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With international parcel forwarding, you can explore countless online shopping opportunities. However, navigating the sea of offers can get overwhelming. This is why, we are happy to welcome you to our own Shopping Center where you can get inspiration, new ideas, and expert insights. Browse our helpful guides, check  out  the  latest  global  trends,  and  get  advice  on  how  to  make  the  most  of  your  global  shopping experience.


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shop abroad and ship internationally

International parcel forwarding gives you so many exciting shopping opportunities. With all the huge retailers, interesting brands, and niche websites, we know it might get hard and time-consuming to find the right products for your needs. We wanted to share our experience and help you shop with ease, which is why we created the Shopping Center. It includes super helpful guides, trends, pro tips and advice on shopping from the countries we operate from. 

shopping GUIDES

20 US Online Stores for Fall 2023 Fashion

Discover 20 top US online stores for fall fashion, offering a diverse range of styles from streetwear to office attire, boho-chic, and outfits for every special occasion this season. Whether you're preparing for casual days or elegant evenings, this guide has your fall wardrobe needs covered.
Traditional Japanese Items That Make Great Housewarming Gifts

Impress your friends and loved ones with a unique housewarming gift celebrating Japanese culture, artistry, and craftsmanship. We've selected items that infuse modern spirit into centuries-old techniques to create enduring memories that their recipients are sure to cherish.
10 Back to School 2023 Deals to Shop from the UK

From the nostalgia of No. 2 pencils to the innovation of wearable tech, back to school preparation is always an exciting time for both students and parents. Check everything off your shopping list with our selection of deals on clothing, stationery, and tech and a free UK shipping address.
16 Products Every Cat Owner Should Have

From heartwarming snuggles to curious antics, few experiences can compare to cat ownership. To help you ensure the well-being, comfort, and enrichment of your beloved feline companions, we’ve put together a list of practical and engaging products designed with their unique nature in mind.
10 UK Online Stores Offering Summer Sales

As summer heats up, so do the deals and discounts available in the online shopping world. Whether you're searching for trendy fashion pieces, home essentials, or tech gadgets, these are the best summer sales across the UK's virtual shopping landscape.
12 Timeless Vinyl Records Every Collector Should Own

Discover the essential vinyl records for any collector's shelf. In our article, we’ve compiled 12 of the most influential albums that have left an indelible mark on the world of music, spanning genres and eras. Order these timeless gems from the UK with forward2me.


The Art of Collecting Japanese Whiskey

With its unique taste of exquisite smokiness, beautifully crafted bottles that look like works of art, and rare commemorative editions, Japanese whiskey is highly sought-after by connoisseurs. Find out how parcel forwarding will open the doors to collectible Japanese whiskey for you.
The Rise of Sneaker Culture

Explore the captivating world of sneakerheads and the thriving sneaker culture - the global phenomenon that goes beyond footwear, transforming into a vibrant expression of identity and style. Find out how a forwarding address can help you expand your own collection.