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Updated: 05/05/2023
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Arguably the most famous family in the world is the British royal family. The monarchy is not only steeped in history but a central facet of it.

Today, they are loved and adored the world over. And every royal event, be it happy or unhappy, creates two things: global interest and a line of royal family merchandise.

While most royal family merchandise is available online with a basic search, there is something special about owning a piece of authentic, genuine royal family merch that originates from the UK itself.

Can you imagine owning a piece of royal family merch about Her Majesty and the Platinum Jubilee, or any piece of royal family merchandise for that matter, that comes directly from inside Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle? Queen Elizabeth II herself could have wandered through one of the royal gift shops and touched the very piece you end up buying. How exciting is that?

But there is one problem. It’s not easy to shop online outside of the UK. But this is where forward2me comes in, and you can rest assured that, using forward2me’s UK parcel forwarding service, we will get that special piece of royal family memorabilia to your front door safely and securely.

Royal family merchandise sellers in the UK

If you search, you will quickly see that there is no shortage of shops in the UK that sell British royal family souvenirs.
In fact, it's a market all by itself everywhere in the country. But, if you want to be sure you are buying official and authentic British royal gifts, an online search is not really the best idea. You should only buy from the most credible shops, such as the British royal family gift shop itself, located in London, England.

The British royal shop isn't the only option; simply the most impressive one to brag about.

So, you can spend hours and days conducting one search after another search in the hopes of finding a reliable source.
But to make things easier for those who can't be in London, England, for the long weekend in June to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, we provide you with this list of shops to choose from to buy your official royal royalties souvenirs.

The Royal Collection Shop

The Royal Collection Shop is one of the best places to begin your Platinum Jubilee shopping.


The Royal Collection is just that, the totality of everything that the royal family owns from the past 500 years of the British monarchy. It is easily amongst the largest and most valuable collections in the world.

The Royal Collection includes more than a million objects of art and other artifacts, many of which have been replicated into or embellished onto official royal souvenirs that can only be purchased through this site.

Best-selling items

Their bestselling official royal souvenirs and memorabilia are:

  • Prince Philip: A Celebration
  • The Queen: 70 Glorious Years Official Souvenir Album
  • There Once Is A Queen by Sir Michael Morpurgo
  • The Duke Of Edinburgh Limited Edition Commemorative Box

Historic Royal Palaces Shop

Everyone knows about Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, but the Queen owns dozens of regal homes all around the UK, and the team at the Historic Royal Palaces Shop looks after six of them.


While the Queen lives in Buckingham Palace and works at Windsor Castle, the other royal estates require their own staff to keep the places operating.
Historic Royal Palaces is an independent charity that looks after:

  • The Tower of London - infamous prison, secure stronghold, and iconic London landmark
  • Hampton Court Palace - 60 acres of the most prestigious and beautiful gardens on Earth
  • The Banqueting House - site of Charles I execution and home to the famous Rubens ceiling
  • Kensington Palace - home to the young monarchy
  • Kew Palace - smallest of all royal palaces and used as an events venue
  • Hillsborough Castle - the only royal residence in Northern Ireland

They sell entry to these regal establishments as well as official royal family memorabilia and merchandise. Their royal souvenirs include everything, such as:

  • Jewellery
  • Food
  • Arm and Armour
  • Chinaware
  • Books and Stationery
  • The Crown Jewels

Best-selling items

Some of the Historic Royal Palaces' best sellers include:

  • 2022 Platinum Jubilee Imperial State Crown decoration
  • Official Hampton Court Palace guidebook
  • Faux sapphire pendant inspired by Princess Diana's style
  • Royal Palace tea caddy spoon

Lambert Souvenirs

In business for over a half-century, Lambert Souvenirs is one of London's most iconic souvenir shops.


Originally called Lambert of London Ltd., the shop has been operating in London, England, since 1975. Today, they sell all things in the UK when it comes to gifts, memorabilia, and souvenirs, not simply that which is associated with the royal family.

The memorabilia and art sold by Lamberts are creations by independent artists that celebrate all the various royal events, such as the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, the life of Princess Diana, and, of course, the Queen herself.

Lambert Souvenirs maintains a select and unique inventory of royal merchandise for every event, including the upcoming Golden Jubilee, and nearly every royal family member, including:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Princess Diana
  • The Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Duchess Kate
  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

Best-selling items

Some of Lambert's best-selling royal memorabilia are:

  • Prince William and Princess Kate White Mug showing Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with children
  • Large Snow globe of Buckingham Palace with Royal Guards
  • London Post Card of the Royal Wedding Kiss in 2018: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan
  • Post Card Large Cut Out of Princess Diana

The British Museum Shop

One of the most famous museums on Earth, the British Museum, is as important as the British monarchy itself. Though not Windsor Castle, it is nevertheless just as impressive and one of the most important establishments in London, and England as a whole for that matter.


The British Museum is one of the few buildings in the world where you can relive the last 2 million years of human existence. And as the British monarchy was central to the creation and history of the United Kingdom, Europe, and the world, the museum offers both exhibits and unique souvenirs of the British monarchy.

The British Museum Shop is a treasure trove, or at least the replica of one, of incredible objects that cannot be purchased anywhere else. From replicas of the Rosette stone, your own Stonehenge, or a bust of Her Majesty, the museum is the only place to shop.

Best-selling items

The British Museum gift shop's select British monarchy items are:

  • Elizabeth II Original Coin Collection
  • British Monarch Original Coin Collection
  • Bust of Queen Elizabeth II


With so many Jubilee gifts to choose from, we thought we'd let you know our favorites:

The best King Charles III Coronation memorabilia 

King Charles' Coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, May 6 and as the anticipation builds, royal enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly searching for the best coronation merchandise to commemorate this historic event. From limited-edition coins and commemorative china to elegant tea towels and luxurious scarves, there is a vast array of merchandise available to celebrate this momentous occasion. All retailers we've listed above have already unveiled their special Coronation collections so you can purchase gifts, souvenirs, decorations, and limited-edition display pieces to add to your collections. 

To make things easier for you, we've selected a few collectable pieces worth buying right now that will hold their value. Here are our top picks for King Charles' Coronation memorabilia:

How to buy from the UK with forward2me

It couldn't be easier to use forward2me to shop in the UK from abroad and get royal family merchandise for every wedding, birthday, or landmark event for every member of the British monarchy, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry.

The best way to do that from the United States is to have us as your British partner.

Don't waste time or money buying from shops that simply tell you their items are genuine and direct from England. Just buy directly from the stores and shops in England for yourself. In fact, shop at one or all of the shops on our list.

And this is where your partnership with forward2me comes into play.

Let's be honest about it; shipping from one side of the planet to the other can be daunting, crazy, challenging to navigate, and cost you more time and money than the actual shopping did.

However, we have turned the entire process into four basic steps:

  1. Register online and create your free UK address.
  2. Shop online in the UK and buy your royal family merchandise.
  3. Use the shipping address we gave you in the confirmation email.
  4. Once your goods arrive at our UK warehouse we’ll let you know.
  5. Choose and pay for an available shipping option, and we'll get it to your front door.

As an example, what if you wanted to shop designer fashion clothes from the UK. Simply go to any UK online fashion retailer, and place your order with them using our address. Then, once it arrives at our warehouse, choose how you want us to send it, and you're done!

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