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Turkey is uniquely positioned to handle imports and exports from a number of countries and continents. That’s one of the reasons we put our Turkish forwarding warehouse there. It’s also a country that offers a number of completely unique products and retailers that you’ll only be able to get your hands on online.

When you sign up for your own forward2me account, you’ll get your own Turkish shipping address and be able to access online shopping websites across Turkey. If you’re looking to buy from Turkey online, and are in the look out for inspiration, we’ve created a list of the best Turkish shopping websites, so you can start ordering today.

Top 5 online shopping websites in Turkey

Turkey is well known for its excellent online shopping. Whether you want to get your hands on the latest tech or stylish furniture, there’s a Turkish site that can help. Here are our top 5.

shop from hepsiburada Turkey


Hepsiburada is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in Turkey. The online department store offers everything from the latest tech and auto parts through to follow-on milk, cosmetics and sports equipment. Hepsiburada is well known for their support to female entrepreneurs.

They’re an outlet that offers an exceptionally wide range of items alongside big offers and deals too. They offer a selection of international brands and Turkish favourites.

shop online from teknosa Turkey


This Istanbul-based company specialises in all things tech. Whether you want to find the latest phone and tablet releases from brands like Apple or Samsung, or simply want to find the best white goods on the market, they can help.

They’re well known for their monthly ‘orange discounts’ as they offer completely unique deals every single month.

shop online from vatan bilgisayar


Vatan Bilgisayar was the first computer store in Istanbul, way back in the 1980s. Since then they’ve grown to well over 100 stores and branched out into online shopping. Their online store is one of the most popular places to shop for tech in Turkey.

Vatan Computer offers one of the biggest collections of technology available online in Turkey. From phones through to gaming, white goods and more.

shop from ciceksepeti.com Turkey and ship worldwide


Translated, CicekSepeti means ‘Flower Basket’, and that’s a good summation of what they do. In its early days it was designed to offer a flower delivery service, but over time it has also developed into a gifting powerhouse. Now you’ll find a range of jewelry, souvenirs and gourmet products on offer too. It’s one of the best shopping sites in Turkey for gifts.

vivense shopping website Turkey


If you want to kit out your home with stylish interiors and furniture, then Vivense is the place for you. They offer a selection of items for the whole home. You’ll find comfy sofas, practical desks and family dining tables available. They have a full discount range available too, to make home and furniture affordable for everyone.

Top 5 online clothes websites in Turkey

There’s also an excellent selection of Turkish online shops that specialise in clothes, from budget fashion to sartorial excellence. We’ve put together our top 5 online shopping websites in Turkey for clothes and fashion.

shop from LC Waikiki TR


The much loved Turkish clothing company LC Waikiki offers affordable fashion for everyone. There are extensive collections across womenswear, menswear and childrens clothing. Each offers accessories, underwear and fashion forward clothing. While they are known for their own brand, they also stock a number of other brands like Calico or Slazenger. There’s even a homeware collection! 

buy from morhipo.com and ship internationally


 Morhipo is a department store that specialises in clothes. You’ll find huge collections of household names across womens fashion and menswear. Alongside these collections they also have electronics, beauty products and homewares too. Find brands like Lacoste or Nike alongside tech companies like Apple!

Trendyol shopping website


You’ll find big brands like Bershka, Mango Man, Penti, Adidas and more available from Trendyol. They have everything you need to dress well alongside cosmetics, accessories and technology. There’s even a whole supermarket section! Grab everything you could ever need from Trendyol.

boyner turkey


The well known chain store Boyner offers everything its specialist stores sell in one convenient place. While their physical stores are broken down into sportswear, YKM fashion and their outlet, the online store has everything. This means you can get hold of cutting edge fashion, cosmetics, sportswear and more from one site.

shop online from modanisa Turkey


Modanisa is an excellent womenswear brand that offers incredibly affordable fashion. There’s an extensive collection of Hijab alongside other clothing like outerwear and sportswear. Modanisa is designed to offer women clothing in a budget friendly fashion.

Shop in Turkey and ship worldwide with Forward2me

It couldn’t be easier to access online shopping websites in Turkey with your forward2me account. Not sure how it works? Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be ordering online from Turkey in no time:

Step 1 - Sign up to receive your Forward2me Turkish address
When you sign up you get instant access to your shipping address, and it’s completely free! You’ll have access to all of our forwarding addresses straight away.

Step 2 - Purchase your online shopping
Now all you need to do is go to your favourite Turkish website and shop like you live there. Just use your Turkish forward2me address at checkout.

Step 3 - Your parcel arrives with us
When your order arrives at one of our warehouses, you’ll get a notification. At this point, we’ll double check it’s something we can send. Always check our prohibited list before you order.

Step 4 - Forward2me ship the parcel
Just choose your courier options. You can also decide whether you want us to hold it and combine it with another order at this point too. Once you’ve selected your options, just pay your bill and we’ll get your order shipped.

Step 5 - Enjoy your parcel
Now all you have to do is wait! Your shipment will be on its way to you as quickly as possible. Remember, every country has its own customs and duties, so there’s a chance that you may need to pay something for it to clear the border. Every shipment we send needs to be signed for on arrival.


Combine and re-pack multiple orders into one shipment

When you’re shopping for multiple places your delivery charges can start stacking up. This is why we’ve created our combine & repack service. We can hold onto your orders for free for up to 30 days, then repackage them into one order, to save you money on postage for multiple orders.

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