Due to unprecedented demand on our small customers service team we are taking an average of 24-48 hours to respond to queries.  Please remember that millions of people are now sat at home reading books, watching Netflix and writing complex, well-crafted emails to customers services staff everywhere.  These take time to answer.  If you then start posting things on social media or contacting us through multiple channels for the same issue, it just takes more resources and takes even longer to reply.  We are always polite and patient with our customers – please offer the same courtesy back.

Many couriers at the cheaper end of the scale have removed services to some countries or all countries.  Forward2me has therefore delisted them from its website.  As soon as these services are back up, they will be relisted on the website.

Please consider the service you are paying for and the service you are expecting.  If you have selected the cheapest untracked service or an economy service at a time CNN is reporting a 96% drop in air travel, you can be fairly sure to expect delays.  If you NEED a package to get to you in a timely fashion, we strongly recommend a premium branded service such as DHL.  The reason we recommend this is because DHL own many of their own aircraft – it puts them in control which translates to a better service at a time of strain.  Cheaper services put shipments in the belly of holiday operator flights – those flights are now grounded.  This has resulted in warehouses containing millions of packages that are sat waiting for air services reopen.  It does not matter if you are the Prime Minister or President of your country – we can not influence a cheap courier to search through millions packages to find your package to send back to us for us to then send it to you with a premium service – we all just have to wait.  As soon as we know, you will be informed.

Every courier we work with has increased their fees one way or another since CV-19.  Unfortunately, because forward2me is already very price competitive, we are not in a position to absorb these increases and so we are passing them through to end customers.  We are passing them through without markup or profit – for us, they only represent pain.

The tax-free warehouse is operating a full service but affected by external delays of up to 48-hous.  Please remember it is on an island with limited infrastructure.  There is now only one flight per day in and out of Guernsey.  This is resulting in delays of at least 24 hours before packages hit the island.  Guernsey Post the local operator is also operating under a reduced service which is taking an additional 24 hours for package to be delivered to our facility.  We are working with Guernsey Post to try and reduce the delivery time to our facility.

Times like CV-19 often bring out the best in people.  Unfortunately, it can also bring out the worst.  Because of an unprecedented level of fraud we now require a passport copy before we can ship from the German warehouse.  Forward2me will use this for no other reason than working with the police and German authorities in event of a fraud claim.  We do not share this other than with official authorities and only on request.  The information is stored and transmitted in an encrypted form.  We appologise for having to do this and really don’t want to do this but it is out of our control.