The Best Alternative Advent Calendars in the UK and Where to Buy Them

Updated: 17/11/2023
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Every year, our anticipation for the holiday season begins when the first advent calendars make their appearance. These delightful rectangles of cardboard, often filled with chocolate, have long been a tradition in many families. They bring a touch of joy to each morning of December as you count down the days to this special time.

In recent years, advent calendars have evolved beyond just chocolate, allowing even adults to join in the festive countdown. Exciting alternative advent calendars from various retailers and brands have become popular in the UK. With forward2me, you can purchase these alternative advent calendars in the UK and have them shipped worldwide using our parcel forwarding service.

We've compiled the ultimate guide to alternative advent calendars for 2023 for you to explore and get excited about, whether for yourself or your loved ones. Browse through the extensive collection below!

Beauty Advent Calendars 

The selection of beauty advent calendars available for purchase in the UK is nothing short of impressive. Renowned beauty brands and retailers curate these festive countdowns, offering a delightful array of skincare, makeup, and beauty surprises behind each calendar door. These calendars have become a popular and highly anticipated holiday tradition, allowing beauty enthusiasts to indulge in a daily dose of self-care throughout December. 

beauty advent calendars

John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar 

The John Lewis advent calendar offers 31 full and deluxe-sized skincare, makeup, and hair care products, including three iconic fragrances. Behind each door, you’ll find new and cherished beauty products from beloved brands. As an extra festive surprise, door 25 holds the chance for 10 lucky customers to win a £500 gift voucher for an exclusive shopping spree at John Lewis or five unforgettable, money-can't-buy experiences. Order it now with 10% off. 

British Vogue Advent Calendar

The first-ever British Vogue advent calendar features 31 products in a limited-edition box adorned with vintage Vogue covers. Discover a collection of premium makeup, skincare, jewelry, and lifestyle items from 25 esteemed brands, complemented by a surprise mystery collectible from Vogue. Chosen by Vogue editors, the selection includes exclusive bespoke items and brand-new products, adding an extra layer of excitement to this luxurious advent experience.

Boots’ 24 Days of Premium Beauty Treats

The Boots 24 Days of Premium Beauty Treats is a luxurious advent calendar valued at £467.91 but selling for just £99. It includes premium treats from top-notch brands like Fenty, Huda Beauty, Urban Decay, Sol De Janeiro, Drunk Elephant, Lancôme, and more. With a carefully curated selection that includes 14 full-sized products, your December days are set to be filled with excitement and indulgence. 

Cult Beauty

The Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2023 is valued at over £1,000 and boasts 39 beauty favorites, including an impressive 20 full-sized treats. Day 25 will uncover seven extra-special beauty gems. Three Golden Tickets are hidden in these calendars, each worth 1,000 Cult Beauty pounds. The design of this year's Cult Beauty Advent Calendar is a collaboration with artist Gemma O'Brien and artist agency Grand Matter. Together, they champion causes close to their hearts, including diversity, climate change, and mental health. A portion of the sales - over £60,000 - is dedicated to Mental Health UK, supporting their vital services nationwide. 

Penhaligon’s The Toy Chest Advent Calendar

A must-have for fragrance lovers, Penhaligon’s Toy Chest is a cylinder-shaped cardboard advent calendar that mimics the shape of the brand’s iconic fragrance bottle. The calendar features 25 scented surprises, including lip balms, scented candles, travel-sized eau de parfums, and body and hand lotions. Expect appearances from icons like Halfeti, Elisabethan Rose and Endymion, to name a few.

Foodie Advent Calendars

Foodie advent calendars have become a delightful trend, offering a delicious countdown to the festive season. In the UK, a diverse array of food-centric advent calendars awaits, catering to various tastes and preferences. From artisanal chocolates and gourmet treats to savory surprises like cheeses, spices, teas, and coffees, these calendars bring joy to food enthusiasts every day in December. Imagine indulging in a daily delight, unwrapping small portions of delectable items from beloved brands or discovering new and exciting flavors with each door opened. Whether you're a fan of sweet treats, savory bites, or specialty beverages, the foodie advent calendars in the UK offer an enjoyable and flavorful way to celebrate the holiday season.

Foodie advent calendars

Bonne Maman Advent Calendar

The Bonne Maman 2023 Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for foodies and preserves lovers. The design resembles a Santa’s workshop, and each door reveals one of seventeen different flavors of mini jars of jam or spread, including Milk Caramel with Cinnamon Spread, Quince with chunks, and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Spread. Behind six doors, there will also be a special herbal tea: Silent Night and Christmas Blend. Order now from the Bonne Maman website and receive an extra special complimentary gift box of delicious new spreads.

Paxton & Whitfield Artisan Cheese Advent Calendar

The 2023 Artisan Advent Cheese Calendar by Paxton & Whitfield offers recipients a cheese lover's dream, with three deliveries of eight meticulously hand-cut and hand-wrapped artisan cheese boxes throughout the month. The first parcel arrives on November 30th, followed by subsequent deliveries on December 8th and 15th, unveiling a thoughtfully curated selection of 24 exquisite artisan cheeses. Each day, savor a different 75g cut of cheese, carefully selected to offer a delectable tasting journey leading up to Christmas Day. 

Fortnum & Mason Feasting Advent Calendar

Indulge in the joyous countdown to Christmas with the Fortnum & Mason Feasting Advent Calendar brimming with gourmet delights sure to make every December morning special. Bursting with an enticing assortment of epicurean pleasures, this delightful calendar promises a feast for the senses. From the classic comforts of teas and biscuits to tantalizing chocolates, confectionery, preserves, condiments, and festive tipples, each day reveals a delicious surprise. Perfectly crafted for foodies, this advent calendar is an exquisite gift or a delightful treat for yourself.

Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar

This whimsical calendar features a delightful festive design and an impressive 175g of meticulously crafted, award-winning popcorn. Imagine unwrapping a giant Christmas storybook, revealing a snowy panorama of Joe's Popcorn Kitchens at Christmastime. Brimming with an abundance of popcorn goodness, including Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites awaiting discovery on Day 24! Within 24 charming cubbyholes, delve into 19 distinctive flavors of gourmet popcorn.

Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar 

Tea & Coffee Advent Calendars

Tea advent calendars boast an assortment of fine teas, ranging from classic blends to exotic infusions. Each day brings the anticipation of a new tea experience, unveiling diverse flavors, herbal mixes, and aromatic surprises to savor throughout December. Meanwhile, coffee advent calendars offer a journey through the world of specialty beans and roasts. From rich espresso blends to single-origin delights, coffee lovers can delight in discovering unique flavors, intensities, and brewing methods each day.

Coffee and tea advent calendars

YAWN Brew Tea Advent Calendar

The YAWN Tea Advent Calendar 2023 is a festive journey filled with delightful teas. Choose from pyramid tea bags or loose-leaf options for two, exploring enchanting blends like Gingerbread, Cocoa Candy Cane, and classics like English Breakfast. Dive into supreme single-origin teas and caffeine-free infusions, each day revealing a new flavor adventure. Sip in style with the Yawn Cup and discover handy tips and insights on the calendar. 

NEWBY TEAS UK Tea Advent calendar

This exquisite calendar pays homage to the beloved teas' origins, drawing inspiration from the grandeur of Rajasthani palaces in India. Adorned in a majestic purple and gold palette, this elegant Advent Calendar hosts 24 luxurious tea varieties. Embracing the allure of Rajasthani palaces, its design features vivid depictions of chaiwalas, Rajasthani dancers, and esteemed palace residents. Within each drawer, discover an assortment of teas, from classic Assam to the aromatic Masala Chai, offering a delightful tea journey. As a festive surprise, three hidden archways reveal Newby’s fine loose-leaf tea gift selections: Vanilla Classic, Masala Chai, and Indian Breakfast. 

NEWBY TEAS UK Tea Advent calendar

Fortnum’s Rare Tea Wooden Advent Calendar

Experience the extraordinary with Fortnum & Mason's Christmas Rare Tea Wooden Advent Calendar, a trove of exceptional loose-leaf brews sourced from distant corners of the globe. This joyous calendar is a timeless delight, designed for easy refilling year after year, ensuring endless moments of tea discovery. This advent calendar invites you on a daily journey through the world's most exquisite teas, each one carefully selected to captivate your senses and elevate your tea experience. From rare and delicate blends to bold and aromatic varieties, indulge in the exceptional flavors and aromas housed within this magnificent wooden calendar.

YAWN 2023 Coffee Advent Calendar Pro

Brimming with an exceptional selection of coffees, this calendar is the ultimate gift for all coffee aficionados. Unveil 24 coffees representing 17 country origins, all nestled within a single calendar. Embark on your Christmas coffee expedition by opening a window each day to discover a delectable specialty Arabica coffee. This year, YAWN have curated brand-new special lots, micro-lots, and high-scoring beans alongside the return of their cherished best-sellers. Experience a remarkable 18 new coffees compared to the 2022 Advent Calendar.

YAWN 2023 Coffee Advent Calendar Pro

Nespresso x Fusalp Advent Calendar 

Experience daily delights throughout the festive season with the Nespresso x Fusalp Advent Calendar. Unveil a unique Nespresso coffee every day and uncover the exclusive limited-edition coffee mug waiting behind the 24th door in this iconic calendar. Whether for yourself or as a delightful surprise for someone special, this exclusive advent calendar promises a memorable holiday season. Featuring both Festive and Permanent Coffees, ensuring a diverse and delightful coffee experience throughout the season.

Artisan Coffee’s The Ultimate Coffee Pod Advent Calendar

Indulge in shared festive moments with the Artisan Coffee Co. limited-edition coffee pod advent calendar made for two. This Nespresso® compatible coffee pod advent calendar features 48 coffee pods, 48 chocolate pairings, and a special surprise gift to conclude the advent journey in style. Each drawer in this special calendar holds a delightful pair of coffee pods, complemented by matching chocolates from the brand’s unique characters across all 24 days. As an added treat, uncover a surprise gift awaiting behind door 24!

Alcohol Advent Calendars

Advent calendars have evolved beyond traditional chocolates to include an exciting array of alcohol advent calendars in the UK, offering a spirited countdown to the festive season. These calendars cater to enthusiasts of various spirits, presenting a daily opportunity to sample and savor a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages. From gin and whisky to rum, vodka, and beyond, these calendars showcase an assortment of miniature bottles or samples from renowned brands and craft distilleries. Each day reveals a new and exciting flavor profile, providing an enjoyable exploration of different spirits and styles.

Alcohol advent calendars

Some calendars feature themed collections, such as craft gins from around the world, rare whiskies, or unique cocktail samplers. Whether it's discovering new flavors, revisiting classic favorites, or experimenting with cocktail recipes, these alcohol advent calendars bring an extra layer of merriment to the festive season. With a sip for every day leading up to Christmas, these calendars are an excellent way to expand your palate, celebrate the holiday spirit, and delight in the rich and diverse world of alcoholic beverages.

Drinks by the Dram’s The Craft Gin Advent Calendar

This calendar curates 24 gins crafted by incredibly creative and devoted producers. Whether seeking gin-spiration or supporting distillers redefining gin flavors, these 24 distinctive drams promise to tantalize your taste buds and unveil the vibrant world of artisanal gin. Discover 24 unique, handcrafted 30ml wax-sealed drams, gins from various corners of the globe, boutique creations, and lesser-known gems from esteemed distilleries, offering a journey into the artistry of gin-making.

Drinks by the Dram craft gin advent calendar

Craft Gin Club’s Advent Calendar

Experience the ultimate gin exploration with the Craft Gin Advent Calendar, featuring a tantalizing selection of 25 classic, festive, and uniquely flavored gins sourced from the UK and beyond. Elevate your tasting journey with double measures behind every door, allowing you to savor and immerse yourself in the diverse world of gin. Unveil seven brand-new and exclusive gins meticulously curated to excite your palate and expand your gin repertoire. As a highlight of this spirited journey, discover a specially crafted, exclusive festive Tarquin’s gin, crafted exclusively for this calendar, promising a unique and memorable taste of the season.

Master of Malt’s The World Whisky Advent Calendar

Prepare for a thrilling global whisky journey courtesy of Master of Malt. The World Whisky advent calendar is brimming with 24 meticulously sealed 30ml whisky drams sourced from a minimum of 11 countries. A fantastic opportunity to broaden your palate and indulge in a remarkable array of flavor profiles with samples from Abasolo, Bushmills, Redbreast, Pokeno, and more. Delight in expertly selected whiskies crafted by various producers, making this an exceptional gift for any whisky enthusiast during the Christmas countdown.

The Spirit Co.’s Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar

Explore the exquisite world of Japanese whiskies through this exceptional calendar. Uncover behind each door an array of exciting, rare, and utterly delicious expressions, from whiskies aged in unique casks to exclusive distiller’s reserves. Expect 24 distinct, handcrafted 30ml wax-sealed drams from Mars Maltage Cosmo, Mars Kasei, Hatozaki, and more for a journey through a spectrum of whiskies from Japan, from superb single-grain to elusive single malts.

Best of British Beer Advent Calendar

Inside the Craft Beer Advent Calendar, you’ll find a meticulously chosen assortment of 24 bottles and cans showcasing the pinnacle of British brewing. These aren't your ordinary selections; they represent the very best from breweries across the country. Indulge in a captivating array of styles, from rich and luscious Stouts to aromatic New England IPAs, ensuring an adventure in taste with each sip. Featuring a variety of delicious 330ml and 440ml bottles and cans, this calendar embodies both exceptional value and top-notch quality.

Virgin Wines

As the trailblazer of the UK’s Wine Advent Calendars, there's no finer way to usher in Christmas with wine. This calendar showcases 24 premium 187ml bottles of wine, with an extra special full-size bottle awaiting behind door 25, an ideal pairing for your Christmas feast. Enjoy 24 mini red, white, and rosé wine bottles to create a line-up that'll impress you in an epic countdown to the big day. From Argentinian Malbec to Australian Sauvignon Blanc, ending with an exquisite, full-size bottle to share with loved ones on Christmas Day. 

Toys and Collectibles Advent Calendars

From LEGO and Disney to Pokémon and Funko POP, toys and miniature collectible calendars offer daily surprises, bringing excitement and creativity as each door unveils a new toy or collectible item, making the countdown to Christmas a thrilling experience for kids and enthusiasts alike.

toys and collectibles advent calendars

LEGO Advent Calendars

LEGO Advent Calendars bring daily joy and creativity to the holiday countdown! Each day reveals a tiny LEGO set or minifigure, offering a delightful surprise for enthusiasts of all ages. From festive scenes to beloved characters from franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and Pokémon, these calendars spark imagination and building fun, making every December day feel like a mini-LEGO adventure leading up to Christmas.

Pokémon TCG Holiday Calendar

Celebrate the holiday season with the Pokémon TCG Holiday Calendar, offering 25 days of thrilling surprises! Each day, unwrap a different Pokémon treasure, from special foil cards to booster packs and beyond. Inside the Pokémon TCG Holiday Calendar, discover foil Pokémon TCG cards, Pokémon TCG booster packs, Pokémon coins, Pokémon sticker sheets to add to your collection, and a sidekick dangler featuring Pikachu and Glaceon, adding a dash of holiday cheer.

Nintendo Super Mario Advent Calendar

Experience an extra dose of holiday cheer with the Super Mario Advent Calendar, making the Christmas countdown a blast! Inside, find 24 beloved Super Mario characters and accessories, showcasing favorites like Princess Peach, Yoshi, and exclusive releases of Santa Mario, Snowman Mario, Snowman Luigi, and others. Each surprise figure and accessory awaits behind a numbered door, keeping the excitement alive as you unwrap a new surprise each day. Perfect for Super Mario fans of all ages, this advent calendar makes an excellent festive gift that adds joy to the holiday season.

Hot Wheels 2023 Toy Advent Calendar

Ignite the holiday excitement with the Hot Wheels 2023 Advent Calendar! Unveil 8 Hot Wheels vehicles in 1:64 scale and 16 winter-themed accessories, including a snowplow, Yeti, and reindeer, awaiting behind 24 numbered doors. Enhance storytelling possibilities with these exciting surprises. Additionally, the box features a playmat that pairs perfectly with the new additions, sparking imaginative adventures. Join the countdown to the holidays with the thrill of Hot Wheels!

Disney Mickey and Friends Share The Magic Advent Calendar

Get ready for a merry Disney Christmas countdown with this delightful character-filled advent calendar! Shaped like a tree, it boasts 25 charming mini drawers awaiting your chosen treats or surprises. Enjoy a freestanding design, adding festive flair to any space, and 25 illustrated mini drawers adorned with detailed character artwork and metallic accents. Discover beloved Disney characters including Mickey, Minnie, Chip ‘n' Dale, Bambi, and Stitch, adding enchantment to each drawer. 

Disney Mickey & Friends

Funko POP

Explore a universe of surprises with Funko POP Advent Calendars, where each day unveils a beloved character from iconic franchises! From DC and Marvel superheroes to the magical world of Harry Potter and the epic saga of Star Wars, these calendars bring daily joy and collectibles to your holiday countdown.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

The 2023 Harry Potter Advent Calendar makes the perfect pre-Christmas gift for any Harry Potter enthusiast, especially those keen on collecting jewelry, hair accessories, and stationery. Unveil a touch of magic behind each window, opening from December 1st onwards, creating a daily dose of enchantment! An essential for every Gryffindor fan this holiday season. Featuring 24 surprises, this official Harry Potter Advent Calendar showcases accessories from Hogwarts and the Gryffindor house, assuring quality and authenticity.

Friends: The One with the Surprises Advent Calendar

The Friends: Advent Calendar is a unique journey through the cherished moments of the beloved TV show. It offers twenty-five special keepsakes and trinkets, ranging from whimsical ornaments to nostalgic Friends-inspired recipe cards and a surprise appearance by the Holiday Armadillo! Whether reliving the holiday memories from the series or crafting your own, this calendar is a must-have for Friends enthusiasts of all ages. Nostalgic, entertaining, and distinctive, the Friends Advent Calendar is a delightful way to celebrate the holidays with this timeless collection.

Jewelry Advent Calendars 

Jewelry advent calendars add a touch of sparkle and surprise to your countdown to Christmas. These exquisite calendars offer a daily treat of dazzling jewelry pieces, each unveiling a unique accessory behind every door. From earrings and necklaces to bracelets and rings, these advent calendars delight jewelry enthusiasts with an array of styles, metals, and designs. Whether it's delicate charms, elegant gems, or stylish accessories, these calendars offer a delightful way to adorn yourself or find the perfect gift. Each day holds a new treasure, making it a glamorous and enchanting way to celebrate the festive season.

jewelry advent calendars

Abbott Lyon 12 Days of Gold or Silver

The Abbott Lyon 12 DAYS advent calendar is an ideal present to share with a loved one or indulge in yourself as you eagerly anticipate Christmas, reveling in elegance and femininity with each passing day. Discover 12 luxurious pieces within this calendar, spanning a variety of jewelry types such as rings, necklaces, and more. Personalize these treasures to suit your preferences—whether it's adding initials or birthstones—to make each piece uniquely yours. Embark on a princess-like journey during the countdown and create a magical and enchanting Christmas experience!

Astrid & Miyu Advent Calendars

Discover the elegance of Astrid & Miyu's luxurious advent calendars, available in either 12 or 24 pieces and offered in gold or silver. The 24-day collection, valued at over £1300, is now available for £635, presenting 24 exquisite pieces housed within a lavish faux leather jewelry box. Delight yourself or a cherished one with a choice among the four variations: ASTRID & MIYU 12 Days Silver, ASTRID & MIYU 12 Days Gold, ASTRID & MIYU 24 Days Silver, and ASTRID & MIYU 24 Days Gold. Each selection promises a treasure trove of sophistication and beauty for the perfect holiday gift.

Liberty’s 12 Days of Jewelry Calendar

The Liberty Jewelry Advent Calendar offers a delightful treat for yourself or a loved one this Christmas, bringing elegance and femininity with each day's surprise. Discover 12 luxurious multi-brand jewels, ranging from earrings to necklaces and bracelets. Embrace the princess-like feeling as you countdown to Christmas, indulging in a magical and enchanting experience with every piece.

Oliver Bonas 12 Days of Dazzle Jewelry Advent Calendar

Indulge in twelve days of exquisite jewelry with Oliver Bonas' keepsake advent calendar. Unveil a trove within the jewelry box featuring an assortment of gold-plated or silver pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that allow for mixing, matching, and layering, providing versatility and elegance. Each piece comes in a protective cotton pouch, while the 12 reversible jewelry box drawers offer a stylish storage solution for your treasured pieces.

Shop Advent Calendars from the UK with forward2me

This holiday season, the abundance of advent calendars in the UK opens endless possibilities for thoughtful and delightful gifts. From beauty wonders that pamper and skincare that sparkles to indulgent foodie delights and captivating collectibles, these calendars make the ordinary countdown special.

Whether it's a treat for yourself or a heartfelt surprise for a loved one, these diverse options promise the magic of the season, ensuring each day leading up to Christmas is brimming with joy and anticipation. Discover the perfect advent calendar and use a UK shipping address from forward2me to make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

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