-grade vacuum cleaners.

During the winter, dust is not our only enemy. We can’t air out our properties as often as we are used to, because of the chilling air waiting to rush inside. This is why the air may become stale and filled with dust particles. If you have the same problem, maybe you would love to buy an air purifier. AppliancesDirect are offering some great deals in this category! Some of the products come with HEPA filters and some claim to trap viruses as well, which can help keep the flue away this season.

It is important to keep yourself warm during the winter. A nice warm room, a hot beverage and a soft blanket is just the dream! And sometimes you need a bit of extra heat at your feet or you just need to keep one room warm to save on the bills. It is the time when small heaters shine the most! You grab a cheap portable heater from ASDA and easily carry it with you from room to room if you like.

Speaking of heating the home, it often comes with a price. Conventional heaters, especially electric ones dry out the air in the room. Some people are slightly more sensitive to this. We would like to point their attention towards the air humidifiers from Appliance Direct.

Now that we have covered the basics, there is nothing left to do except point you in the right direction to shop your goods. Wait, we have already done that. But what about those of you limited from shipping rules or lack of it at all? Well, forward2me got that covered for you with our UK parcel forwarding service! Learn how it works in just a few steps - we will give you an address, to which to send your items and then we will ship them to you once you are ready with your shopping. Great, isn’t it! No more limitations!


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