We now also operate a warehouse in the heart of Europe, a few miles west of Leipzig, Germany, ideally located within reach of both Leipzig/Halle Airport, which serves as DHL Aviation’s European hub, allowing us to get your packages to you quicker than ever before.

How it works in 5 easy steps

Sign up for a German address

Sign up for a Germany address - Follow the simple sign up process to create your forward2me account and you’ll receive our German forwarding address to use when ordering your goods.

Order your goods

Order your goods - Go to your favourite German retailers such as Amazon.de and order your goods using the delivery address that we’ve provided.

We receive your parcel

We receive your parcel - Your parcel will then arrive here at our German warehouse, at which point we will check to make sure that it can safely and legally be forwarded on to your location. We’ll then send you an email to let you know that we’ve received your goods.

We ship your parcel

We ship your parcel - Next, you can log in to the site, select your preferred courier for the shipment and pay for shipping, either by credit card, PayPal for bank transfer. If you make the payment before 11:00 am, we can usually ship the very same day.

Your parcel arrives home

Your parcel arrives home - Depending on the courier that you choose, you’ll receive delivery of your parcel within one to four days of it leaving our warehouse. Local customs processes can also have an impact on the exact delivery date and you may also have to pay customs duties depending on the contents of the parcel and where the parcel is being delivered to. You’ll also have to sign for your goods when they arrive.



Merseburg is a small town in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt and lies a short distance to the west of Leipzig. Leipzig/Halle international airport is less than 30 minutes from our Merseburg warehouse and serves as the main European hub for DHL Aviation.  DHL Aviation is part of DHL Express with specific responsibility for air transport. The proximity to such key DHL infrastructure means packages can leave our location later and still make international connections to all corners of the world for next day delivery – prepare to be surprised by the speed and efficiency of this service!

Amazon operates a large fulfilment center in Leipzig with a building area of 75,000m⊃2; - this means orders placed on amazon.de on Tuesday night can be in our Merseburg facility on Wednesday morning, on a DHL flight Wednesday evening and with most of our customers throughout the world on Thursday.  Significantly amazon.de is the only European amazon site available in English.

Leipzig is located perfectly for access into central Europe by road.  Czech Republic and Polish borders are 1.5 hrs and 2 hrs drive respectively.  All of Europe is accessible within 24 hours - Sofia, Bucharest, Athens, Vilnius, Minsk – even Istanbul.



Shop in Germany


Shopping using our forwarding service allows you to shop for your favourite German brands and have them shipped to you anywhere in the world.

One of the main reasons we chose our location in Germany is that it is close by to Amazon’s Leipzig fulfilment centre, and Amazon.de is Amazon’s only European site that is translated in English.

Other popular brands that we ship from Germany include Nike, eBay and Apple, as well as a number of German brands such as toys and games from Steiff and Ravensburger, books from Hugendubel and the latest fashion from Görtz.

No matter what items you want to ship from Germany, we can safely and securely forward them to you wherever you may be.

Points to note

When ordering from retailers for delivery to the German warehouse, please avoid choosing Hermes as the delivery method as other cusomers are finding that the specified delivery time scales are not being met which is causing dissappointment.


How Much Does It Cost to Ship from Germany?


How much it will cost you to ship your goods from Germany will depend upon what kind of items you want to ship, as well as how big and heavy they are.

To get an estimate of how much your package will cost to send, head to our pricing tool, where you can enter your item and dimensions, as well as where your destination country to get an estimate for your item.


Shipping Internationally from the German facility


Our Germany warehouse is located in Merseburg, about 30km from DHL Aviation’s base at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

This proximity means that we can easily deliver goods across the world with efficiency. For example, an order placed one night can arrive at our warehouse the next morning, on a DHL flight that evening and with you the next day.

Points to note

For goods exported outside the EU from Germany, with a value of 1000 Euros or more, there is a legal requirement to submit a special customs entry before export. This relates to the German warehouse only. There is a 20 Euro fee for this service. This customs procedure will delay your shipment between one and two business days however the delay could be longer and is entirely down to the German authorities who may require further information before they approve the export. forward2me have no control over this process or any related delays.

In addition to the usual prohibited items that cannot be shipped across the world, we are unable to accept and ship alcohol from the German facility at this stage

We  offer DHL for international shipping from Germany.

The German authorities have recently instructed us to request a valid copy of our customers passport and a recent copy of a utility bill matching the delivery address for all shipments before they are despatched from our German warehouse.

This document will be requested and will need to be approved by forward2me before shipments can leave the facility.