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Guernsey is an English-speaking island, located in the English Channel between France and Great Britain. The advantage with shopping here is that Guernsey, as with all of the other Channel Islands, is exempt from VAT. Therefore, many shops and department stores around Guernsey are often cheaper than you would expect, although local taxes are applied, along with some possible shipping charges.

Those traveling to the island, either by plane or by ferry, will also be permitted to purchase set amounts of duty-free goods, with big savings possible on alcohol, cigarettes, perfumes and electrical goods. 

‘Tax-free’ refers to the deduction of the additional sales tax from the purchase cost of an item by the online retailer. Any retailers that can offer shipping to Guernsey should not charge the additional sales tax within the purchase price for an order or item. 

Goods purchased from online stores like, Net-A-Porter, Harrods, End., Hamleys, Evans Cycles and many other huge UK brands. and shipped to your parcel forwarding address in Guernsey will not be subject to VAT – that’s right, they will deduct VAT before you pay – just make sure your country is selected properly when checking out.

UK VAT will be deducted from your order at the checkout basket stage on our website, saving you the hassle of claiming VAT back later. So remember if you see on a website when browsing that is VAT inclusive, it's when you pop your items in your basket and use your Guernsey address that the 20% VAT is deducted. If a retailer is trying to charge VAT for a Guernsey delivery, just send them a polite note explaining the goods are being delivered to Guernsey and VAT does not apply. And not forgetting any other online discount codes can still be used. 

For any shipments coming to this warehouse from the EU we very strongly recommend for each shipment to have a maximum declared value of £1,000. 
In general, if goods weigh less than 60 kg volumetric and are worth more than £100 then it will make sense to use the tax free warehouse in Guernsey if the retailer delivers there.

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