Shopping from Japan

Discover the latest trends, launches, and must-have products from the vibrant Japanese market. Our guides offer expert advice on navigating Japanese shopping platforms and ordering processes, while also providing tips for efficient international shipping. Stay tuned for updates and insights to enhance your Japanese shopping experience!

The New Studio Ghibli Collection That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

The latest summer collection from Studio Ghibli is designed to keep you cool during the warm days ahead, with water bottles, cold tea pots, folding fans, and stylish bags you can take anywhere with you. Featuring designs from the iconic movies My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Spirited Away, these items are a must-have for fans and collectors.
Celebrate Setsubun - Japan’s Bean Throwing Festival

Welcome spring with Setsubun - the Japanese festival marking the seasonal shift from winter to spring, filled with bean-throwing, sushi delights, and the age-old tradition of dispelling evil spirits. Discover the cultural traditions and festive rituals that make Setsubun a unique celebration of renewal and good fortune.
Celebrate Japan’s Culture Day

On November 3rd, Japan honors its rich culture with festivals and parades across the nation. While you may not be able to attend these festivities in person, you can use your forward2me address to order authentic Japanese art and have a piece of Japan's cultural heritage delivered to your doorstep.
The Art of Collecting Japanese Whiskey

With its unique taste of exquisite smokiness, beautifully crafted bottles that look like works of art, and rare commemorative editions, Japanese whiskey is highly sought-after by connoisseurs. Find out how parcel forwarding will open the doors to collectible Japanese whiskey for you.
Valentine's Day in Japan

Interested in how Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day? Read our blog to learn about the origins and traditions of the holiday in Japan. You’ll also find out how to get special V-Day candy with international delivery from forward2me.