Which Echo device should I buy?


Amazon is arguably the company setting the pace in the smart home speaker market. The Amazon Echo proved an instant hit and tech fans around the world clambered to get their hands on this latest innovation in smart technology. 

Since the launch of the first edition Echo, Amazon has launched a number of other speakers in the range. Whilst having choice is great, it’s also possible to become a little confused. Here we look at the different Amazon Echo devices and the differences between them to help you choose the right one for you.

Amazon Echo (second generation)

Main features: The second generation Echo is smaller than the original Echo yet has improved sound quality. The All-new-Echo is also arguably the most stylish of the Echo devices and comes in 5 different finishes so you can choose the one that best compliments your home.

This is for you if: you loved the original Echo but aren’t too bothered about smart home capability.

Amazon Echo Plus

Main features: The Echo Plus has all the features of the Echo but also has the added bonus of smart home control capability when compatible accessories are placed in the home.  The Echo and Echo Plus both have dual-speakers with room-filling sound, powered by Dolby, with the Echo Plus having a slightly larger 0.8" tweeter.

This is for you if: you want to be able to control lights, heating and other compatible smart home accessories via a speaker that’s also great at playing music.

Amazon Echo Dot (second generation)

Main features: The Dot is the smallest speaker in the range and it’s also the cheapest.

This is for you if: you want the convenience of Alexa but aren’t too bothered about the sound quality when playing music.

Amazon Echo Spot

Main features: a 2.5 inch screen makes the Spot a compact version of the Echo that allows you to see as well as listen. Via its screen you can not only make and receive video calls, you can also stream videos. 

This is for you if: you want to see as well as hear the information being served up to you.

Amazon Echo Show

Main features: With a 7 inch screen and dual 2” speakers, the Echo Show is the most capable of all the Echo devices.

This is for you if: you want all the best features from all of the Echo devices wrapped up into one!

Now you’ve got to grips with everything Echo, it’s time to go shopping! Amazon’s Echo devices are only available to ship to a limited number of countries when buying direct, the UK being one of them. With forward2me’s parcel forwarding service, you can get your hands on your choice of Echo device wherever you live in the world. For more information and to get a shipping quote, click here.