Vacuum Cleaners for Christmas?


Nope - don't even go there. Never buy someone a vacuum cleaner for Christmas if you want to stay on speaking terms... What we're suggesting here at forward2me is a peek at some new vacuum cleaners that are, according to the papers, giving Dyson a run for their money. It's Dyson versus G-Tech in 'Clash of the Cleaners' - the Christmas Special!


Christmas can be messy. Kids come round, crackers and tinsel meet all the biscuit crumbs and sweet wrappers and if it does snow or get slushy where you live, there'll be all the mud to contend with too (not to mention the in-laws coming round to inspect). You need to be clean. The neuks and crannies need to be clean. Even the dog needs to be clean... So which vacuum cleaner should you choose to get your home ready for Christmas?

G-Tech Air-Ram

So what's so good about it? The main features of the G-Tech machine are that it's cordless, runs for up to 40 minutes before it needs recharging but still delivers enough power to properly clean. It also compresses the dirt into 'bales' so you won't get that dust cloud in your face when you empty it. It's very light, making it ideal for anyone who has trouble lifting conventional vacuum cleaners. You won't get tangled up in the cable and it can reach into tricky places.

Dyson DC 44 Animal

This cordless member of the Dyson family is probably the closest comparison to the G-Tech Air Ram. It's small and powerful, stays charged for 20 minutes (8 minutes in 'boost' mode) and comes with some interesting attachments for those awkward places. It's heavier than the G-Tech and won't produce neat, tidy pellets of dirt. It's also more expensive and has a 2 year rather than the G-Tech's 5 year guarantee.

So if you're looking for a compact, cordless vacuum cleaner for Christmas, the papers might just be right!

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