The home of forward2me!

Ever wondered where your parcels go when you send them to your forward2me account? Well, here’s the answer.

Forward2me is in Garstang, a small town – population 5,000 – which is near the historic city of Preston. Both are in the County of Lancashire, North West England.

Garstang may be small, but it’s not short of history. Bronze Age artefacts have been found in the town and its name is thought to date back well before the year 1000 to the Saxons, with ‘Gaerstung’, meaning common land. Skip forward a few hundred years and you’ll find it mentioned in the Domesday Book, a famous 11th-century national survey ordered by William I of England (William the Conqueror). 1797 saw the opening of the Lancaster Canal - a key transport link in the town until overtaken by the arrival of the railway in 1840. More recent claims to fame are that Garstang became the world’s first Fairtrade town in 2001 and in 2008 it was voted the best town in Europe. Not a bad destination for your parcels!

As for Preston, it’s England’s newest city, gaining city status in 2002, but its roots also go back a very long way: it has a mention in the Domesday Book, too. It is home to Preston North End, a famous old football club founded in 1881 and still based at its original Deepdale ground. This year, the city is celebrating the Preston Guild. Held only once every 20 years, this is England’s oldest festival, dating back more than 800 years to 1179. The festival fun lasts seven whole months, featuring sport, music, art and community events.

Now you know a little more about the home of forward2me!