If you’re looking to ship more than one package, why not take advantage of either our consolidation or combine and repack service to save you money?
If you want to make it possible to shop in the UK, Japan, Germany and USA but don’t want to spend a premium on shipping multiple items, then our consolidation or combine & repack service is for you. If you place more than one order to our forwarding warehouse we can hold your items for a 30 day period and either consolidate or re-pack them into one shipment, which will save you money on multiple shipment fees.

Our consolidation service and the combine & repack services are two separate options for those looking to save money on multiple shipments. Both are options that you can consider when ordering several packages to our warehouse. We’ll hold onto your packages for up to 30 days free of charge if you want us to use one of these options. After the initial 30 day period, it’ll cost £0.50 per day for us to keep hold of the options.
So what do the consolidation and combine & repack services look like?

combine parcels in big box

Combine & Repack

The combine & repack service for forwarded packages is just £2+VAT per package and, as long as your packages all arrive within the 30 day period, it won’t cost you any more on top of that.  If you select the combine & repack option we’ll remove the original packaging from the items you’ve ordered and combine them all into one package. This service is designed to stop you from having to pay individual shipping fees for each item. Merging your packages into one package can reduce the overall size of the individual shipments and save you money on getting it shipped from our warehouse to your country.

Package Consolidation

Package consolidation works a little differently. We’ll consolidate your package into one airway bill, but won’t remove the original packaging.

What this means is that your packages may remain completely separate from each other, but still be in the same shipment, or they may be combined into one box but remain in their original packaging.

The key difference is that your packages will remain in their original packaging and won’t necessarily be packed together into one box.

Consolidation and Combine & Repack Process

The process for ordering multiple orders from different retailers, consolidating or repackaging and then combining them into one handy shipment is as simple as:

  • Your first parcel arrives at the warehouse
    This will start your free 30 day period for holding your packages. 
  • The rest of your items arrive at the warehouse

We’ll hold onto your packages while we wait for all of your orders from different retailers to arrive.

  • Your packages are carefully consolidated or repackaged and made safe & secure for international shipping
  • Combine & Repack - Your orders will be carefully re-packaged into one larger package once they’ve all arrived. When your packages have been combined & repacked we will make them safe and secure for shipping around the world. This will be done in the best way possible to keep your items safe.
  • Consolidate - your items remain in their original packaging but are consolidated into one shipment, sometimes this includes adding them to one box.
  • You’ll receive a notification and you will need to select your courier

When we’ve received all of your packages and merged them, you’ll receive a notification. At this point, you just need to log in to your account to select your courier. This is when you’ll need to pay any additional costs.

  • The cost of re-packaging costs £2+VAT per package if you have chosen ‘combine & repack’
  • It’s free to hold your items for 30 days, after this it’s an additional £0.50 per day
  • Your package is shipped with your chosen courier and arrives on your doorstep

If you’re still unsure about how package forwarding works, check out our guide. Package consolidation is an additional service that’s offered in each warehouse for those looking to save on the cost of shipping multiple packages.

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