Amazon Prime Day UK 2020


Amazon Prime Day is an annual event exclusive to Amazon’s Prime members, and their biggest shopping event of the year. With big discounts on a huge range of products, it’s always a great opportunity to pick up some bargains, and in 2019 it was a two-day event packed with non-stop deals.

While Prime is only available in around 17 countries, you can still take advantage of the incredible savings if you use the forward2me service to forward your parcels to you where ever you are in the world, and if you’re shipping to an address outside of the EU, you can even save 20% VAT using our Tax Free Warehouse.

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

Prime Day is usually Amazon’s big summer sales event, offering big discounts and deals on a range of items, which are only available to members of their Amazon Prime subscription service.

Prime Day includes deals across most of their main categories, with many brands saving their biggest discounts for this huge event, as well as huge savings on Amazon’s own product range.

This shopping event is similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is Amazon’s way of thanking their loyal Prime customers, and encouraging more people to check out the benefits of joining Prime.

Is Amazon Prime Day postponed this year? 

Although there has been no official announcement from Amazon on their site, it is looking likely that Amazon Prime Day is set to be postponed this year. It has been reported by Reuters that this has been postponed until at least August, while this article published on the Wall Street Journal states it will be in September.

While this is likely to disappoint some people looking forward to grabbing a bargain, it also gives us all a little bit more time to think about those big purchases we might want to make come Prime Day, and since purchasing high ticket items as Christmas gifts is a popular way to make use of these deals, taking place slightly closer to Christmas could actually be a bonus for some.

When is Amazon Prime Day? 

Amazon Prime Day is usually in July each year, and in 2019 it started on the 15th of July and was a two-day event, however there has been no date announced by Amazon as of yet for 2020. It’s looking likely that this event will take place in September, and since it usually starts on a Monday, it’s likely to start on the 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of September 2020.

Amazon Prime Day deals: What will be on sale? 

Although the specific deals remain a mystery until the day the deals go live, we can look at trends from previous years to get a good idea of what will be available. 

One thing we can almost guarantee is that Amazon will be offering generous discounts on their own products, so if you’re in the market for any of their devices, you might want to hold fire on checking out for a few more months.

You’re likely to see deals on their Fire TV Stick range, which turn any TV with a HDMI input into a smart TV, allowing you to use all of your favourite streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, as well as their Fire TV Cube, which includes all of the features of the TV Stick, with added hands-free Alexa capabilities.

Their range of Fire Tablets are likely to see a drop in price during the event, and they even have kids editions which Amazon promise to replace if your child breaks it during the first two years.

Bookworms might want to keep an eye out for deals on Kindle e-readers, perfect for saving space on your bookshelves, or in your suitcase by carrying all of your favourite titles around in one handy device.

And of course we expect there to be some great deals to be had on Amazon’s range of Alexa Devices. For the full lowdown, be sure to check out our guide to the best Alexa Devices to buy in 2020.

How to shop on Amazon Prime Day with forward2me

If you’re wondering how you can shop the UK Amazon Prime Day sales from any country, it couldn’t be more simply by using forward2me’s UK parcel forwarding service.

First, you’ll need to sign up with us to receive your new UK address from us. Next, head to Amazon’s UK site, and place your order, using your new forward2me address as the shipping address.

As soon as we receive your parcel from Amazon at our warehouse, we will quickly check it over to ensure it can legally be sent on to your destination country (so please be sure to check shipping restrictions for your country prior to placing your order) and email you to let you know we have it.

Once you hear from us, just log in to your forward2me account, select your preferred courier service, and pay for shipping. We will then send your parcel on to you in your country of residence, and if you make payment before 11am, we’ll even ship it out on the same day in most cases.

Delivery usually takes 1-4 business days from us shipping it out to you, but this can vary depending on local customs processes. 

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