price match guarantee

Price match guarantee

Quality often comes at a higher price, but not always and forward2me is a perfect example! Having a top-rated service at a competitve price might seem surprising but it's a fact! We know finances are stretched and our customers need to receive great value every time they ship.  At forward2me we have always focused on providing value for money but now we have gone a step further and formalised it with a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! We know customers value our great service but this initiative is our way to prove that we are also the optimal choice for your wallet!



buy your product

Buy goods online and ship them to forward2me. On arrival, you will see the shipping cost to your location on the website.



In the unlikely event you find a better price from another parcel forwarding company, just let us know and we will match it



If you have any concerns or want to cancel your shipment, you can return your parcel to the sender for free!


In order to make this work, we needed to set some conditions!  There aren't many, they're pretty obvious and they're fair.

  • Applies to like-for-like services only.  That means we will match DHL Express with DHL Express.  It means we will match FedEx Express with FedEx Express.  It does not mean we will price match DHL Express with a DHL economy service or with a service from any other provider.

  • Applies to like-for-like origin countries with specified destination addresses.  That means from the UK, we will match UK competitors, from Germany we will match German competitors.  It means the destination address must be provided.

  • Applies to like-for-like products being shipped.  Batteries, compressed gases, alcohol, perfumes, etc. attract additional charges from couriers.  This is an unfortunate fact of life and forward2me makes zero money from these, but we will price match the equivalent - so we need to see that the competitor price includes batteries if you are asking us to match a shipment containing batteries.

  • Prices must show comparable extras like covid charges, fuel charges, remote area charges, oversize charges, overweight charges and VAT.  (Some sites don't show these fees in order to appear cheaper)

  • Competitor prices must be available online from a legitimete business that is actually operating.

  • When prices are listed in different currencies, will be used to calculate the same currency as forward2me sells in.

  • forward2me are the UK shipping partner of MyUS.  forward2me and MyUS sell at the same price and so we will not price match MyUS prices as any differences will be nominal and entirely from short term exchange rate movement.  (Sometimes a little bit better, sometimes a little bit worse, on average exactly the same)

  • Offer can be withdrawn without prior notice.

  • In the unlikely event of a dispute of what is a valid match, forward2me will make the final decision.

If it sounds complex, we assure you that it will be harder to find lower prices!

how is that possible?

Thanks to the huge volume of parcels we ship every day, the prices we receive are beyond what it is possible for 95% businesses and 100% of consumers.  Beyond that, forward2me has invested heavily in automation and software allowing it to maitain operating costs at a lower level than competitors.  Put that together and it results in great value for our customers.  Over 70% of forward2me's shipments are for repeat customers so they obviously agree!

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