Have you got your camping gear?

If you’re an intrepid explorer or general outdoorsy type, you’re probably contemplating an escape to the wilderness this Easter. Hopefully, it’s a bit warmer and drier where you are - but nonetheless, you’ll still need to be well prepared.

Here are some of forward2me’s recommendations for the best in camping gear available in the UK:

Unless you’re a survival expert building your own bivouac, you’ll need some sort of shelter. Tents have come a long way ‘since I were a lad’. No more messing about with poles, heavy gear to lug about or worrying if it’s going to last the night or survive the attention of the local sheep. Tents all but carry and put themselves up nowadays and they don’t need to cost the earth. Check out these beauties from Argos for quick, easy options that are fine for a weekend. If you need something more serious, these are recommended by World of Tents.

Being snug is vital to the enjoyment of camping. A good sleeping bag is of paramount importance. Available for all tastes and budgets, you can snuggle in silk sheets in high tog, fine eiderdown sleeping bag or snore in a sack...

You'll also need something for restful contemplation of the view whilst drinking a fresh brew (or something stronger).These camping chairs are light and comfortable. Traditional deckchairs are still popular and come in all colours and patterns too although they’re still harder to put up than their more modern counterparts.

Someone once said that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. Be prepared for anything with the latest high-tech clothing. Waterproof, breathable, even ‘intelligent’ fabrics (?) that will get up in the morning and cook the breakfast for you, plan the route and carry all the gear...well, not quite, but they will keep you warm and dry.

For those amongst you who are a little more challenged by the outdoorsy part of being outdoors, glamp it up. Rent a yurt or a classy campervan, (if you don't want to hire, why not buy one of these from Firebox.com) don this year’s finery and some designer wellies. You can still be outdoors but without all the inconvenience. Just use forward2me’s secure international shipping to bring the best gear to your door.

Don’t forget to take pictures. If you’re after something tough, try this waterproof camera from Pentax. If you want to instantly make all your friends jealous, try this new smart camera from Samsung .

Above all, don't forget to use our door-to-door tracked service to make sure that your gear keeps you on the right track this Easter.