Fossil Watch Buying Guide

Fossil Watch Buying Guide


Fossil is renowned for being one of the most stylish watch brands in the world. Not only do they produce a plethora of vintage-inspired watches, they offer clean, well designed accessible luxury watches. Fossil Group own other well-respected watch brands, like Emporio ArmaniKate SpadeMichael Kors and Diesel, which further highlights their expertise in crafting excellent timepieces

In recent years they’ve ventured into the smartwatch and hybrid watch market too, turning their years of knowledge and experience into crafting excellent pieces of wearable technology.

We’ve put together the complete UK Fossil watch buying guide so that you’ll know exactly what to buy. If you’re buying from abroad you can ship through one of our forwarding warehouses, that will let you shop like you live in that country.


Fossil Watches


Fossil Watches started creating classic timepieces in 1984 in America. Over the years they’ve gained a reputation for making high-quality watches for men and women at accessible prices. With the modernisation of watches, they’ve also branched out into constructing both smartwatches and hybrid watches too.


Womens Fossil Watches

Women’s Fossil Watches come in all sorts of different styles. From the more minimal and sleek Archival Series and Jacqueline Series through to the multifunctional Riley Series, there’s a watch style for everyone, and these just scratch the surface. All of them are available in different colours with an array of straps.

The Archival Series offers a sophisticated look that doesn’t sacrifice style in terms of practicality. It’s small, only 32mm, and offers a fun and smart design, with mood matching technology added. 

The popular Jacqueline Series comes in a more classical design, with three hands and roman numerals used in place of indices. The watch face is 36mm but the strap has deliberately been kept thin to make the watch face stand out in a visually striking manner.

The Riley Series is a multifunctional watch, offering three sub-dials in addition to the 38mm main clock face. These show the day of the week, 24-hour indicator and the date. The Riley comes complete with a crystal-studded bezel and all of the watch straps are stainless steel.

You’ll find women’s Fossil Watches available in the UK at:

Amazon UK

WatchShop UK



Mens Fossil Watches

Fossil Watches have been known for a long time for their ability to create stylish watches for men that don’t break the bank. They offer a number of incredibly smartwatches that are perfect for any style, whether you want something for day-to-day use or something to wear with a suit. There’s the stripped-back men’s Archival Series as an entry point, classic Grant Series and the Machine Quartz chronograph that comes complete with a silicone strap, among a number of other styles.

The men’s version of the Archival Series is one of the newer releases in the Fossil catalogue. Sporting a 42mm watch face and a dial that changes colour depending on your mood, the Archival series offers a number of vintage style watches for any occasion.

The Grant series comes in both chronograph and automatic options. It features two sub-dials in addition to the main clock 44mm clock face. The watch is made of stainless steel but the strap is leather. It’s a stunning watch to look at and is built with longevity in mind.

The Machine series comes with 3 sub-dials and a sportier look and feel. With a silicone wrist strap, it’s not for everyone, but it’s an excellent blend between stylish and slightly more sporty watches.

If you want to get your hands on a men’s Fossil watch from the UK, check out the below retailers:

Amazon UK

H Samuel

John Lewis


Fossil Smart Watches

Smartwatches became the next logical step from digital watches. Fossil Watches smartwatches are compatible with either iPhone or Android devices and are designed to blend seamlessly with your other smart technology. The current generations of Fossil smartwatches available are Gen 5 and Gen 4, along with the Sport series.

Gen 5 is the most up-to-date smartwatch in the Fossil range. It runs the Google OS and as such has access to Google Pay, Google Assistant and Google Fit. It can be used to track your heart rate, answer the phone and even when you’re swimming. As it’s a full smartwatch it also has access to a number of apps like the Nike Run Club, Spotify and hundreds more through the Google Play store.

Gen 4 is the previous generation of Fossil’s smartwatch offering. It’s still an excellent choice if you’re after something cheaper, but it has a shorter battery life and less storage. The watch also doesn’t have a speaker. Other than this a lot of the features you can get on the Gen 5 can still be found on the Gen 4, so it remains a great option.

The Sport Series is the most customisable smartwatch that Fossil offers. It comes in a wide variety of case and strap colours, and runs off of the Google OS like the other smartwatches they offer. It’s specifically designed for sport use and fitness tracking but still works well as a day-to-day smartwatch.

You can find Fossil smartwatches in the UK from the following places:

Fossil Watches




Fossil Hybrid Watches

The Fossil Hybrid watches take everything that’s loved about their classic watch designs and blend it with the latest in smartwatch technology. This means you can get a stylish analogue watch that still boasts integration with your phone. You can play music, track activities and more.


Women’s Fossil Hybrid Watches

The women’s Fossil Hybrid watches come in a couple of different styles. These are the HR Charter and the slightly more basic Jacqueline.

The HR Charter is the most technologically advanced hybrid watch that Fossil offers for women. In addition to notifications, the HR Charter can track activities, control your music and track your heart rate. In addition to this, there are a number of customisation options.

The Jacqueline has a slightly more minimal design, and can track sleep and steps as well as control your music or take a picture.

You can find women’s Fossil Hybrid Watches in the UK on:

Fossil Watches

Amazon UK



Mens Fossil Hybrid Watches

The options for men’s Fossil Hybrid watches are slightly more varied. There’s the HR Collider, Neutra, HR FB-01 and the Machine. Each is a twist on a classic Fossil watch design. Each is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The HR Collider has a sleek functional design, with a classic numberless watch face and a series of smart sub-dials on a screen behind the clock hands. They HR Collider can act as an activity tracker, control your music and be customised with a personalised dial and buttons. 

The Neutra offers a classic roman numeral based clockface, with a single sub-dial. With a stainless steel case and leather strap options. It can give you notifications and is capable of tacking activities and controlling your music.

The Machine hybrid watch is perfect for those after something a little more rugged. With a silicone strap it can control your music and track your sleep and steps, plus it can take a picture.

The FB-01 series has a completely customisable dial, along with an activity tracker, customisable buttons, heart rate tracker and interchangeable strap. It comes in both silicone and stainless steel case options too.

You can get your hands on a men’s Fossil Hybrid from the following UK retailers:

Fossil Watches


Amazon UK


Fossil Watch Straps

Every Fossil watch model comes with a completely customisable band or strap. This means that you can personalise your Fossil watch to make it exactly how you want it. Fossil watch straps come in a variety of sizes, materials and patterns and you’ll need to make sure the strap you are buying fits with the model you’re ordering.


Womens Fossil Watch Straps

The women’s Fossil watch strap you want will vary depending on the model of watch that you own. Straps come in sizes based on their width, from 12mm to 22mm and each will fit different watch cases.

There is a full range of women’s fossil watch straps available in different materials and colours. There are silicone wrist straps, metal wrist straps and leather wrist straps together. All in a range of colours, including pink, rose gold, black, brown and blue. You’ll be able to find something perfect for your women’s Fossil watch that will really make it your own.

Find women’s Fossil watch straps online in the UK at:

Fossil Watches

Amazon UK


Mens Fossil Watch Straps

Similarly, there are a range of different watch straps available for men’s Fossil watches. These are only available in the 22mm width but there are still options in an array of colours and materials, including stainless steel, leather and silicone.

You can customise your men’s Fossil watch so it can look however you want it or you can order a replacement wrist strap if you’ve damaged or lost your own.

You can find men’s Fossil watch straps in the UK online at:

Fossil Watches

Amazon UK


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