free return to sender

free returns to sender


Shop with confidence, because the returns are now on us! You heard it right, if there is some reason why you want to return your item to the sender, we won’t charge a fee for that. We wanted to surprise you with that outstanding offer and remove all of your concerns related to our service. If you are not happy with something once your items arrive at our warehouse, you can just send them back. This means 0 risk for you! 

The campaign valid for the entire of April and May, for all of our warehouses!

possible situations

You might be wondering why someone would want to cancel its order ... well, from our practice we know that there are many possible reasons. Sometimes people find a much better offer for the same product day after my parcel arrived to the warehouse. Another reason is when people are not aware of the customs to their country, which is normal for first time international shoppers. Sadly, this makes the total cost higher. In a rare occasions, it turns out that there is no relevant courier option, to ship the product. To put these situations in a real life frame and make it even simplier we will give you two examples.

shopping alcohol

bob's story

This is Bob and he is a huge fan of the limited selection of alcohols that the UK market has to offer. Once his bottles arrive at the warehouse he understands that shipping alchohol requires special handling. This additional fee, makes his bottles too expensive for his budget. This May he is lucky, having the opportunity to return them for FREE!

we are hiring

emily's case

Emily loves the beauty brands available in Germany! Top quality on a great price! Sadly, she has never considered the fact that some aerosols, nail varnishes, and perfumes are classified as dangerous goods. This makes their shipping more expensive due to additional taxes. Of course, she is ready to pay the price for some of the packages, but others she wants returned to the retailer. Luckily, this month she won't have to pay for that small mistake!

just give us a go!

This is the perfect time to feel the benefits from our services, through all of our locations. The purpose of this campaign is help you experience that great feeling of getting access to a much desired product absolutely hassle-free. The positive feedback of 12 000+ customers is the best proof behind our words.

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frequently asked questions

Yes, you can but you will have to pay your storage charges first. The free storage forward2me offers is for 30 days period.

Unfortunately no. You can do it, but it won't be covered by our Free Return to Sender Campaign and you will need to arrange it with a courier company.

Our short answer is "No".

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