Where to buy Pet Accessories in the UK

Where to buy Pet Accessories in the UK


Pets - we love them! People the world over keep dogs, cats, horses, tortoises and everything else in between to bring joy into their lives. Finding the right pet accessories, whether you want designer dog bowls or cheap kitty litter trays, is essential for both your pet’s happiness and your own.

We know how important finding the best pet accessories is, and that finding the right items can be tricky. With this in mind we’ve put together a list of the very best pet accessories in the UK, and we can help deliver them right to your doorstep, wherever you are in the world with our UK parcel forwarding service. So, whether you want to pamper your pooch, or comfort your cat, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to finding pet accessories in the UK.

Where to buy dog accessories in the UK

Whether you’ve got a pug, a collie, a frenchie or a labrador, we know just how much your dog means to you. Dogs require an array of different of every day accessories like collars, harnesses, leads, beds toys and feeding bowls. Outside of the more standard dog accessories, you’ll find a selection of dog coats, costumes and bow ties.

There are a selection of different retailers that stock excellent dog accessories and we’ve gone over our favourites below.

Pets at Home - the large UK chain shop has a wide array of dog accessories to satisfy most needs, including dog beds, coats, collars, toys and more.

Fetch by Ocado - the offshoot of the online supermarket offers everything your dog could ever need.

Amazon UK - with an extensive range of dog accessories, Amazon UK is a great place to find something for your pup.

Where to buy cat accessories in the UK

Cats often have some of the very best accessories on offer. Whether you’re simply after a collar or something more impressive, like a scratch pole from Cat Tree or a truly decadent cat bed, there’s a retailer for it in the UK. You’ll find litter trays and boxes of all shapes and sizes too.

Whatever cat accessories you’re after, we’ve gone over some of the very best places to find them in the UK below:

Pets at Home - as one of the biggest pet stores in the country they offer pretty much everything you could possibly want for your cat.

Cat Tree UK - specialising in scratching posts, cat trees, bedding and cat houses, Cat Tree UK is your one stop shop for the best in feline accessories.

Pet Planet - another huge pet store that offers a wide array of excellent cat accessories, from litter trays through to cat carriers and cat activity centers.

Where to buy Rabbit accessories in the UK

Rabbits are widely popular across the UK and whether you’re after something for an indoor rabbit or one you keep outside in a hutch, there’s a retailer waiting to help you find the very best rabbit accessories. From the Holland Lop through to the Lionhead, rabbits have a variety of different needs. Most will need a cage or a rabbit hutch, alongside treats, straw, bedding and toys. Many of these same items will also be useful if you want to keep other animals like guinea pigs, hamsters or rats too.

There are a number of different UK stores that stock excellent rabbit accessories and we can help ship them to you all over the world. These include:

Zooplus - the online pet superstore has branches all over the world. They have a whole category for rabbits, alongside other small pets.

Amazon UK - one of the world’s biggest digital marketplaces is well stocked with rabbit accessories. You may find a number of items only available in the UK too.

Pet Planet - here you’ll find a wide range of hutches, bedding, grooming and toys perfect for your rabbits! 

Where to buy designer luxury pet accessories in the UK

We understand that for many, the chance to lavish their pet with luxurious items, from clothes to beds, is the point of being a pet owner. With this in mind a number of luxury pet accessory brands have sprung up. We’ve broken down the best places to find luxury dog accessories and designer cat accessories in the UK below.

Luxury dog accessories - to truly pamper your pooch, there’s a selection of retailers offering excellent luxury dog accessories too. These are places like Urban PupPaws Couturethe Stylish Dog Company and Mutt & Hounds.

Luxury cat accessories - if you want something a little more unique or luxury for your cat, there’ a number of excellent UK retailers just waiting to help. Places like Mungo and Maud sell chic design-led pieces for cats (and dogs!), and Chelsea Cats has some incredible designer cat accessories, like beds and litter boxes.

How to buy pet accessories from Ebay UK

It’s well known that Ebay UK is one of the best places to get hold of second hand goods, but it’s also an excellent place to buy items from smaller traders and makers too. With thousands of items being uploaded every day, it’s a great place to shop in the UK for pet accessories as well as numerous other items.

Below you’ll find a guide for shopping for pet accessories on Ebay UK, but the process is the same wherever you want to order your items from, although other sites may not use an auction function!

Step 1: Sign up your free UK address

Signing up to forward2me is completely free, but it gives you access to a UK forwarding address that you can start using right away.

Step 2: Shop on Ebay UK for pet accessories

When you have an Ebay UK account you can shop for pet accessories by either placing bids on second hand items, or clicking ‘buy now’ from a number of retailers at a set price. If you are simply looking for pet accessories from other places you’ll just need to shop as normal without placing a bid. Once you’ve ordered, whether it’s from Ebay UK or somewhere else, you just need to enter your forward2me UK shipping address.

Step 3: We receive your parcel at our warehouse

Once your parcel arrives at our UK warehouse, you’ll be alerted about its arrival and there are a couple of options. We can hold your pet accessories for you while other parcels arrive and we can either combine them or consolidate them into one package, or simply send them straight on.

If you opt for us to hold them so you can combine & repack or consolidate the order, then we’ll hold them free of charge for 30 days. After this period you’ll have to pay a small fee for each day we hold them. Our combine & repack and consolidation services cost a small fee, but they can save you large amounts in postage, and if you’re ordering several items from Ebay it could save you significant money as they’ll likely arrive separately.

Step 4: We ship your parcel to you

Once it arrives with us, you’ll need to select your courier and delivery method. Just select the delivery period and courier you want, and pay the fees. You’ll often have a choice here, but some countries are more limited. If you make your payment before 11am we’ll generally ship it that same day.

Step 5: Your parcel arrived at home

At this point all you need to do is wait! Some couriers will have your parcel with you in 1 to 4 days, but it depends on which one you choose and where you are getting it delivered to. Our pricing page offers estimates based on items, couriers and countries. You’ll need to understand your own country’s customs system too, as some may require you to pay customs duty or other fees on the border.

Just make sure you’re there to sign for it!

Ship outside the EU and save 20% tax when buying from U.K. 

When you sign up for a forward2me shipping address you also get access to our tax free warehouse in the UK. This is situated in Guernsey and as such, if you order items to this address you don’t have to pay the UK’s VAT, which is 20%, as long as you’re shipping outside the EU. 

For more on how package forwarding works, check out our guide, and if you’re ready to start shopping in the UK, sign up for your free account today.

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