Buying baby milk from the UK


British baby formula brands are considered amongst the best in the world.  The most popular baby milk brands in the UK are Aptamil, Cow & Gate, Hipp & SMA, all of which are readily and freely available from many large supermarkets and retailers here in the UK at affordable prices. As such, there is a large demand for UK baby milk products from customers in overseas location, particularly mainland Europe and the United States.

Such is the popularity of UK baby milk that a few years ago, the sale of two of the most popular baby milk formula brands became restricted to 2 items per customer here in the UK, reportedly due to a surge in demand for the products from China.

Baby milk choices

Formula milk, also known as baby formula or infant formula, is usually made from cows' milk that has been treated to make it more suitable for babies. Formula comes in two different forms: a dry powder that you add water to and ready-to-feed liquid formula. There are advantages and disadvantages of the two different kinds. The dry powder is relatively inexpensive and because it’s only made up on demand, it can last longer once opened. Pre-mixed liquid formulas are really convenient and easy to use but can work out to be a costly option. The liquid formula will also only have a short shelf life once opened.

In addition to the different forms of baby milk, there are also several different types available to buy, each of which is specially formulated for babies at different stages and with different dietary requirements. The most popular type of baby milk is first infant formula, which is suitable from birth and in most cases, is the only formula your baby will need. First infant formula is based on whey protein and is thought to be easier for babies to digest.

Alternatively, you can purchase comfort formula; designed to help reduce and prevent digestive problems like colic and constipation, hungry baby formula; a type of formula that contains more casein than whey therefore being harder for babies to digest, and anti-reflux formula; a thickened type of formula that aims to prevent reflux in babies.

There are also other types of formula milk available for babies that have a cows milk allergy, such as soya formula and lactose free formula for babies that are lactose intolerant. Although freely available to buy, these types of milk are only recommended to be used under the advice of a medical professional.

Popular retailers for purchasing baby milk from include Boots, Mothercare and Tesco. It is also possible to purchase baby milk in bulk from Amazon.

Shipping baby milk outside the UK

When it comes to shipping baby milk from the UK to other countries, it is worth noting that there can be some issues. Although milk can be shipped freely to European counties from the UK at the moment, we have had customers in other countries that have experienced issues due to customs restrictions. If you are concerned about customs restrictions in your country, please get in contact with us in advance of placing your order. We will be able to advise as to our experience of shipping to various countries throughout the world and whether we have encountered any issues with baby milk products.