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Discover the latest trends from British brands, explore the best deals, and find useful tips on  shopping at UK retailers from abroad and shipping internationally. The UK section of Forward2me’s blog brings you updates and expert insights to enhance your shopping experience and simplify the process of international delivery using a parcel forwarding service. 

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Disney Collectibles Buying Guide

From beloved characters to iconic moments, Disney offers a vast array of merchandise that fans and collectors cherish. Our guide offers tips for identifying authentic merchandise and how to order your finds from around the world using a parcel forwarding address.
Guide to Collecting Disney Pins

Disney pin collecting is a beloved hobby enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages, from children to adults. These small, decorative pins feature iconic Disney characters, movie scenes, and themes, making them cherished collectibles for Disney fans around the world.
Where to Buy Dr. Martens in the UK

A symbol of rebellion and vibrancy, Dr. Martens continue to be one of the most recognizable footwear brands in the UK. Find out about the history behind these legendary boots, explore iconic styles, and discover online stores where you can buy a pair of fashion history with your UK address.