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If anyone had any doubts that online shopping and international shipping are indispensable to modern way of life, the last couple of years have surely dispelled them. Parcel forwarding is often the linchpin that makes safe and fast international deliveries possible in the dynamic, and even unpredictable reality of today’s world. 

After more than 10 years of processing your orders, we know we’re not delivering merely items. We’re bringing you the indulgence of new experiences, the excitement of a rare find, or the convenience of a basic necessity that has become unavailable in your location.

However, international shipping is a process that has its complexity, involving compliance with the laws and regulations of various countries, different technical aspects, including taxes, fees, and logistics.

The forward2me experts are here to help!

That’s why, forward2me is launching the Ask the Experts series that will explain the most important aspects of international shipping and answer the most common questions regarding parcel forwarding. We’re here to help you better understand our process so you can make the most of your international deliveries.

Volumetric Weight

How is volumetric weight different from actual weight and how to calculate it? Our Operations Manager Oliver is here with all the answers to your questions and helpful advice in the first episode of Ask the Experts.
Alcohol Shipment

To find out how we process your orders containing alcoholic beverages to guarantee safe delivery, check out our dedicated video hosted by Joe, Shift Leader at our UK warehouse.
Batteries Shipment

In our video about shipping batteries, Will, Process Specialist at forward2me’s UK warehouse, explains the different ways in which the various types of batteries are shipped, as well as costs and packaging.
Consumer Commodities

Forward2me’s Head of Global Warehousing Tracy Thornton explains what consumer commodities are, the shipping regulations in place, and how our specialists are trained in order to process such items safely.
Tax-Free Shopping

Forward2me’s Customer Experience Manager Hailey is hosting our next Ask the Experts video to explain how your online purchases can be exempt from VAT by using a forwarding address in Guernsey.
Fuel Surcharge

Not sure what exactly fuel surcharge is and how it works? Chris, Senior Customer Experience Agent at forward2me, hosts this episode to explain why FSC is used by shipping companies and what it means for you.
Goods and Services Tax

Goods and Services Tax - what is it and how does it apply to your shipment? Jan, Bookkeeper at forward2me, is here to explain which countries levy the tax and why retailers and forwarders collect it.

forward2me is here to help

At forward2me, we recognize the crucial role our service has in our customers’ lives. We hope that with the help of our team you’ll get a better insight into international shipping and start using it with confidence. 

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