Back To School With forward2me 2021 - The Best Deals For Class Season


Back to School with forward2me is your chance to get great deals from top retailers and brands all over European Union and UK! Register for a free UK or GERMAN address and we’ll deliver it to you anywhere in the world!
Now's the right time to buy everything you need to start a fresh new academic year and shop with huge discounts from great brands.

The school is coming back and the deals are flying around so don't miss a deal. Here we go highlighting the best retailers and Back To School campaigns in Germany, EU & UK.
Come join the fun shopping for the school season and prepare for hopefully one great year studying! 


Back To School from Germany with forward2me

Back to School DEALS from Germany and EU / .it / .es / .fr is the first stop for every smart shopper! This years deals for electronics and all kind of school related goods are something that no student or parent should miss checking. From pencils to laptops, backpacks and outfits - if anything for school is needed - you can easily find it and order with FREE SHIPPING IN GERMANY, using forward2me's FREE ADDRESS.

Another huge Back To School deals zone is OTTO - the largest German online retailer with more than 4000 listed brands you should check daily! 


We know it's school time but studying is not the opposite of playing and having fun! This is the reason to highlight Revensburger as one of the most interesting brands for puzzles and games offering a great variety of useful 3D puzzles you can actually use to boost your productivity and creativity.

Talking fun and education we can't miss myToys  - part of Otto Group, this is one of the biggest online and offline stores for children's toys, accessories, clothes and tons of school goods!

Back To School from Germany with forward2me

Back to School DEALS from THE UK


The best UK deals for cool school days we've selected are here to make your Back To Shcool experience even brighter! Using our TOP-RATED parcel forwarding service you can always enjoy great deals + FREE shipping to our FREE UK ADDRESS and then we'll ship it to you.

Combining all your packages in ONE with our Combine and Repack option is just one of the greatest options to SAVE even more money  for international shipping in just one box!

Here's a list of our fav retailers for this Back To School season you can shop from:

Smiggle Back To School
Back To School from UK with forward2me

We know COVID-19 has changed a lot the way we study and learn. Nowadays school is at home too so don't miss the great furniture, chairs, and anything needed for your cozy School @ Home days or just for homework tasks. Learning is also a way of living and we all need to experience this process in the best possible way. 

Don't worry about shipping LARGE ITEMS with forward2me. This is something we do and offer to our clients all over the world! Your new desk or chair will be right with you - shipped with the selected courier.