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German car parts are renowned the world over for their build quality and precision engineering. There are a number of famous German car manufacturers, like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, who have been bringing excellence to the field for decades. With this in mind, some of the best quality automotive parts are manufactured in the country, and that means there is an excellent spare parts market.

Under normal circumstances, being able to ship large, heavy or awkwardly shaped motor parts around the world is tricky, with many companies not offering international shipping, but this is where forward2me can help. We offer a German parcel forwarding service that allows you to buy spare parts like you live there and have them shipped all over the world. We see a wide array of parts come through our warehouse and understand what it takes to ship spare car parts. So without further ado, we’re going to talk you through how to shop online in Germany and get your hands on the best car spare parts available.

How to buy car spare parts online from Germany
and ship worldwide with forward2me

  1. Sign up for your free German shipping address
    All you need to do is sign up to a forward2me account, for free, and you’ll gain access to our forwarding addresses all around the world.

  2. Shop like a local and order your spare parts
    Once you have your shipping address you can shop on German car and automobile websites to find the parts you need. Just enter your German postal address at check out!

  3. They’ll arrive at our German warehouse
    When they arrive at our warehouse you’ll get a notification. We can hold them free of charge for 30 days and combine them with another order if you want. Then you just need to choose a courier to ship them.

  4. We’ll ship your parts with your chosen courier
    Once you’ve chosen your courier options and paid any fees we’ll stick them in the post for you.

  5. You receive them
    You can just put your feet up and wait for your parts to arrive. Some countries may require you to cover import fees before they’ll be released from customs.


Looking to get your hands on spare auto parts in Germany? These are the places you want to be looking:


Find a wide selection of parts for cars and motorcycles from this German company who have sister businesses across Europe. Find parts for all the major automotive manufacturers like Ford, Renault, Fiat, Honda, BMW and more.

Shop car parts at Autoteile-Meile.

Ebay Germany is a well known stockist of both brand new and second hand car parts. You’ll find an wide range available from trusted sellers for both new models and classic German cars. Visit our extensive guide on "How to shop car parts from"

Shop from

Tire Xpert

Another company with sites all over Europe, Tire Xpert offer everything related to tires and wheel repairs,from lubricants through to tools, valves, wheel attachments and accessories.

Shop parts from Tire Xpert

Motorrad Parts 24

Motorrad have an unrivaled collection of spare parts for automobiles, vans, motorcycles and trailers. You’ll find parts, electric components and spares for every single part of your vehicle.

Shop spares from Motorrad Parts 24



If you’re looking to get your hands on wholesale car parts, whether it’s for your own collection or your business, there are a number of excellent auto suppliers in Germany. These include:


Autex is well known in the parts industry for supplying high quality products at scale. They offer spare part kits and have a full catalogue of valves, clutch parts, belt pulleys, wheel bearing kits and more. You’ll not find trims or accessories here but important components for different areas of your automobiles.


Your one stop shop for all your parts from one supplier, based in Köln. They even offer a bonus program for regular customers. Search by individual part number and find automotive spares, components, tires and vehicle lubricants for all the major car manufacturers.

Brechmann Parts and PREXAparts

For over 40 years, Brechmann has been selling wholesale automotive parts to businesses around Germany and Europe. They specialise in all kinds of parts but have a whole section of their business dedicated to shipping glass. They have a sister company that offers premium auto parts called PREXAparts.


If you’re looking to order wholesale or simply want to ship something large for your vehicle from Germany, we can help. At forward2me we offer a bespoke large-item shipping service to help you get the parts you really need. We can help you find car parts in the UK too.

Sign up for your free German forwarding address today and you’ll be able to start buying your spare auto parts online instantly.

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