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How to buy Motorcycle Parts on Ebay UK and Ship Internationally


At the forward2me warehouse, we find all kinds of interesting items passing through before they’re sent off all over the world. From the latest tech and high end designer goods through to furniture and car parts. Alongside these car parts we also find that motorcycle parts are incredibly popular, with people ordering bespoke items from dealerships, manufacturers and other bikers that they can’t get hold of so easily in their own countries. 

Maybe the particular part you need for your motorcycle just isn’t being manufactured anymore, or it’s simply harder to find in your country than others. The motorcycle community is close-knit and the ability to trade parts across the internet has done wonders for hobbyists and mechanics alike. Finding parts online, whether it’s from a dealer or simply a fellow enthusiast on the second hand market somewhere like Ebay, can often be the most affordable way to find bespoke motorbike parts.

As experts in UK parcel forwarding, we’ve significant experience as a motorbike part courier. We see all kinds of parts come through our warehouses, from brakes and clutches through to tyres and pieces of bodywork.

If you’ve found the motorcycle part you’re after, on a site like Ebay UK or one of the UK’s excellent parts retailers, then we can help you out with a UK delivery address, then arrange for the parts to be sent on to you. We even have bespoke options for shipping large packages. Below is the full process for how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for your UK address

Simply sign up for your free forward2me account and you’ll instantly gain access to your UK forwarding address as well as a host of others.

Step 2: Shop on Ebay UK for your Motorcycle Parts

Browse to Ebay UK, or another motorcycle parts retailer, and shop as you usually would. With Ebay, there’s a chance you’ll need to bid in a digital auction, but many items are available as ‘buy now’ too. Other retailers you’ll just shop as you usually would online. Once you’ve found, and bought, the item you just need to enter your forward2me shipping address.

Step 3: We receive your parcel

We’ll then receive your parcel at our UK warehouse and send you an alert. At this point you’ve got a couple of options. We can hold it for you while other packages arrive, which is free for up to 30 days, or we can send it straight on.

If you want us to hold it, it will cost a small daily fee after it’s been in the warehouse for 30 days. Generally we’ll hold items if you want us to consolidate or combine & repack your motorcycle parts with other packages. For a small fee we can combine your packages into one shipment, which can save you significant money on postage.

Step 4: We ship your parcel

Whether you choose for us to hold it or send it straight on, you’ll need to pick your courier options. Once you’ve picked your courier, based on price and delivery time, and paid your fees, we’ll post your package straight away. If you do this before 11am UK time, we’ll post them that same day.

Step 5 Your parcel arrived at home

Now you just need to sit back and wait for your motorcycle parts to arrive. This can be as fast as 1-4 days, but it will depend on where you live, what you ordered and the courier you chose to deliver your package. It’s also worth noting that you need to be familiar with your country’s customs laws, as there could be additional duty or taxes required to help it clear customs.

Just make sure you’re in to sign for your package too!

What couriers are suitable for sending motorcycle parts? 

Once your motorcycle parts arrive at our warehouse, they’ll need to be transferred to a courier before they can be sent on. It’s completely up to you which courier you choose, but it’s worth noting that only certain couriers will be available in some countries.

To get an idea of the couriers you’ll have to choose from, and the rough costs, check out our price page. Here you’ll find estimates on shipping times as well, so you can work out how long things may take to get to your country. When it comes to actually selecting your courier, you’ll do that once your motorcycle parts arrive at our warehouse and you’ve received an alert.

The couriers that we use to ship motorcycle parts include the likes of DHL, UPS, TNT and DPD, among others. We also offer a bespoke service on large items.

Bespoke large item couriers for motorcycle parts

While many motorcycle parts may be very small, there are a number of much larger pieces, like tyres and bodywork, that can be both awkward and expensive to ship internationally. We have extensive experience in shipping large items around the world, like motorcycle parts and similar items.

We’ve used our expertise to develop a bespoke large item shipping service. This means that if you have a particularly large piece of motorcycle equipment that you’re trying to ship, we should be able to work with our partners to make it happen. This does mean you may need to talk to us before we can confirm if it’s possible though, so if you think your item may be too big, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

What motorcycle parts can you send? 

While many people are after parts to lovingly restore a vintage motorcycle, many others are simply after the basic parts so they can fix their current cycle. Whether you’re looking to add that little extra to your motorbike or simply repair it, you can ship your parts through us. Motorcycle parts we see coming through our warehouses include:

  • Brakes
  • Clutchers
  • Bearings
  • Exhausts
  • Gauges
  • Kick starts
  • Kick stands
  • Tyres & wheels
  • Belly pans
  • Decals & ornaments
  • Forks
  • Mirrors
  • Protections
  • Seats
  • Tail tidies

There are certain items that can be shipped, but must be completely drained and dried first. These include:

  • Engines
  • Gearboxes

Essentially we can ship pretty much anything related to a motorcycle, but there are a few exceptions.

What motorcycle parts can you not send? 

It’s always worth checking our prohibited list before you make an order, as there are certain items that we just can’t ship. When it comes to motorcycle parts, we can’t ship anything that contains liquids or oils. If those items have been completely drained and dried out, that’s absolutely fine, but if they currently hold a liquid we’ll not be able to ship them.

For motorcycles this includes things like engines and gearboxes. It also means we can’t ship bottles of oil or fluid for your motorcycle either.

Other places to buy motorcycle parts in the UK

If Ebay isn’t your thing, we can help you find some other places to buy motorbike parts in the UK. We see parts from a number of different stockists come through our warehouses regularly. On these UK sites you’ll find everything you could possibly need for kitting out or fixing your motorcycle, from bearings and brake components to bags and drive chain links. These include uk retailers like:

Shipping motorcycle parts internationally

Once you’ve found your motorcycle parts on Ebay UK you can ship them all over the world using a package forwarding company, like forward2me. Our service makes it incredibly simple for you to shop in the UK for motorcycle parts and get delivered right to your door. Your account also gives you access to shipp addresses in countries like TurkeyGermany and Japan too.

If you’re interested in accessing your free shipping address, just sign up today. You’ll get instant access and be able to start ordering items to our warehouse. If you’re still a little unsure, and want to understand more about the package forwarding process, check out our guide on how it works. We’re confident you’ll find it easy once you get going through, and will be able to order motorcycle parts from Ebay UK in no time.

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