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The best Alexa devices to buy for 2020


It’s been a few years since Amazon introduced the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. There was an initial flurry of purchases where people ordered the new tech so they could ask the Amazon Echo smart speakers to play your favourite track or tell you what the weather was like outside your window. Since its launch though there’s been an array of other smart devices released that work hand-in-hand with Amazon Alexa. 

In the years after launch Amazon sold millions of Alexa enabled devices, at one point there were claims that they dominated the market share of smart speaker sales with a whopping 70% of all smart speakers owned being Amazon Alexa enabled Echo speakers.

With this popularity, Alexa products haven’t come down much in price. As more smart products are introduced you may find yourself eager to start using the latest Amazon Alexa compatible devices. It’s worth keeping an eye on Amazon UK’s Prime Day or looking out for Amazon’s Black Friday deals to grab yourself Amazon Alexa device deals and then getting them shipped to you wherever you live, even if Amazon’s Alexa devices aren’t available in your country yet.


Best Smart Speaker: Echo Dot Smart Speaker with clock

A smart speaker is a great entry point into the Amazon Alexa device pool and the Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker is the pick of the bunch. At just £39.99 at time of writing, it’s easily the best Alexa enabled smart speaker on the market. The 3rd generation of the Echo Dot has added an LED clock to the voice control. It’s a small and convenient bit of kit, easy to fit into any room of the house, whether it’s a bedside table, kitchen or living room. 

The Echo Dot is compatible with a huge array of applications, from music streaming services like Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify through to smart lighting apps like Phillips Hue smart doorbell apps like Ring.

The Amazon Echo Dot allows you to place orders, listen to music and essentially run your home, all from a small high-quality speaker.

You can find the Amazon Echo Dot for sale here


Best Smart Display: Echo Show 8

If you want to step up a level from the Echo Dot and add additional features then a smart display is the way to go. Like the Echo Dot, the Echo Show 8 will essentially act as a hub for all of your smart devices. With an Echo Dot built-in, it has all of the same functionality, but the screen adds in a whole wave of additional uses.

The Amazon Echo Show 8 has the biggest screen in the Echo Show range yet, with a full 8-inch display and a much clearer picture and sound quality. The screen allows you to sync up with security camera apps, like Ring, and there’s a camera built into the display which can be used for answering the door or making video calls.

Like the Echo Dot it’s compatible with a wide range of other applications and accessories.

You can find the Amazon Echo Show 8 for sale here


Best Home Entertainment: Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote

A smart TV can be an expensive item to buy, but the excellent Fire TV Stick 4K can turn any TV with an HDMI port into one. The Fire TV stick simply plugs into the back of your television and gives you access to an array of smart features. The Fire Stick itself has a number of applications you can download, including all major streaming platforms, like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+ and Youtube, plus it lets you rent or buy films directly from Amazon.

Outside of streaming apps the Fire TV Stick there’s a bunch of other useful apps you can access, including internet browsers, music streaming apps, games and video players among others. The Fire Stick also has complete Alexa voice control capabilities. For just £10 more you can grab the 4k Ultra HD version too.

The Fire TV stick simply plugs into the back of your television to provide access to a variety of smart capabilities. Check out our article now to learn how to convert your UK or EU plug to a US plug one for your Alexa, if it has included the incorrect plug format.

You can alsfind the Fire TV Stick for sale here


Best Thermostat: Hive Active Heating Thermostat

A smart thermostat is an essential part of any smart home. Being able to control the temperature of your home and water via an application or other digital methods allows you to have a much more holistic approach to your heating. The best smart thermostat on the market that’s compatible with Amazon Alexa is the Hive Active Heating Thermostat.

For the price it’s an absolute steal, it doesn’t require you to get any professional help to install it and it’s compatible with most heating systems and existing energy suppliers. Hive allows you to control the temperature in each room individually, save energy and to change your settings remotely, plus it’s got Amazon Alexa functionality.

You can dine the Hive Thermostat for sale here


Best Home Security: Ring Video Doorbell

One of the main features of both the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Echo Show is their ability to link up with smart home security systems. The pick of these is Ring Video Doorbell. Easy to set up, with no internal wiring required, and affordable at £89, it’s a no brainer if you’re after some increased security to go alongside your Amazon Alexa devices.

Ring Video Doorbell allows you to see who is at your door and even to talk to them through the app. It gives an instant notification as standard. They also have a range of security cameras available that can sync up too. The app allows you to monitor your history, the health of your products and check all of your linked devices. You can manage all of this using your Amazon Echo Show or your Amazon Echo Dot.

You can find the Ring Video Doorbell for sale here


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