Where to Buy the New US Postal Service Stamps with NASA Webb Images

Updated: 05/02/2024

The US Postal Service's latest commemorative stamps pay homage to NASA's groundbreaking James Webb Space Telescope. Issued on January 22, these Priority Mail stamps showcase captivating images captured by Webb, the largest, most powerful, and intricate telescope ever deployed in space. These new stamps join a Forever stamp issued by the US Postal Service in 2022, featuring an artist’s digital illustration of Webb against a background of stars. The two new stamps are designed by art director Greg Breeding using an image provided by NASA, European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency, and Space Telescope Science institute. 

Stamp and space enthusiasts worldwide can easily add these celestial wonders to their collection by ordering them from the USA using the convenient services of forward2me. Find out more about the stamps and how to purchase them below. 

Cosmic Cliffs Stamps

The first stamp in this stellar collection is a Priority Mail Express masterpiece, featuring Webb's Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) image of the "Cosmic Cliffs" in the Carina Nebula, situated some 7,600 light-years away. Unveiled in July 2022, this breathtaking image showcases emerging stellar nurseries and individual stars previously concealed by cosmic dust. It stands as a testament to Webb's ability to peer through the celestial haze, offering unprecedented insights into the enigmatic process of star formation. 

The Cosmic Cliffs stamp is issued in a pane of four stamps. A sheet of four is currently available at the US Postal Service website for the price of $121.80. 

Pillars of Creation Stamps

The second stamp, a Priority Mail gem, captures the iconic "Pillars of Creation" through the lens of Webb's Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI). This familiar landscape, once immortalized by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, reveals pillars veiled in gas and dust, cocooning stars in their slow, millennia-long formation. Set against the backdrop of the Eagle Nebula, located 6,500 light-years away, this stamp not only honors the legacy of Hubble but also showcases the advanced capabilities of the James Webb Space Telescope.

The Pillars of Creation stamp is issued in a sheet of four stamps and sells for $39.40 on the US Postal Service’s website. 

How to Order the New NASA Webb Stamps from the USA

To enhance your stamp collection with these celestial treasures, you can easily place an order through the official website of the US Postal Service. Use your free US forward2me address as the delivery address when your order the stamps and have them delivered directly to your doorstep by a courier of your choice. At forward2me, we specialize in shipping collector's items and ensure the secure packaging of stamps and other collectibles. With our Combine & Repack service, you can consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment and rest easy with our free return to sender option and a price match guarantee, ensuring you receive the best forwarding rates available.

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