How to get the best out of your forward2me account

How to get the best out of your forward2me account


If you’re a new forward2me customer, then this guide is for you. We’ve pulled together all of our top tips to help you get the most out of your UK shopping experience, so you can put your forward2me account to great use!

Select from one of five warehouses

Forward2me’s parcel forwarding service has five warehouse options for customers to choose from – so you can pick the one that suits you best. 

As well as our original warehouse in the UK, we also have additional warehouses in GuernseyTurkey,Japan, and Germany. Our Guernsey warehouse gives shoppers based internationally access to duty free prices, whilst our German warehouse opens up a whole world of shopping in mainland Europe. 

You can choose to use any of our warehouses for each individual order – so if you’re unsure, contact our team and we can advise on the cheapest and quickest option for your UK online shopping. 

Sign up to Voucher Code websites

One way to make sure you’re getting the best deals possible is to check for voucher codes for the sites you are visiting, to see if you can save extra money off the ticket price. Signing up to Voucher Code websites is a great way to keep up to date with the latest available discount codes from around the web.

You’ll find voucher codes on everything from home and clothing items, to beauty and technology, and all you need to do is enter the relevant codes at checkout and the discount will be applied.

Some of the best voucher code websites in the UK include and It’s a good idea to sign up with several voucher code sites, as different sites often get different deals.

Earn points as you shop

When shopping in the UK, make sure you aren’t missing out on earning points from the many loyalty point schemes offered by UK retailers.

The Nectar point scheme is one of the most popular points schemes in the UK, allowing you to earn and spend points with a range of different retailers, including Sainsbury’s, eBay and Argos. 

The Tesco Clubcard points scheme is another hugely popular loyalty scheme. You can collect Clubcard points at Tesco in store and online, including on F&F clothing. Points can then be redeemed as Tesco vouchers, or through their partners, often increasing their value. 

If you regularly shop for beauty and skincare products, you could be racking up points with the Boots Advantage Card scheme, which is one of the more generous points schemes available. Collect 4 points per £1 spent, and spend your points on products in store or online. 

Join Amazon Prime 

If you shop on Amazon, then joining Amazon Prime can save you money in the long term on shipping, as you’ll be able to enjoy free next day delivery to your forward2me UK address. This can massively decrease the overall time you spend waiting for your items to arrive at your final address, and you’ll also get to enjoy all the other benefits of Prime such as on demand video, and access to their annual Prime Day sale.

Range of payment options

Forward2me has a wide range of safe and secure payment options. These include PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, bitcoin (BitPay) and bank transfer. Please note that not all options are available in all countries – if in doubt, please double check before you place your order.

Range of international shipping options

Over the years, forward2me has built up relationships with the world’s best international shipping companies, allowing us to bring the very best shipping options to our customers at the best prices. We work with DHL, UPS, TNT, dpd and DSV. Depending on where you’re located and how quickly you need your items, we’ll provide the best priced delivery options for you to choose from.

Learn about the different services we offer

Tax Free Shopping

If you’re ordering from outside the EU, then you can make use of our Tax-Free Warehouse in Guernsey to save money you would usually end up paying on VAT.

VAT is a tax paid to the British Government by residents of the UK, at a rate of 20%, however this tax does not apply to residents of countries outside the EU.

Usually, if you’re ordering to a UK address, retailers will be obligated to charge you this tax, however, we’ve made sure you won’t have to pay a penny if you’re ordering to a country outside the EU by setting up our tax-free warehouse to hold your goods before we ship them on to you.

Protect + Guarantee

When sending items by post, there is always a small chance that something could happen to them while in the hands of the courier company. While lost parcels and broken goods are relatively rare, accidents do happen, which is why we offer our protect+ guarantee.

Protect+ is an added insurance that you can purchase at the time you pay for your shipping with us, meaning we will cover the full cost of qualifying goods up to the value of £5,000, in the event that they are lost or stolen.

We highly recommend that you purchase this for your peace of mind, especially in cases where the item you are ordering is of high value.

Bespoke Large Item Shipping

If you’re considering purchasing something a little bit more bulky than would typically be sent via the usual courier services, don’t let that put you off! We can offer bespoke large-item shipping, and there are many examples of situations in which you can still save plenty of money by using your forward2me address 

For example, appliance brands such as Miele, Neff and Whirlpool are often much cheaper when using your forward2me address to order them, even when factoring in the cost of shipping such large items. 

If you’re considering purchasing a large or unusual item, please get in touch with our customer services department, who can negotiate the best prices with freight forwarding companies and work with you to ensure you get the best deal available.

Returns Handling

If you’re a business selling items on sites such as Amazon and eBay from abroad, then the returns process can often be complicated and expensive. Amazon requires all marketplace sellers to either provide a UK address, or pay for all return shipping for customers who wish to return items in the UK. 

It’s easy to see how this could get expensive pretty quickly, but luckily foward2me provide a returns handling and management system that can not only save you money, but also save you time. 

We can inspect faulty items for you and email you pictures, along with RMA documentation, store returned items for you, and combine and repack them in order to save you money on shipping. We can even dispose of items for you, and we do so in an environmentally friendly way whenever possible.

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Personal Shopper Service

Have you ever been browsing a UK website and been unable to make a purchase because you’re browsing from outside the UK? Or maybe you’ve had your payment method declined, because the site doesn’t accept non-UK or non-EU credit cards.

This can be incredibly frustrating, but we’re here to help. Using our personal shopper service, you can simply browse the websites you aren’t able to shop on, and provide us with a shopping list. Then we will take payment from you, and buy your goods on your behalf, before shipping them on to you.

Follow us on social media

We want to make sure you’re always up to date on the best deals available, which is why we regularly post the latest fantastic deals we find on our Facebook and Twitter accounts! Be sure to follow us on social media to be kept up to date.

Get expert advice and the latest releases in our blog

If you’re looking to shop from UK retailers, keep an eye on our blog for the latest expert advice and tips. We’ve already published a whole host of shopping guides to help you get the most out of your forward2me shipping account, such as the best Alexa devices to buy in 2020, the top 10 discount designer websites, our guide to shipping car parts, and our Off-White shopping guide.

Ship your items with confidence with forward2me

Whatever it is you want shipping, you can send it with confidence using forward2me. We are experts in shipping, with years of experience shipping everything from fashion to appliances and more. If you’re unsure about whether or not you can order something through us, we’re always happy to help and our experts will answer any questions you may have.

Sign up today to start shopping, learn more about our tax-free warehouse, or if you have any further questions, be sure to check out our FAQ.

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