How to buy Nespresso from the UK

Since its launch in 1986, and within 20 years, Nespresso grew to become the first globally recognised coffee brand. So it’s no wonder that with a retail network of more than 270 coffee retail outlets, there is huge demand globally for Nespresso coffee pods, machines and accessories online globally. 

Nespresso has taken the concept of personalisation to the next level, with 29 different coffee blends to choose from their Nespresso original capsules, and 27 different coffee blends from their Vertuo range. There really is a coffee blend to suit everyone's tastes and moods. 

Forward2me’s exclusive warehouse located in Guernsey also means you can have tax free shopping in the UK on higher end Nespresso espresso/coffee machines.

When buying goods over £100 and less than 60kg in volumetric weight, you can save money by using our tax free warehouse. 

How to buy Nespresso from the UK and ship worldwide?

The UK is a popular choice for Nespresso Machines, Pods and Accessories. By using a UK parcel forwarding address, it’s possible to buy Nespresso products here in the UK and ship globally to the USA, Europe and the rest of the world. Forward2me makes online shopping in the UK so easy.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for your free UK forwarding address

It’s easy to get going. Just sign up for your very own UK forwarding or UK Tax Free address with forward2me.

Step 2: Shop online on UK websites for Nespresso 

Simply browse through your favourite UK websites for Nespresso such as Nespresso UK, Currys, and, and at the checkout make sure you use your new UK forwarding address.  

Step 3: We receive your parcel

When your parcel of parts arrives at our UK warehouse you’ll receive a notification. We can hold your items for free for up to 30 days, so if you’re expecting several orders to come in we can hold it then use our consolidation or combine & repack service.

Step 4 - We ship your parcel

Once you’ve picked your courier and paid your fees we’ll send your parcel right to you. If you sort everything before 11am local time we’ll get it out that day too.

Step 5 - Your parcel arrives at home

Then you just need to wait for your UK Nespresso products to arrive. This can be as fast as 1-4 days, but can be longer depending on the service you select and the place you’re delivering to. Make sure you’re familiar with your local customs laws too, as some may require you to pay import fees.

Where to buy Nespresso machines in the UK

Whether you’re looking for a Nespresso machine to make the perfect espresso, make great iced coffee recipes, or you’re buying a Nespresso machine start your coffee connoisseur journey, we’ve hand picked some of the best places on the world wide web here in the UK to buy Nespresso machines, saving you the time and hassle of searching yourself.

Amazon is a powerhouse of online retailing around the world, and it’s no different here in the UK. You’ll find a large range of Nespresso machines available from the Amazon Nespresso shop. If you’re looking to purchase a Nespresso machine and ship to the US, we have everything you need to know on how to buy on amazon uk and ship to the US

Entry level Nespresso Machines start from £79.99 with the Vertu Plus by Krups, right the way up to pro ranges approaching £2,000. 

Currys PC World

Currys PC World is one of the UK’s largest electronics retailers and their website stocks a good range of Nespresso Machines, often with free delivery available to our UK warehouse.

You’ll find everything from entry level ranges for the classic pods like the Nespresso by Krups below £100, mid range Vertuo pod machines between £100 - £200, all the way up to more professional Nespresso machines with inbuilt milk frothers between £300 - £650. 

John Lewis

John Lewis and Partners is a long standing British department store, and their website is well known for stocking a good range of Nespresso coffee machines. 

Like Currys PC World, you’ll find entry level ranges for the classic pods below £100, mid range Vertuo pod machines between £100 - £200, and more professional Nespresso machines with inbuilt milk frothers between £300 - £650. 

Price Runner

Price Runner UK compares prices on 2.1 million products from 5,400 UK stores. If you’re still not sure where you can get the best deal on Nespresso coffee pod machines, this is certainly the place to go. They’ll tell you where the best deal is for each coffee machine. There are also a series of expert reviews to help you decide which Nespresso coffee pod machine is best for you. 

Where to buy Nespresso pods in the UK

You’ve picked your machine, now where is the best place to stock up on all of those coffee capsules? We’ve selected some of the best for you. 

Nespresso UK

The obvious place to go is the Nespresso UK website, with the full range of Original and Veruo prods available, as well as regular limited edition blends. You can also buy in bulk with assortments of 100 and 150. 

Online Supermarkets

Online grocery stores such as ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco, and Waitrose all stock a good range of Nespresso coffee pods. Supermarkets are a great option if you’re looking to purchase other items from these online grocery stores. 

Where to buy Nespresso pod storage in the UK

Not only do you need something stylish to display your Nespresso coffee pods, but they’ll make a great gift as well. We’ve rounded up the best places to buy Nespresso coffee pods in the UK.

Etsy has some fabulous hand crafted Nespresso coffee pod holder drawers which will be a real show stopper in anyone's kitchen. Discover Nespresso coffee pods all made by independent sellers. is a large e-commerce retailer, and they stock a good range of coffee pod storage solutions for Nespresso pods including stands, racks, and drawers, all at reasonable prices. Wayfiair also offers free delivery over £40 to most of the UK.

Where to buy nespresso coffee cups in the UK

Nespresso UK

The official UK website has the best selection of official nespresso coffee cups. From ceramic and glass espresso cups & saucers, mug sets, espresso glasses, and even a travel mug! You’ll find everything you need for your Nespresso coffee direct from Nespresso, with free standard delivery on all coffee orders within the UK. 

Ebay has a great selection of new, second hand glass, porcelain, and ceramic coffee cups for Nespresso. Ebay is great if you’re looking for a discontinued item, or just looking to grab a bargain, and it’s not just Nespresso branded coffee cups you can obtain. There is a wonderfully eclectic mix of all kinds of coffee cups & mugs available which are suitable for Nespresso. 

Will a UK Nespresso machine work in the USA?

For a UK Nespresso machine to work in the USA there are two options: 

  • Use a UK to US travel plug adapter

  • Rewire the UK plug to a US plug

Using an adapter should only be considered as a short term option, your best bet is to rewire the plug to work in US power outlets. However there are important considerations first. 

A UK plug provides 230 volts of power, whereas a US plug provides 120 volts of power. However, most modern electronic devices should switch automatically to the US network voltage and will work as normal. 

Make sure you check the power input information on the back of your Nespresso machine that the input is between 100-240V. You’ll usually find this close to the model number underneath or at the back of the device.

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