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Shop in the UK and forward your parcels all around the world. Our UK forwarding warehouse lets you shop at the best UK shops like, Nike, eBay, John Lewis and other household names then ship them to you wherever you are.

Get your very own UK shipping address and shop like a local, but ship worldwide. As a UK parcel forwarder we have years of experience sending parcels and packages of all shapes and sizes from the UK to Europe, America, Australia, Japan and the rest of the world. Your UK forwarding address is completely free to sign up for.


shop online in the uk and ship worldwide

Get your hands on UK exclusive brands and items with your very own United Kingdom shipping address. Access online UK shops like Amazon UK, Marks & Spencer, ASDA, Adidas, Net-a-Porter, ASOS and Pretty Little Thing. Find the very best in British technology, fashion and homewares then get them delivered right to your door

Why not shop tax free? We also offer a tax free UK warehouse to let you shop in the United Kingdom without having to pay the UK’s value added tax (VAT), perfect for particularly high value items.

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why use uk parcel forwarding

Using a UK forwarding service opens up a whole world of possibilities. With your own UK shipping address you don’t have to worry about companies not shipping internationally. You can make big savings if you want to order from multiple UK stores at once, thanks to our combine and repack service.Your own UK forwarding address gives you access to Harrods, Hamleys, Clarks, Next, Zara, Supreme, GAME, Hive, Harvey Nichols, Holland & Barrett,Mothercare and a number of other sought after British brands. We operate our warehouse from the north of England and have a second tax free warehouse in Guernsey, both waiting to forward your packages from the UK around the world

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shop these brands online in the uk

Your UK shipping address gives you access to exclusive products from leading UK online retailers and unlocks international shipping from online stores that don’t ship outside the UK. That way you can shop for deals from popular websites such as,, John Lewis, Argos, ASDA, and more.

Shop for UK-exclusive pieces from the collections of high-end designer brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and more or buy items from UK fashion retailers like Farfetch and Net-a-Porter and have your items delivered to the EU, the Middle East, USA and anywhere else in the world.

From English tea to car parts to royal family souvenirs – there’s nothing stopping you from shopping for UK-exclusive deals or products that can be bought only in the UK.


Frequently asked questions

The cost of shipping your goods from the UK will vary depending on what you are shipping, which country you are shipping to, the courier options you choose and the size & weight of your items.

The prices start from €31.18 or $37.17 for 1 lb of package weight, and prices to Germany start from €34.77 for 1 kg of package weight.

Get quotes for your UK package forwarding on our pricing page where you’ll be able to get a quote from a number of couriers based on your country and the size and weight of your package. You’ll also be able to get a time estimate.

Forward2me offers two package forwarding services allowing you to ship multiple items from our German warehouse. These are our combine & repack service, and our package consolidation service. 

Combine & repack
The combine & repack service for forwarded packages is just €2+VAT per package and, as long as your packages all arrive within the 30 day period, it won’t cost you any more on top of that.
Where appropriate (too bulky or not suitable for export) we remove retailer packaging from the items you’ve ordered and combine them all into one package, specially designed to stop you from having to pay individual shipping fees for each item.  We never remove manufacturer packaging unless specifically asked. 

Where there are many small items arriving individually, it is often best to leave them in the retailer packaging and simply place them into a larger box.  The packer will use their discretion as to what is the safest and most cost efficient - they will not try to make things smaller if there is no money to be saved.

Package consolidation
We will consolidate your package into one airway bill but won’t remove the retailer packaging.
This means that your packages may remain completely separate from each other, but still be in the same shipment, or they may be combined into one box but remain in their original packaging.  The packer will use their discretion.

For more information visit our package consolidation or combine & repack services page.

You can shop in the UK tax free if you order through our tax free warehouse on Guernsey. Shopping through this warehouse gives you a chance to save without paying the UK’s value added tax (VAT) and make huge savings.

This offers particularly good savings on high value items like £166 on a £1,000 smartphone or £300 on £1,800 worth of clothing. For more information visit our tax free UK warehouse page.

In addition to the usual prohibited items that cannot be shipped across the world, keep in mind, that we are currently able to ship alcohol from the German warehouse only with FedEx.

Our UK warehouse works with a number of couriers to ship your packages from the UK and around the world. The exact couriers will vary depending on the country you are shipping to, but the main ones we work with are:

  • UPS

  • TNT

  • DHL

  • DPD

To find out which couriers will ship to you, please visit our pricing page.