Latest Electronic Gadgets 2020 - Round up of all the latest tech


It’s that time of year again, when the biggest tech companies in the world start launching their new pieces. In 2020 there are exciting new entries into the gaming market from Sony and Microsoft, alongside new phones from OnePlus and Google, plus new entries into the watch and tablet market from Apple.

So what are the biggest tech releases of 2020, and how can you get your hands on them? Some of these items are available to pre-order while others are already released. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best electronic gadgets that 2020 has to offer, and go over how you can get hold of them, wherever you are.

Most devices and plugs require a different plug depending on where you purchased them. Anyone may use our simple method how to convert your UK or EU plug to a US plug. More information may be found in our guide how to convert your UK or EU plug to a US plug.

Latest Phone & Tablet Releases

With a new iPhone and iPad in the works from Apple and new entries from One Plus and Google, there’s some great new phones and tablets to get your hands on at the end of 2020. 

iPhone 12 

Reveal date: 13th October

Available from: iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro pre‑order from the 16th October.  The iPhone 12 Mini & iPhone 12 Pro Max pre‑order from the 6th November

Key Features:

  • 5.4" 6.1” & 6.7" Super Retina XDR display screen size options
  • New design with ceramic shield around the glass screen
  • A new faster processing chip
  • Camera comes with optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology
  • 5g connectivity
  • OLED display

The delayed and muchly anticiaped iPhone 12 reveal has finally arrived, and it didn't disappoint. As expected, the new iPhone 12 comes with the latest microchip technology, the A14 Bionic chip is the first 5-nanometre chip in the mobile phone industry, which means you can expect up to 50% faster CPU and GPU over any other smart­phone chip currently available today. 

Apples introduction in to faster 5G networks will be a warm welcome to iPhone advocates, as this will mean accelerated wireless speeds and better performance on congested networks. 

Interestingly, this is the first iPhone to be released without a charger or headphones, on the grounds of it will help reduce the impact on the environment. 

We've also seen a big shift in design. Gone are the rounded edges, and replaces with sharp edges, not to dissimilar to the iPhone 5. They'll come in Pacific Blue, Gold, Silver and Graphite colour options. 

The iPhone 12 mini will start from around £29 per month*, or £699* outright, whilst the iPhone 12 will start from around £33 per month*, or £799* outright. 

The iPhone 12 Pro will start from around £41** per month, or £999** outright, whilst the iPhone 12 Pro Max will start from around £45** per month, or £1,099** outright. 

* Based on the baseline 64GB storage option

** Based on the baseline 128GB storage option. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Reveal date: 23rd September

Available from: Available to pre order now

Key features:

  • 32MP front camera
  • 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, and a 8MP Telephoto Camera
  • 5G ready
  • £x Optical Zoon and Up to 30X Super Resolution Zoom
  • 6.5 inch Full HD+ Infitiy-O Display

Samung are claiming that this is the phone for people that want it all. A phone by the fans, for the fans! It doesn't matter wether you're a fan of photography or gaming, the Samsung Galazy S20 FE has the lot. You can also choose from a wide range of colours in on-trned hues in a sleek matt finish. 

You can pre order now from the SamSung UK website and claim a free gift.

One Plus Nord

Reveal date: 21st July

Available from: 4th August

Key features:

  • 48MP camera
  • Dual selfie cameras
  • 5G ready
  • 90 Hz AMOLED display
  • 6.44 inch display

The first phone aimed at the mid range from One Plus since 2015’s One Plus X. The Nord has been received incredibly well, being heralded by many as one of the best mid-range phones on the market.

It offers an excellent selection of features alongside a vibrant AMOLED display and 48MP camera. The quality of the build and range of camera features makes it a bargain for the price bracket it falls into.

You’ll find the OnePlus Nord on the One Plus website.

Google Pixel 4a

Reveal date: 3rd August

Available from: 1st October

Key features:

  • Excellent single camera
  • Headphone jack
  • Affordable
  • Small enough for one handed use
  • Google assistant integration

The Google Pixel 4a comes in as the next iteration of the Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4XL, but aimed at a slightly cheaper market. It’s designed to be a phone for the mid-range, and as such it’s much cheaper than either of the other Pixel 4 iterations.

This is a great phone if you’re after a camera that’s simple to point and click in a phone that’s not too big to use one handed. The phone is actually a slight upgrade in terms of RAM and storage on the original Google Pixel 4 too.

You can find the Google Pixel 4 available to pre-order on the Google Store.

iPad Air

Reveal date: 15th September

Available from: October


  • 10.9 inch Liquid Retina display
  • Touch ID
  • A14 Bionic chipset
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Magic keyboard support
  • A range of colours

The iPad Air’s 2018 return to the iPad family is now getting amped up to another level. Boasting a 10.9 inch display that’s akin to the iPad Pro as well as a more powerful chipset than the more premium iPad, the new iPad Air is an excellent tablet to pick up.

You’ll find full support for the magic keyboard and the Apple Pencil too. There’s a 7 megapixel front camera and 12 megapixel rear camera too. The port is USB-C and there are two storage options, 64gb and 256gb.

You’ll find the iPad Air 2020 available to pre-order on the Apple site.

Latest Smart Tech

It’s not just phones and tablets on the menu this year. There’s a brand new entry into Apple’s iWatch series.

Apple Watch Series 6

Reveal date: 15th September

Available from: 18th September


  • Measure blood oxygen
  • Fitness tracker
  • Fall detection
  • Always-on Retina display
  • GPS & cellular
  • Heart rate tracker

The new Apple Watch 6 is the most advanced smartwatch that Apple has ever made. It now has an app for measuring your Blood Oxygen level and an ECG app too. These are in addition to the other excellent features that were already available, like a heart rate monitor that flags if there’s anything irregular, GPS and safety features like fall detection.

The Apple Watch has some of the most stylish strap options and colour variations available too!

You can buy the Apple Watch 6 direct from Apple today.

Latest Game Consoles

While the Nintendo Switch had an incredible 2020, seeing huge numbers of sales, the tail end of the year belongs to Sony and Microsoft. Both are launching their next generation of consoles, and people are excited. Both are currently available for pre-order and will officially be available in November.


Reveal date: 2019

Available from:12th November (limited countries)/19th November (rest of world)


  • Ultra-high-speed SSD
  • Integrated I/O
  • Ray training
  • 4K-TV gaming
  • 120fps with 120Hz output
  • HDR technology
  • 8K Output
  • Digital edition available

The next generation of Sony’s Playstation console series has people excited. Having announced a slew of games, including Final Fantasy 16 as an exclusive and the next iteration of the much loved God of War series, there’s a lot to look forward to.

There’s going to be VR integration, backwards compatibility for PS4 games, as well as access to PS4 titles free of charge to PS+ subscribers.

Pre-order the PS5 on Amazon UK now.

Xbox X Series & Xbox S Series

Reveal date: 2019

Available from: 10th November


  • Xbox Velocity architecture
  • 4K-TV gaming
  • 120fps
  • 8K HDR
  • 12 Teraflops processing power
  • Digital edition available

Microsoft’s new generation of the Xbox is exciting. At a slightly lower price than the PS5 it's certainly got people talking too. With exclusive games like Halo Infinite to get people excited, there’s a lot to like.

There’s a digital edition and a pay monthly option that gives you access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate too, for people not wanting to shell out the full asking price up front. The Xbox Series S is slightly less powerful, but offers a purely digital experience at a lower price.

Pre-orders go live on September 22nd through the Xbox site.

Latest Gadgets

There’s been a number of other excellent gadgets released in 2020 too, like lights, headphones and speakers.


This self powered light is perfect for your outhouse or camping, and with the camping boom of 2020 it feels like a great time to get your hands on something like this. A simple minute of pulling on a cord will provide over 2 hours of light, and it comes with a solar panel too!

Available from Deciwatt.

Sonos Five

Sonos unveiled a number of new speakers earlier in the year, like the Sonos Arc and Sonos Sub. Alongside these was the Sonos Five, which is the latest generation of its soundbar. The new Sonos Five has a white option, new radio and increased memory.

Buy now from Sonos.

Sony WH-1000XMW4 headphones

Sony’s range of noise cancelling headphones have been market leaders for a long time, and the new entry into the WH1000XM range is no different. Boasting excellent sound quality, a lightweight comfy build and excellent noise-cancelling capabilities, they’re going to be hard to beat.

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