Your Alternative to Borderlinx

Your Alternative to Borderlinx


The US-based forwarding service Borderlinx officially suspended operations in June of 2018, following a dispute with DHL Supply Chain, leaving many customers frustrated and unable to have their purchases forwarded and shipped around the world.

According to a statement on the Borderlinx website, the dispute with DHL left Borderlinx unable to sustain their shipping service and were forced to halt their operations completely. This means many customers who relied on Borderlinx to purchase items such as Alexa devices from Amazon, or custom car parts have had to find an alternative service. 

Fortunately though, that’s where forward2me can help, offering the best alternative service to Borderlinx, no matter where you need to ship your goods to and from.


Why forward2me is the Best Alternative to Borderlinx

If you were previously a customer with Borderlinx and are now looking for an alternative service, what makes forward2me the best choice for your parcel forwarding?

We offer parcel forwarding to over 200 countries in as little as two days, allowing you to shop at thousands of websites in the UK, EU, Turkey and Japan, but here are some more reasons why we believe we’re the best alternative to Borderlinx. 


Sign Up for Free

Signing up for an account is completely free. All you need to do is follow a couple of simple steps and we’ll set you up with your free UK forwarding address which you can use with your favourite retailers.

Click here to get started and sign up for free. 


Shop Tax-Free From Our UK Warehouse

If you’re based in a non-European country, you can save the 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) by using our tax-free warehouse in Guernsey for delivery and then we forward your purchases internationally.

Because Guernsey is a self-governing Crown Dependency, it is not part of the United Kingdom, and thus retailers don’t have to charge VAT when delivering goods to the island.

Exactly how much you will be able to save can differ, because delivering to Guernsey is sometimes more expensive than delivering to the UK mainland. In general, if your goods weigh less than 60kg and are worth more than £100, it makes sense to use our tax-free warehouse.

Head to our tax-free warehouse page to learn more, and find out exactly how much you could save on your goods.


Protect+ Guarantee

We also offer our Protect+ loss and damage guarantee protection service to give you extra peace of mind while your goods are in transit.

If anything does happen to your goods, we’ll do everything we can to resolve the issue, whether that’s replacing your goods or compensating you as quickly as possible.

You can purchase Protect+ at the same time as you order your shipping service and you’ll be given a quotation for the guarantee based on the declared value of your goods for customs and the shipping cost before you complete your purchase.

Goods up to the value of £5,000 are covered by Protect+ and you’ll also be covered for the cost of sending a replacement.


Free Consolidation and Free 30 Day Storage

If you’re shipping multiple packages at the same time, you can save even more money by consolidating all of your goods into one package to be sent to you.  

If you order items from multiple retailers, we can consolidate them into a single multi-piece shipment and send them to your international address. 

Although your packages will still arrive in their separate physical boxes this will be cheaper than sending each package in its own shipment. 

This service is free and since you can also store your packages for free for up to 30 days as well.


Competitive Pricing

All of our shipping services are competitively priced across a broad range of weights and destinations, with no hidden costs or monthly fees like many other parcel forwarding services. 

To find out exactly how much it will cost to ship your goods, be sure to head to our pricing page, where you can get an estimate based on some common items, or by entering the dimensions of your items and the destination country.


How We Stack Up Compared to Other Parcel Forwarders

If you’re wondering how forward2me compares to some of the other alternatives to Borderlinx, here’s how we stack up against some of our major competitors.






UK Address




German Address




Monthly Fee




VAT Free Shopping




1kg to USA - DHL




Delivery Options




Concierge Service

10% of value of goods with a minimum fee of £15

10% of value of goods with a minimum fee of £29


Free Storage

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

Storage Charges after 30 Days

50p per day

£1 per day

1 USD per day


£2 per package

£5 per package

First 3 FREE & then £2 per package

*Prices quoted, correct at time of publishing.

If you want to know more about forward2me or have any questions about the services that we can provide, be sure to visit our FAQ page or feel free to get in touch with a member of the team at our customer services page, by emailing or giving us a call on +44 1995 606060.

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