Protect + Guarantee

My goods are valuable. What will happen if they are lost or damaged?

For your peace of mind we strongly recommend you buy our Protect+ guarantee to cover the full value of your goods should they be lost or damaged.  You can purchase Protect+ at the time you order your shipping service.  The cost and limit of what the guarantee will cover is determined by the declared value of your goods for customs and the shipping cost.   You will be shown a quotation prior to purchasing the guarantee so you know what it is costing you.

We can now include Protect+ for second-hand items, which specifically provides coverage for loss only. In the event of damage during transit, it becomes the courier's responsibility to compensate for the value of the goods.

We also offer Protect+ for alcohol shipments from all our locations where alcohol shipments are available.


What is covered by Protect+?

Qualifying goods up to the value of GBP 5,000 or equivalent in all other currencies can be protected with the guarantee. For parcels above that limit the request has to be reviewed - please contact our customer service at to get the quote. Also covered is the cost of sending you a replacement or, if we choose to compensate you instead, the cost your international shipping for the original goods. 

The key exclusions that apply are:

  •  Damage to used

  •  Manufacturing faults or faults that arise without evidence of physical damage

  •  Indirect loss or damage

  •  Loss or damage caused by delays

  •  Loss or damage to any consignment prior to its acceptance by us at our facility

  •  Loss or damage occurring prior to us receiving your full payment for Protect+

  •  Loss or damage occurring during transit with untracked shipping services.

  • Insurance does NOT cover import duties and taxes as well as domestic shipping costs.

See Section 11 of our Terms of Trade for full details.

Making a claim on your Protect+ guarantee

Very occasionally items can get misplaced or damaged in transit. We'll do everything we can to resolve the situation as quickly as possible so that the process is as easy as it can be.

If your consignment is lost
If your consignment has not arrived 48 hours after the scheduled date of delivery (subject to local customs clearance), please contact us through the website or call one of our customer service representatives on +44 1995 606060 and we will get in touch with the relevant courier who will conduct a thorough search where appropriate to successfully locate your item. In the event your goods cannot be found you will be asked to complete the claim form along with proof of the value of the item(s) in the form of original supplier receipts or invoices.

If your consignment is damaged
If your consignment has been damaged in transit, please contact our customer service team through the website or call us on +44 1995 606060 within 24 hours of delivery. Make a note on the courier receipt when you sign that the goods arrived damaged and take photos of the packaging. You will need to complete a claim form and provide photographic proof of the damage, including the external packaging. The contents of the consignment and the original packaging must be available for inspection at the delivery address. We will also require proof of the value of the item(s) in the form of original supplier receipts or invoices. This information needs to be included with your claim.

How soon do I have to report a lost or damaged consignment / parcel?
You will need to notify us within 24 hours in the case of goods arriving damaged and within 7 days of the scheduled delivery date in the case of a missing consignment. Use the website or call us on +44 1995 606060. You will need to return the completed claim form within 14 days of date of informing us of your claim.

What will happen next?
When we receive your claim we'll investigate it. Depending on its value, the process may take up to a maximum of 6 weeks to be assessed, authorised and processed. For qualifying claims we will either replace or repair the item or pay you compensation at our discretion. If we decide to pay you compensation the amount you receive will be the lesser of the original purchase cost, the market value if the goods are not new, and the declared value for customs purposes.  It is therefore important that you check that the declared value of your goods is correct before shipping.

How do I check the status of my claim?
Simply contact our Customer Services Department at 

Where can I find more details about the optional Protect+ guarantee?
Please see section 11 of our Terms of Trade for the full details on how the guarantee works and what is covered and excluded.