Shop Online in Germany: Where and how to buy from popular German retailers online


Germany offers a unique shopping experience. Located right in the heart of Europe, you’ll find outlets for household brands, amazing German companies and a selection of incredible independent sellers. Many of the products on sale in Germany may even be cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere. This is where German parcel forwarding comes in handy.

Whether you’re after specific items, like used German car parts and German baby formula or simply want to shop online at Amazon DE or eBay Germany, we’re here to help.

Not only that, but our German warehouse can help you shop all over Europe too.

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The top online shopping sites in Germany

Whether you just want to shop with smaller sellers on Amazon DE marketplace, find the best automotive parts or simply shop internationally, we’ve got you covered.

How to Order Caps from Topperzstore Germany

Discover the biggest selection of caps at Topperzstore Germany. Shop an astounding assortment of US sports caps in different styles and order exclusive fits with a free forward2me address.
Order Clothing and Accessories from About You Germany

Revolutionizing the online shopping experience, About You has quickly become one of the leading fashion e-tailers in Germany with an astounding range of styles from thousands of brands to help everyone create and flaunt their own unique style.
Shop Quality Electronics from Alternate Germany

At Alternate, you can find all the electronics and equipment for your home and workspace, from desktops for the entire office to the gaming setup of your dreams, tailored to your specific needs. Shop great deals and outlet products at impressive discounts with a forwarding address.
Order from Douglas: Europe's Trusted Beauty Destination

Step into a world of indulgence and find everything you need to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you're seeking a signature scent, a rejuvenating skincare routine, a glamorous makeup look, or a luxurious pampering experience, Douglas Germany has it all.
Upgrade Your Modern Lifestyle with BAUR

With a rich history spanning nearly a century, BAUR is synonymous with reliability and quality. Their iconic catalog has graced the homes of countless German households for decades, and now you too can explore Germany’s go-to online store for stylish and functional products with a forward2me address.
Shop Fashion from with a Parcel Forwarding Service

The ultimate destination for fashion-forward shopping, features an extensive range of products from both established brands and emerging designers to celebrate individuality and self-expression. Enjoy the limitless style possibilities with a forward2me delivery.
Top Online Stores in Germany

From fashion and beauty products to heavy equipment and consumer electronics, these are the top online stores in Germany where you can shop for exclusive offers and have your order shipped to you with an EU shipping address.

Why buy from German online stores?

Germany is well known for its wide selection of goods. Their location in Europe allows them to source the very best products from all around the continent too. You’ll find the biggest brands in the world on offer alongside excellent German brands and sellers.

German engineering may be a simple buzzword for many, but the fact remains that they offer cutting edge manufacturing to high standards on technology and automotive parts alike.

Couple that with outlets for online retailers like Amazon DE and eBay Germany, who often stock independent sellers that can’t ship abroad, and it’s easy to see why people love shopping online in Germany. The opportunities are endless.

At forward2me we can help you shop at all of these German retailers. We ship worldwide from Germany and our German shipping address can be used to shop in countries all over Europe.

What is popular to buy online in Germany?

There’s so much to buy! Popular products to buy from Germany include baby formula that you can’t find in the US, high-quality automotive parts for cars and motorcycles and big name fashion brands.

Not only that but Germany has a selection of incredible candy and food to discover. You’ll be able to stock up on the best electricals and technology too!

Want some inspo? Check out the best selling items on

What’s the biggest online shop in Germany?

With so much on offer, it may be tough to know where to start. We’ve put together a complete guide to the top online stores in Germany to help.

The largest online stores include tech giants like Mediamarkt, Otto and Notebooks Billiger. As well as German outlets for brands like Apple, Amazon and eBay.

There are popular German versions of Nike and Zalando but you’ll find a selection of fashion on offer from household German brands like Engelbert-Strauss, About You and Baur too.

How can I buy online in Germany and ship worldwide?


With forward2me it couldn’t be easier to shop in Germany. Just sign up for your free German shipping address and shop like a local.

Many German stores don’t offer international delivery either, and we want to help you shop where you want.

Our German warehouse is all you need to forward your parcels to you from a German shipping address of your own. Just sign up for your free account and you’ll get access to our German warehouse address. Then simply shop as normal and buy what you want. Checkout using your German address, it’s that easy.

You can use our German address to shop at places all over mainland Europe too.

Once your package arrives at our warehouse, we’ll let you know and you can choose your courier options to have it delivered to your doorstep.