Customer Feefo Reviews
Customer Feefo Reviews

Customer Feefo Reviews

Feefo is an independent feedback service with verified and audited reviews.

These reviews are much more meaningful than reviews found on sites such as google or trip advisor because of two key points:

Only customers who have actually used the forward2me service are able to leave feedback so readers know that the feedback is genuine and not something forward2me has made up, or indeed a forward2me competitor has made up.

forward2me has no control over the feedback unless it is abusive or defamatory – in which case feefo themselves remove it. Every feedback is shown unedited and in full - all forward2me can do with negative feedback is respond to the customer's specific concerns.

Beauty Sample set

Good service but the prices could be less


ótimo cumpre o que promete

Car Part

I was trying it out in the beginning, now it's everything I talk about. Best service ever, I will do everything I can to help you grow in Botswana and throughout the region.


Fantastic service and response to all the questions I had. I can't thank the forward2me team enough for all their efforts and help over the Christmas period.


Ho usato questo servizio per la prima volta e mi sono trovata molto bene! Lo userò di nuovo sicuramente

protien powder shake

Very happy with the website and communication. My multi-parcel shipment arrived bundled together-which was great. And it arrived so quickly. I would certainly recommend forward2me.


Upon getting a quotation, I had more than one option to transfer parcels to Seychelles. However after my parcel got to the warehouse, I only had one option which was the courier by UPS. In this case it was fine since I wanted express delivery. However I am somewhat concerned for future purchases. Especially if I want to opt for a cheaper option. The service was however great and very effecient. Good Job.


Transfer is quick and good. Also, you should be able to choose a shipping company. The postage should be advised by automatic calculation.


Great service


An absolutely seamless experience! From start to finish, the forwarding process went super smoothly. It was easy to get my forwarding address, and when my package arrived at the Forward2Me facility, I was notified almost immediately. I selected a shipping service, and within hours, my package was processed and on its way to me!


迅速に対応していただき、安心して取引きができました。 運送会社から日本語のお知らせをいただけたことが良かったです。

USB cradles

First of all this is not a scam, nowadays with to many services it’s so difficult to find a reliable one and Forwrd2me match all expectations... big thanks to them.

Bottle of Rum

Auch wenn meine Ware etwas schwierig zu versenden war: Hat im Endeffekt doch sehr gut geklappt - beeindruckend die rasche Kommunikation.


Great experience and really easy to use the only down side is the cost to get purchases to australia it cost me 33 pounds so almost $70 just to ship a cd


Efficient and great at keeping me updated constantly. The price is also very competitive. Excellent!


Graham :) did an awesome job packaging. Very well packaged by Graham :-). Delivery was fast and painless. Also did I say that Graham :-) did an excellent job. Seriously though. My Pixel phone with case arrived very fast, and with no fuss. Graham really did an amazing job.


Excellent service. I've used forward2me many times and they've never let me down.


O serviço é bom. Sim recomendaria a outra pessoa.

Carpet Underlay

Very easy service and good communication.

Safety Isolating Transformer Plug

Responsive, following to problematic orders, trustful with money related issues, fast return services

Audio CD

Forward2Me has been helpful with forwarding my UK items safe and sound to my US address in a timely manner. Looking forward to continuing the service in the future


Goes super fast and they are 110% to provide good service.


Professional and punctual service.

Camera Case

Very quick as always! The best service you can get!

Beauty products

The best forwarding service I have ever used! Extremely reliable and easy to use. I don’t know what I would do without this service!


Very fast shipping . Attractive well designed dashboard for my locker . Thanks .

Remote control and leads

Very smooth!

Make up

Wayyy to expensive, not worth it!


Hi,Many thanks for reviewing our services however I'm sorry to hear that you have found the cost of shipping expensive. I think I see the issue that you were expecting two orders from two separate retailers however due to one of the retailers sending your goods in two separate packages you thought that the two separate orders had arrived and you shipped them.Unfortunately it appears that the first two packages had arrived from Boots and your TX Maxx order only arrived the following day so you then had to ship the TX Maxx order separately increasing your overall cost of shipping.I do understand this must be very frustrating for you however when packages are booked to customers accounts we do provide the sender name and the tracking number for the delivery where we are able to do so. I'm sorry if you missed this information on your account before shipping.If all three packages had arrived and shipped together, this would have been more cost effective for you. We do also offer a combine and repack service at a cost of £2 per parcel. This services ensures that your packages are repacked as efficiently as possible to ensure you receive the maximum value for shipping.I hope this information helps you going forward so you receive the best value when shipping.If you have any further questions regarding the best possible options for shipping please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Care team at Regards,Tracy.

Football Shirt

very good service from the beginning of my goods received to delivery. Although there is a time difference between Indonesia and the UK, the response is very good and fast. What is unfortunate is only the payment method, I can not use paypal, credit card check out never works, even though my credit card has never had a problem either on ebay or amazon. bank transfers are very long and the costs are bigger, I hope you improve the payment methods that are easier for overseas customers. I hope you let me know if paypal and ease of checking out credit cards have been fixed

Car Part - ford

everything done fast and as I asked



Digital Thermometer

Reasonably priced and provides fast quality service.


Perfect every time

computer accessories

timely and sound professional


quick service and no delays at all




I’m highly recommend , but should be careful in packaging


Hi, Many thanks for your review and your high recommendation.We will certainly take on board your comments and look forward to receiving your continued support.Kind Regards,Tracy.


Totally recommended, will use again


Excellent service. No worries about my purchases. Everything was done right.


I have used this service a few times and have only good experiences with it. Everything arrived as a whole and in time. The website is easy to use.

Leather Boots

All went well and on time, for the first time users they might need little explanation

Lamp Shade

This was my first order with Forward2me and I'm happy to say I was 100% satisfied. I was getting forwarded 2 parcels, let them be repacked, which was done perfectly and by this I lowered the price to a very affordable one. Their system is very easy to understand and work with. The parcel arrived after a few days to the Czech Republic. I'm using the service again immediately and am so happy I finally discovered a service like this!


perfect service!


Excellent. I will definitely use you again, and again. Thank you.


The parcel did get forwarded to my address, in immaculate condition. Though the shipping did end up costing more than the item. It is a handy service to use for those things you have to have, but don't ship to your country. Because I am so obtuse, I didn't understand the Package Inbox, and spent ages trying to work out how to get it to ship, which wasted a lot of time. Tip: If you can't get it to ship, you have to upload your receipt for the actual item from the shop you bought it from to "Invoices", and only then will it allow you to go through to shipping. "Invoices" has nothing to do with a shipping invoice that you expect to get from forward2me, but it is something you need to action yourself, although there is nothing telling you to do so.

Perfume 30ml

Their service is reliable and easy to use. Every customer service agent I have been in contact with has been extremely polite and helpful. Couldn't ask for more!


Excellent service, packages came quickly and very easy to use.


Excellent service. Good job. Will be using Forward2me for shopping again soon.

Electrical equipment - coaxial attenuator

Fast and cheap

Eau De Parfum - 10ml

Het was wat ingewikkeld om een vraag beantwoord te krijgen maar daarna snel en doeltreffend.