The Best Selling Items on Amazon Germany

Our Germany forwarding warehouse sees countless Amazon Germany orders coming through every single day. is one of the most popular online stores in Germany, and there are numerous items sold through the site that you can’t get your hands on elsewhere. 

From the latest headphones or clothing to Amazon’s own Fire Stick, we re-ship items every day. We’re always asked about the most popular items to come through our warehouse, so we’ve put together a list of the best sellers in 2021, to help offer some inspiration when you’re online shopping in Germany.

Here are the top-selling items on Amazon Germany in 2021 has a constantly changing list of best selling items. What’s selling best can vary depending on the latest trends and seasonality, so Amazon always uses monthly sales volume to work out what’s currently the hottest products. To help, breaks down the best selling products into categories, and it’s these categories that you want to keep an eye on as they’re updated hourly. That’s right, the best selling product lists change every single hour.

We’re going to break down a number of the hottest product categories on in 2021, from books to tech, vinyl and healthcare, then show you some of the most popular products within them. So here goes, here are the top-selling products on in 2021:

best selling books on amazon germany


Books were one of the founding items on Amazon and they’re still one of its biggest sellers. Best selling books will change constantly, with new popular releases coming out all the time, but for certain products they keep a running chart. A selection of the overall 2021 bestselling books include:

  1.  Steffen Henssler - Hensslers Schnelle Nummer (2021 overall)

  2.  Stefanie Stahl - Das Kind in dir muss Heimat finden (2021 overall)

  3.  John Strelecky - Das Cafe am Rande der Welt (2021 overall)

In terms of new releases*, these include:

  1.  Hape Kerkeling - Pfoten Vom Tish! Meine Katzen, Andere, Katzen Und Ich

  2.  Simon Beckett - Die Verlorenen

  3.  Ralf König - Lucky Luke

best selling cds and vinyls on

CD & Vinyl

Music and audio is still a huge driver on Amazon Germany, and across other Amazon sites. There are still huge numbers of CDs and records raking in a decent monthly sales volume. As with books you’ll find an overall 2021 chart and a number of hot new releases.

Best selling CD & Vinyl 2021:

  1.  Nino De Angelo - Gesegnet und Verflucht

  2.  Giovanni Zarrella - Ciao!

  3.  Die Drei - 209/Kreaturen der Nacht

The hottest recent CD releases* on Amazon Germany:

  1. Die Drei - 211/Und dr Jadekönig 

  2. Amigos - Freiheit

  3. Kastelruther Spatzen - HeimatLiebe

popular dvds on amazon Germany 2021

DVD & Blu-ray

The biggest film and TV releases flying off the shelves from Amazon Germany include blockbusters the Disney, superheroes and steamy romance.

Best selling DVD & blu-ray on in 2021:

  1. After Truth 

  2. Zack Snyder’s Justice League

  3. Tenet

Best selling new releases on Amazon Germany:

  1. Raya und der letzte Drache 

  2. Godzilla vs Kong

  3. Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13

popular toys and games on 2021

Toys & Games

Amazon is a popular toy seller, as parents can get toys delivered quickly, review any feedback shown on a product listing and quickly find other products that their kids may enjoy. Popular items in Germany include pop-bubble fidget toys, card games and children’s TV tie ins.

  1. Push bubble fidget toys: Imago push bubble, Pianeta fidget push bubble, Appsols pop it fidget toy

  2. Dobble

  3. Paw Patrol Chase’s Patrol Cruiser

popular amazon devices

Amazon Devices

Amazon have their own selection of smart devices, including the Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot and a whole range of alarms and smart home hubs. The most popular in 2021 on the Amazon Germany site include:

  1. Fire TV Stick

  2. Fire TV Stick 4k Ultra HD

  3. Echo Dot (4th generation)

electronics, photos and tech gadgets

Electronics & Photo

Electronics and tech are popular on every Amazon outlet, whether it’s the United Kingdom, the US or Germany. Headphones and instant films lead the way with a variety of replacement cables and smartphone accessories coming in behind. The top rank tech & electronics on include:

  1. Apple AirPods Pro

  2. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film

  3. KabelDirekt HDMI Cable

popular product categories

Other Products

In addition to these popular categories there are also a large number of popular products across health & personal care, clothing, PC & video games, sports & outdoors, beauty and much more. A selection of these other products that were best sellers in 2021 include:

*Accurate at the time of writing 09/07/2021

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