Online Shopping in the UK: Where and how to buy from popular UK retailers online

The UK is well known around the world for its wide range of brands, products and services. Not only are these products popular, but many can be found cheaper in the UK. Many popular UK brands either don’t ship outside the UK mainland or offer UK exclusive items. This is where UK parcel forwarding comes in handy.

So, whether you’re after UK exclusive fashion, the best UK baby formula or simply want to shop from well-known stores like John Lewis or Amazon UK, we can help

If you’re new to online shopping in the UK, it could feel overwhelming, so we’ve put together a series of guides on our favourite online stores in the UK. So let's get shopping.

popular sites UK

The top online shopping sites in the united kingdom

Whether you just want to shop with smaller sellers on Amazon UK marketplace, get the latest football memorabilia or ship internationally from your favourite store, we’ve got you covered.

How to Order from Boots UK and Ship Internationally

With a trusted reputation and a convenient online platform, offers an extensive selection of products from renowned brands, prioritizing customers’ health, well-being, and beauty needs. Shop their range with a forward2me delivery.
How to Shop from Argos with International Delivery

Step into the virtual aisles of Argos! Whether you're seeking the latest gadgets, stylish home furnishings, or toys to delight your little ones, Argos has everything you need, now at your fingertips with international delivery by forward2me.
How to Buy Books from Hive UK and Ship Internationally

Looking for a new book to dive into? Want to explore a new genre on vinyl, get your favorite movie on Blu-ray, or shop collectibles? Look no further than Hive and their extensive selection of books, music, films, merchandise, and gifts.
How to Order Food Supplements from Holland & Barrett

Known for its commitment to providing high-quality, natural health products and its focus on customer service, Holland & Barrett has earned the reputation of the UK's leading wellness store. Discover their wide range of products here.
20 Women-Owned Businesses to Support in the UK

At forward2me, we are thrilled to introduce these UK-based women-run businesses that you can support by purchasing their unique products: from exquisite jewelry to luxury knitwear, unique handmade decor, and organic cosmetics.
How to Order from Hamleys and Ship Internationally

A special toy for your little one or a rare collectable for yourself - shop all the toys that will make a normal day extraordinary. See how forward2me can help you buy fascinating toy classics and exclusive editions available at Hamleys.
Unlock Amazon Shipping: Order From Amazon UK

Originally established as a book retailer, Amazon UK has grown into one of the UK’s main online retailers over the past 20 years, now offering all kinds of products and services at competitive prices.

Why buy from uk online stores?

The UK offers an absolutely incredible variety of different products. Not only that, but their manufacturing guidelines ensure that the items are of the highest standard. You’ll find the latest technology and the biggest fashion brands. Alongside these are UK exclusive items from hype brands and household names too.

Not only that, but the UK has outlets for the biggest stores like Amazon UK and eBay UK, which may not offer international shipping. It’s a great place to find high-quality second-hand goods or items from small sellers. Much loved shops like John Lewis don’t even ship internationally. And UK baby formula is some of the best in the world. The opportunities are endless.

At forward2me we can help you shop at all of these UK retailers. We ship worldwide from the UK and even offer tax-free UK shopping on some items.

What is popular to buy online in the uk?

There’s so much on offer! Popular products to buy from the UK include baby formula that you can’t find in the US, books, comic books and some of the best tech in the world.
Not only that but the UK has a selection of incredible candy and food to discover. You’ll be able to stock up on the best electricals and technology too!

Not only that, but the UK is well known for its amazing selection of fashion brands, both high end and budget-friendly. 

You can buy from UK Nespresso, get your hands on the latest Panini football stickers, shop your Royal souvenirs and gifts or simply stock up on British candy.

What’s the biggest online shop in the uk?

With so much on offer it may be tough to know where to start. We’ve put together a complete guide to the UK’s top online shopping stores to help.

The largest online stores include tech giants like, Currys and Jessops. As well as UK outlets for brands like Apple, Amazon and eBay.

There are popular UK versions of Nike and Asos but you’ll find a selection of fashion on offer from household UK brands like Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, Next and Matalan.

The UK has unrivalled department stores too, like John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. Many of these stores simply don’t offer international shipping either.


How can I buy online in the uk and ship worldwide?


With forward2me it couldn’t be easier to shop in the UK like a local. We help people shop online in the UK every day, and then forward their orders to their home country.

A large number of popular UK stores don’t offer international delivery, and we want to help you shop where you want.

Our UK warehouse is all you need to re-ship your parcels to you from a UK forwarding address of your own. Just sign up for your free account and you’ll get access to two UK addresses, our normal warehouse and our tax-free warehouse. Then simply shop as normal and buy what you want. Checkout using your UK address, it’s that easy.

Once your package arrives at our warehouse, well let you know and you can choose your courier options to have it delivered to your doorstep.