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Founded in 1893, Hugendubel remains to this day one of Germany’s leading book retailers. Today, Hugendubel has more than 60 locations in Germany offering an astounding range of fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, audiobooks and ebooks as well as gifts, toys, and merchandise. 

Whether you’re looking for a specific rare title, or you’re interested in the latest book that everyone’s raving about online, Hugendubel is the place to order from your favorite authors and discover new fun, educational, and captivating reads. They even have a “Tik Tok made me read it” section so you never miss the latest hot title. 

When you order from, you get free shipping to Germany and with a forwarding address from forward2me, you can freely explore the German world of books. 

Fiction Books of All Genres 

Whether thriller or fantasy, novel or children's book - lovers of all genres can conveniently order their favorite works online at Hugendubel. The range includes a diverse selection of bestsellers, novelties and classics, including fine hardcover editions as well as inexpensive paperbacks and limited special editions. You can get used editions from us at reasonable prices, as well as specialist guides and guides for school, work, hobbies and leisure time. in the genre of your choice, search specifically for authors or discover attractive bargains among the defective copies and remaining editions. You can also use the gift service for lovingly wrapped book gifts. You can also request or redeem personalized vouchers on 

Fiction books at Hugendubel online

A Wide Variety of Non-Fiction Books 

In addition to entertainment literature, you can also benefit from a large selection of non-fiction books on Find out about the latest lifestyle trends, listen to the latest business releases in the car or work out in the comfort of your own home with the fitness CD of your choice. In addition, you will find non-fiction books from politics, economics and history as audio books for download or on CD - ideal for people with little time but who still want to stay informed.

Non-fiction books at

All You Need for School - Even If You’re Not in School 

To make learning fun right from the start, you can order a variety of textbooks for all age groups online at You will find tried and tested learning materials for elementary school, secondary school, junior high school and high school. You can also order supportive learning aids, which also explain difficult subject areas in an easily understandable way.

Buy textbooks and school supplies at

You can also order industry-specific textbooks from Hugendubel for use in technical and vocational schools. Their range covers all subject areas from mechanical engineering to tourism to social studies, including textbooks for Austria and Switzerland. In addition to job-specific specialist theory, you will receive a large number of reference works in the online bookshop, which support schoolchildren in independent learning.

You can also order tried-and-tested textbooks online for adult education, self-study and exam preparation, which explain even difficult subject areas clearly and sustainably. Suitable workbooks are also available for many foreign language and teaching courses, which can be used to deepen the content learned in practical exercises. Many of the textbooks are also supplemented by modern educational media and online content for an efficient learning process.

Get Organized with Calendars and Stationery 

The selection of wall calendars is so extensive that there is something for every taste on Ordering modern calendars now means expressing taste and using calendars as a means of decoration. Landscape, art and travel motifs adorn every wall. Due to the wide range of formats, the scope for design increases significantly. Whether in portrait or landscape format, the calendar can become an art object. If you order from Hugendubel, high-quality copies will of course also reach you safely and undamaged.

In addition to the possibility of ordering calendars and using them as a means of decoration, annual overviews also help to organize work, free time or public holidays. A classic example is the advent calendar, which you can get in dozens of versions on Teacher calendars, on the other hand, are specially tailored to the demands of educators on a calendar. The same applies to the student calendar, in which students enter dates for upcoming class tests or deadlines. The family planner, on the other hand, is used to organize birthdays, family outings or doctor's appointments.

Calendars and stationery at

Discover stationery and other materials in the Hugendubel online shop with which you can design personal letters, do creative handicrafts or simply equip your workplace. You can browse through the selection of new stationery items to find the latest, most popular, and carefully selected products that the bookstore has just added to the range.

But creative design also provides adults with moments of calm and thus a valuable balance to everyday life. At Hugendubel you can buy versatile and individual stationery online. But the range includes a much larger selection of creative items : Discover, for example, complete sets for popular hand lettering or for calligraphy projects, as well as coloring books and stamps. There are also matching pens, including fountain pens, fineliners and colored pencils, as well as the popular brush pens.

Discover the Perfect Gift for Kids and Adults  

At you can get high-quality toys for all ages online. You can buy attractive baby toys from us for the little ones: Colorful wooden grasping toys, velvety soft cuddly towels, cute pram chains or a beautiful mobile for the children's room are ideal as a birth gift or souvenir for new parents. You can also bring joy to small children with dolls and stuffed animals such as the cuddly worry eaters that relieve children of their fears and needs. Jigsaw puzzles are timeless and suitable for all ages.

Researchers love experiment kits with which they can explore the world of science. Little builders have made great friends with LEGO® building sets for decades. Board games such as the coveted game of the year offer the best entertainment for the whole family. You don't just buy toys at for use in children's and living rooms. We also offer many items online for playing outside - from badminton sets to scooters and scooters to toys for the sandbox.

Gifts and toys at

Invited to visit relatives, is a wedding approaching or is the next children's birthday party coming up? Again and again we are faced with the question: What are we giving? At Hugendubel you will find numerous gift ideas that are suitable for young and old, suitable for festive and everyday occasions and are based on your planned budget. Tip: If you don't have a concrete idea yet, first take a look at the bestselling gifts. There, you will find gift trends that are particularly popular.

Or how about gift ideas for hobbies and lifestyle? Maybe you know a passionate coin or stamp collector, a musician or someone who loves their pets more than anything? Hugendubel has many gift ideas for you for these and other hobbies.

Plenty of Audiobooks and Movies to Enjoy 

Elaborately produced audio books are no longer overshadowed by their print templates. Experienced narrators and well-known actors transform radio plays into true works of art that enthrall and enchant the listener again and again. At we present you with the most successful audio books of recent years on CD. Among them are many award-winning audio books, which the authors have recorded themselves. Ordering audio books on CD is particularly worthwhile if you want to experience audiobook enjoyment in your living room at home and wherever there is a classic stereo system.

Audio books and movies at

Spectacular blockbusters, TV series and film classics make the TV evening together a special experience. At Hugendubel you will find box office hits and award-winning works from all over the world for your film collection. Experience pure excitement with the current thriller & horror films or enjoy entertaining hours with the most beautiful romantic comedies from Hollywood. From moving drama to spaghetti westerns to sophisticated literary adaptations, you can buy a variety of films from us that will make every collector's heart beat faster. Many films and series are also available on in high-quality collector's boxes.

How to Order from and Ship Internationally offers free delivery to Germany so just use your forward2me address as your delivery address to get your books, gifts, stationery, and more delivered straight to your door. Find out how our parcel forwarding service works and make sure you check out the additional benefits of using forward2me such as Combine and Repack and free return to sender. When you have your items shipped with us, you get great value thanks to our price match guarantee and peace of mind with the Protect+ guarantee that covers your items in case of loss or damage. 


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