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Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and it goes without saying that they are hugely popular in the UK.

From sportswear to streetwear, and their iconic range of footwear, there’s something on offer for everybody. They cater to a huge range of different styles, so you can always find the perfect piece to suit you.

If you’re wanting to order from the Adidas UK website from outside of the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Sign up for free and get your own UK forwarding address, then ship worldwide! Read on to find out how.

Does ship internationally?

Adidas UK does not offer international shipping.

You can only place domestic orders. This means you have two options if you want international shipping. You need to either use a regional version of the Adidas site, to access items specific to your country. Or, you can use a package forwarding company like forward2me to get hold of all of the items available on the UK site.

This means you can still shop online at Adidas UK and get hold of UK exclusives, UK shoe sizes and Adidas sneakers or clothing that’s sold out at your own regional store.

Parcel forwarding lets you shop on Adidas UK and order to the USA, Australia, Europe and other places all around the world.


Ordering from Adidas UK opens up all kinds of amazing opportunities to get your hands on some of the very best Adidas items. From official football kits through to training gear and the hottest trainers.
This means you can still shop online at Adidas UK and get hold of UK exclusives, UK shoe sizes and Adidas sneakers or clothing that’s sold out at your own regional store.

Adidas Replica Football Kits

Adidas makes replica kits for some of the biggest clubs in the world. Ordering from Adidas UK gives you access to some of the Premier Leagues best. You’ll find Manchester United replica kits alongside Arsenal replica shirts, plus kits from European giants Juventus, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. You can buy these and get them shipped worldwide with forward2me.

adidas football replicas


Adidas Collaborations

Adidas has done collaborations and collections with some of the world’s biggest designers and stars. Including the Stella McCartney collection and Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 collection. You’ll also find the famous Yeezy trainers on offer too if you’re lucky enough to grab them before they sell out.

adidas collaborations


Adidas Athleisure & Training Wear

Adidas are one of the most well-known producers of high quality sportswear, whether you’re simply after some athleisure to lounge around in or clothing for high-intensity workouts. You’ll find hoodies, leggings, trainers and more available through Adidas UK. You can shop by sport, so it doesn’t matter if you want to find running wear, golf clothes or simply activewear for the gym.


atleisure and training wear from adidas


Adidas Personalised Sneakers & Clothing

Whenever you shop at Adidas UK you can have the option to add personalisation to your orders. On certain pairs of Adidas sneakers and clothing you’re given the chance to add initials or another form of personalisation. When you order personalised items from Adidas UK you’ll need to allow a little extra time for delivery.

personalised sneakers and clothing from adidas UK


Adidas UK can’t ship internationally and only allows for orders within the UK. That’s where forward2me comes in though. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you just need to follow the process for using forward2me and shop normally on the Adidas UK website. To do this it’s as easy as

STEP 1. Sign up for your FREE UK forwarding address:

First of all, you’ll, of course, have to sign up. The signup process is quick and straightforward, and once you’ve completed it we will provide you with your very own forward2me UK delivery address.

STEP 2. Browse to adidas UK as normal

Search for the items you want to buy, either using the search bar or browsing through their categories. Find the item you like in the colour you want and size you need. Then just add it to your basket.

Go to checkout and, when prompted to enter your delivery address, enter your free forward2me UK shipping address. You’ll still need to use your own billing address for the payment.

Now you just need to complete your order and you’re done with shopping on Adidas UK!

STEP 3. We receive your parcel
We will then await your parcel, and let you know once it has arrived safely via email. You can then log in to your account, choose your courier options, and pay for postage. We may need to check the contents to ensure they can legally be sent on to you, so please ensure this is the case when you place your order.

STEP 4. We ship it to you
Once you’ve paid for shipping, we will get your order sent out to you as soon as possible. If you pay for shipping before 11am on a working day, we will send it out same day.

STEP 5. Your adidas order arrives at your home
Exactly how long your order takes to reach you will depend on which courier you selected, as well as your local customs processes, but we usually expect it to take between 1 and 4 days.


Fancy saving yourself even more money on your online orders? We offer a number of services that can help you to do just that.

We are able to store your packages in our warehouse for up to 30 days at no charge to you, so if you are planning on making several orders from UK stores, this could end up saving you money.

So, if you want to order from more than just Adidas UK, this could save you money on your delivery fees.

We can usually get you a better deal on shipping costs if we send packages out in bulk, so if you combine your orders you could make some great savings.


Have you tried out our pricing estimate tool? To get an idea of how much it would cost you to order to your home country, simply enter your destination, select the type of product you are considering ordering and hit get price

We will then send you your estimate via email, and not only that, we’ll even freeze the price for 30 days so that you don’t have to worry about prices going up.



No, does not deliver to the USA. If there is something specific you want from the Adidas UK site for delivering in the United States, you can use a forwarding company like forward2me.
With your free UK shipping address, provided by forward2me, you can order items from Amazon UK as if you live there. Then, we can forward them onto you anywhere in Spain. There are still some items that can’t be shipped to Spain, so make sure you check our prohibited list.

This means you can find products you wouldn’t find on Adidas USA, whether they are exclusives, different sizes or simply sold out.

Despite its proximity, the Adidas UK site is not the right site for shipping across Europe. If there’s something specific you want to order from then you can use a forwarding company like forward2me.

Simply sign up for your free shipping address with us and shop as normal.

Unfortunately, if you want to shop on the UK Adidas site from Australia, they can’t ship directly to you. This is where forward2me can help though, as you can use our free UK shipping address when shopping on the UK site from Australia.

To access all of the options on Adidas UK and get your hands on any UK exclusive items, you’ll need to use a package forwarding address. This is where forward2me can help. With our free UK shipping address, you’ll be able to shop on Adidas UK, order items to our warehouse and get them forwarded on to you, wherever you are.


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