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The website is one of the largest and most famous online retailers in Germany and Europe, as the site allows any user to buy or sell a product through it. The idea of ​​creating the site began as a fairer and more transparent marketplace that put buyers and sellers first. By doing this, the site offers many of the same benefits as the leading markets but in a new way that benefits everyone.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, first appeared among global online shopping sites in 1995. Today, the store sells 10 products every second, with more than 2.6 million people visiting the site every day. If you'd like to shop from the huge variety of items on offer at Otto with international shipping, get a forward2me address in Germany and enjoy a fast delivery wherever in the world you are. 

Women's and men's Clothing and Shoes

If you like the sporty casual look with plenty of freedom of movement, then skinny jeans with stretch, mom jeans or boyfriend jeans are suitable. Basics or eye-catching T-shirts go well with this. Basics in particular can always be combined in new and uncomplicated ways with your favorite pieces. In cooler weather you can round off your look with a blouson. Of course, you can also wear the jeans look with a blazer and loafers.

If elegant style is your thing, pair a black pencil skirt with a printed blouse. A sheath dress with color contrasts or a flared dress with a trench coat and pumps are also part of classic fashion. Maybe you prefer to wear wide-cut Marlene trousers in combination with a blouse with a bow tie. Pumps and sandals go well with the trousers. In cooler temperatures you can change the look with a fine knit sweater or a cashmere model.

Distressed jeans also look good as shorts with eye-catching shirts in summer. Large earrings with pendants round off simple outfits. But filigree necklaces in rose or yellow gold are also a beautiful detail. Midi dresses or chic jumpsuits, preferably with glitter elements and rhinestones, are suitable for parties. A combination of skirt and blouse or top is also suitable as festive women 's fashion for festive occasions. If it gets cooler, you can throw on a cardigan or a light jacket. Fine earrings and filigree necklaces complete your festive look.

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There are now uncomplicated sneakers, loafers and slippers that men, women and children can easily slip into. When it comes to leisure shoes, men like to wear flat sandals or airy toe separators. For women, it can also be sandals, slingbacks or peep-toes with high heels that still leave room for the toes and heels. Closed fabric shoes such as espadrilles or leather boat shoes and moccasins are suitable as sturdy shoes for walking. Summer shoes in fresh colors are absolutely summer-ready and are children's favorites. Light models in white are also comfortable in summer because they attract less heat. 

As soon as it gets cooler again in autumn, your feet will look forward to warmer shoes made of leather or imitation leather with robust soles. They not only protect against cold and wet, but also ensure a firm footing on slippery autumn leaves. Men and children in closed boots and women in boots or ankle boots with small heels can safely boot through the cool transitional period. Laced autumn shoes look particularly sporty and can be combined in a variety of ways in muted colors such as black, gray or brown. 

Ankle-high boots or calf-length boots with a waterproof functional membrane between the leather upper material and the inner lining keep both the feet and the lower legs warm and dry. Thanks to an extra thick outsole , you can also walk safely on slippery surfaces and don't slip so easily on winter walks or Christmas strolls.

Kids' Fashion and Toys 

Toys should bring joy to children, stimulate them to think, teach them something and promote motor skills. You can choose from a variety of different game categories. The following overview shows you which variants are available and what benefits they have for your children. Children can really have fun with dolls and stuffed animals. They play role-playing games with them and use them as cuddly toys at night. They also learn to take responsibility, because the children often want to go for a walk with them, feed them or even change diapers. With enough doll accessories, a real family life is created for the offspring.

Of course, the main benefit of educational toys is that the children learn something from them. You can prepare preschool children in particular for school in a playful way and make learning easier for them. Exciting experiment kits are suitable for the further course of school, with which the children can deepen and try out their knowledge of biology or chemistry.

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You can choose from a variety of different game categories. Children can develop their logical thinking with mind and skill games. The goal is often to solve tricky tasks, to combine them or to recognize certain patterns. Classic examples of this are puzzle , memory or chess. In addition, there are games of skill from the area of ​​building and construction, in which the youngsters can train their fine motor skills and spatial thinking. 

The outdoor toys area includes the toys that your offspring mainly play with outside. These include children's vehicles such as tricycles as well as slides, paddling pools and climbing frames. By dealing with it, the children can train their balance and promote motor skills.

Consumer Electronics and multimedia 

Enjoy boxset marathons with's TV and entertainment deals. Whether you're looking for a curved screen with breathtaking picture quality or a sleek, wall-mounted model, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our TV sales. Discover the perfect TV and upgrade your viewing experience with soundbars, games services, and smart hub platforms for 4K Ultra HD streaming.

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Whether you’re looking for the best laptop for photo editing or a Windows laptop that works with your computer software, you’ll want to find the laptop that is designed for your unique needs. The iPad is one of many tablet brands available at It might be the ideal choice if you already have a Mac or iPhone because it uses the same operating system, Apple iOS. This means you can access your calendar, contacts, music from iTunes and more on the iPad, too. If you're a new tablet user, iPad is still a great option because iOS is considered intuitive. It's easy to download content from the huge selection of apps, games, music, books and movies within the Apple App Store. A popular, convenient feature of most iPad models is the voice-activated assistant, Siri, which can send messages, set reminders and more.

Kitchens and Appliances 

The Küche&Co brand has stood for first-class service and excellent quality when it comes to fitted kitchens for over 30 years. Since 1995, Küche&Co GmbH has been part of the Otto Group. As one of the largest providers, Küche&Co is your kitchen expert from Otto for individually planned, made-to-measure fitted kitchens  - "Made in Germany" in first-class quality and at extremely attractive prices. Customers who enter one of our kitchen studios are immediately immersed in a fascinating variety of kitchens and planning. All kitchens combine modern, timeless design with high-quality equipment and perfect functionality.

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Shop for stylish home appliances and reinvent the way you run your home. New appliances can minimize the time you spend doing chores and allow you to focus on family, friends, fun and all the things that really matter to you. Care for your clothes with an intuitive washer, dryer or steamer. Adjust your indoor temperature according to your comfort level with an air conditioner or heater. Up your floor-care game with the latest vacuum, carpet cleaner or steam mop. The right home appliance can add appeal to your home and hours to your life, plus give you the optimum results you want.

Furniture and Home Decor

Find your required pieces from our range of furniture. Our extensive collection of sofas includes sofa beds, corner sofas, armchairs and accent chairs, suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and any other area of your home where you would like to add comfortable seating. Find the perfect bed, be it a double, king sized, single or children's bed, alongside an assortment of mattresses to ensure the perfect night sleep.

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Update your dining table and chairs or add a statement look to your room with a coffee table - they come in all shapes and sizes - whilst we also provide a plethora of options to aid working from home such as desks, office chairs and other home office furniture. You can also find ceiling lighting, table lamps and wall lights within this home furniture range to give your room a completed look.

Hardware Sections for Your DIY Projects 

Do-it-yourself work can only be done properly with the right tools and machines. That's why you get the basic equipment with a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and power tools such as a drill, cordless screwdriver and jigsaw. Depending on the planned work, special equipment is added, from the lathe to the concrete mixer. If you have enough space, set up a small workshop in your basement or garage with a workbench, cupboards and perforated walls.

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The old jeans are very comfortable, but the right work clothes provide the necessary protection and have many advantages that make it easier for you to work around your four walls, in the garden and in the car. The protective clothing is robust and offers many pockets for tools and small parts such as screws. Depending on the season, it is weatherproof, warm or breathable and does not mind a little dirt. If you also need trousers, work shoes and outerwear for work, reflectors ensure extra safety when working in the dark.

How to Order from and Ship Internationally offers free shipping and returns in Germany regardless of the order value, so having your purchase delivered to our German warehouse won’t cost you a thing. Simply register today to get your free shipping address and we’ll forward your parcel to any destination in the world. 

  1. Search for the name of any product you want in German
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You can return your order for free, and get a full refund, if you are not satisfied for any reason within 14 days from receiving the item. 

Find out how our parcel forwarding service works and make sure you check out the additional benefits of using forward2me such as Combine and Repack and free return to sender. When you have your items shipped with us, you get great value thanks to our price match guarantee and peace of mind with the Protect+ guarantee that covers your items in case of loss or damage. 

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Germany is a popular shopping destination for a variety of goods, from car parts to fashion to baby formula. You can shop from the German versions of Amazon or eBay for some great bargains or discover plenty of German retailers that offer high-quality products such as home electronics, designer fashion, and even some of those famous Kinder treats.