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We see all kinds of products pass through our distribution centre here at forward2me, from tech and trainers and to clothing and furniture. One of the more surprising things we see is all kinds of vehicle parts. Whilst it’s cars that tend to get a lot of the attention, but the UK is a great hub for all vehicles and parts of the automobile design and manufacture process, from major motorbike brands to large parts for commercial vehicles such as tractors and lorries. 

With parts no longer produced or just hard to find across the rest of the world, the market for online parts has grown over recent years. Often, the best deal might not be through a local garage or manufacturer and online parts websites may be useful sources. If you know exactly what you need, buying your vehicle parts from the UK, may be the best option for you.

This is where a car parts courier can come in - making shopping online or in another country for vehicle parts significantly easier. A car parts courier service, matched up with a package forwarder like forward2me, can help you get your hands on potentially rare or hard to find parts.

Whether you’ve moved away from the UK and need a, now retired, part from back home when you’re restoring a vintage car, or require a specialised part that might only be available in the UK, we can transport all kinds of vehicle parts all around the world.

However, this is by no means the only type of part that people use our service for. For example, parts for caravans and mobile homes can often be quite hard to come by, so you may need them shipping over from the UK.

This is also the case for larger commercial vehicles such as tractors and lorries, where the parts are only sold by very specialist retailers, making them much harder to find overseas.

No matter what your reasoning for purchasing vehicle parts online, it may simply be that you can get what you need a lot cheaper from the UK, with a great range of aftermarket and OEM parts available online at discount prices.


What couriers are suitable for sending car parts? 

At forward2me we can give you access to a completely free UK shipping address. This will allow you to order car parts online from anywhere you want in the UK. Once we receive these vehicle parts at our warehouse, we’ll use one of our selected courier services to get the parts to you.

It’s completely up to you which courier service you choose and you’ll be able to get estimated costs and shipping times for each car part courier service through our costs page. Once you’ve chosen the courier you want to ship your parts with, they’ll be sent from our warehouse and delivery will vary depending on the item you’re shipping and the courier you’ve chosen.

Couriers we ship car parts with include DHL, UPS, TNT and DPD among others.


Bespoke large item couriers

Vehicle parts come in all shapes and sizes, which can make shipping them internationally both tricky and expensive. For every small wing mirror, there’s always something big and awkward like a car body panel. At forward2me we are specialists at large-item shipping. For further information on how to ship large items, which includes many vehicle parts, check out our guide.

We also offer completely bespoke large item shipping, so you can even ship particularly large items with us. Some of these items may require us to work with our partners in a slightly different way, so you’ll need to talk to us before we can confirm how this will work for your package. For more on our bespoke large item shipping options get in touch with us.


What car parts can you send? 

Whether you’re after parts to restore a vintage car, add a little flair to your current motor or simply to repair your vehicle there’s a whole host of different vehicle parts you can ship. These vehicle and car parts include:

  • Body panels
  • Bonnets
  • Tailgates
  • Bumpers
  • Vehicle doors
  • Seats
  • Wheels
  • Electrical parts
  • Vehicle entertainment systems
  • Seatbelts
  • Brakes and brake pads
  • Filters
  • Wagon axles

Certain items can be shipped but must first be drained of oils and lubricants. These include:

  • Engines
  • Gearboxes

The above is not an exhaustive list and has simply been created to highlight the variety of vehicle parts that can be shipped internationally. 


What car parts can you not send? 

Some car parts may be unsuitable for shipping. These include items that still contain any form of liquid, like an engine or gearbox. Within a vehicle, there are a number of parts that could hold oil, fuel or other liquids and while the item itself may not be prohibited, you’ll not be allowed to ship them while they contain liquid.

Please check our full list of prohibited items before ordering, but if you’re unsure about a particular item, please get in touch with us before you place your order.


Buying car part spares online and where to find them

While eBay and other auction sites are a great place to start when you’re after vehicle parts, there are a number of specialists in the UK that offer an excellent selection of parts. These include, but are not limited to:


Bearing Kits

Bearing Kits is a specialist retailer offering classic car transmission repair parts. Although largely dealing in parts for Ford cars, Bearing Kits also caters for other classic cars, including BMW’s, Lotus’ and Audi’s.

A1 Car Recyclers 

A1 Car Recyclers specialise in German car parts and is one of the largest salvage operators in the UK. Servicing both trade and public customers, A1 guarantees that all parts are tested and also offers a 30 day warranty on most parts.

Mister Auto

For a comprehensive selection of car parts for a wide range of makes and models of vehicle, check out Mister Auto. With everything from car parts to tyres, snow chains and car accessories, and a very easy to navigate website, Mister Auto also offers free standard UK delivery on orders over a certain value. Another bonus of this site is that it often has promotions on, so if you’re a car enthusiast or have a number of projects on the go, it’s always worth a look!


Shipping car parts internationally

Buying and shipping car parts from the UK all over the world doesn’t have to be difficult. Package forwarding services like forward2me give you a completely free forwarding address. This will allow you to place an order as if you live in the UK or one of their other countries, like TurkeyGermany and Japan, then have your package forwarded to you.

Signing up for your account is completely free, and gives you instant access to our forwarding address and warehouse. For more information on how package forwarding works, whether it’s for car parts or something completely different, check out our guide. As experts in package forwarding the team at forward2me are here to help you ship your car parts with confidence.

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