price match guarantee

Price match & Refund guarantee

Find a lower price? We'll match it. Get the best price, before or after shipping. No matter how often you use our services or how far your destination is, with forward2me you get the lowest rates for parcel forwarding every time. Shop from your favorite retailers and choose the most suitable service for you at the best price guaranteed. 


How forward2me’s Price Match Works

  • Step 1: Identify the eligible, lower-priced service you wish to price match on a qualifying forwarder's website.

  •  Step 2: Share the active link showing the exact-match, lower-priced service with a forward2me Customer Experience agent. Share via contact form, live chat, or email. Once validated, they will complete your shipment request.   

  • Alternatively, if you have any concerns or want to cancel your shipment, you can return your parcel to the sender for free. Find out more about this option here.    


  • Price Match applies to like-for-like services only. That means we will match DHL Express with DHL Express only.
  • Price Match applies to like-for-like origin countries with specified destination addresses. That means from the UK, we will match UK competitors, from Germany we will match German competitors.
  • Price Match applies to like-for-like products being shipped. Batteries, compressed gasses, alcohol, perfumes, etc. attract additional charges from couriers. We will price match the equivalent - so we need to see that the competitor price includes batteries if you are asking us to match a shipment containing batteries.


  • Prices of different services, e.g. DHL Express with a DHL economy service or with a service from any other provider.
  • Prices for different countries, e.g. prices in the UK with prices in Germany.
  • Any price from a paid membership club or paid loyalty programs.
  • Any price that is based upon rebates, coupons, financing offers, errors, bundling of products or services, gift cards, or gift card offers.

Additional terms

  • Prices must show comparable extras like COVID charges, fuel charges, remote area charges, oversize charges, overweight charges and VAT. (Some sites don't show these fees in order to appear cheaper.)
  • Competitor prices must be available online from a legitimate business that is actually operating.
  • When prices are listed in different currencies, will be used to calculate the same currency as forward2me sells in.
  • The matched price cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.
  • The requested matched price will be the final price.
  • Offer can be withdrawn without prior notice.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute of what is a valid match, forward2me will make the final decision.


forward2me is committed to giving you the best price on an identical service before and after you make payment. Our Refund Guarantee ensures that if you find a cheaper service, we will refund you in full.

  • Step 1: Identify the eligible, lower-priced service on a forwarder’s site. 

  • Step 2: Share the link with the lower-priced service with a forward2me Customer Experience agent. Share via contact form, live chat, or email.

Offer restrictions:

  • forward2me’s Refund Guarantee applies for 30 days from payment.     
  • Where a competitor is running a temporary offer, forward2me will price match in place of free shipping.
  • Where a competitor provides you with discount pricing owing to your volume, forward2me will match those discounted rates when provided evidence of the volume and the rate.

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