Shop in Germany & ship worldwide using the new warehouse at forward2me


In an exciting development, forward2me has taken a significant step in our expansion plans by opening our first warehouse outside of UK territory.

In March 2019, we opened the doors to our brand new warehouse facility in Merseburg, a small town in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt and lies a short distance to the west of Leipzig in Germany.

Merseburg – a strategic location for efficient parcel forwarding several reasons we chose Merseburg as our warehouse base – all of which centre around our ability to best service clients wanting to access products via parcel forwarding.

In terms of a location with strong transport connections, the Leipzig area of Germany is hard to rival. The area is centrally located in mainland Europe, with excellent road network links to the rest of Europe.  All of Europe is accessible by road within 24 hours, with it possible to reach the Czech Republic within 90 minutes and the Polish border in only 2 hours.  This makes the area ideal from which to service our growing European customer base.

Another of the main benefits of the location of our new warehouse is that it is less than 30 minutes away from Leipzig/Halle international airport, which serves as the main European hub for DHL Aviation.

The presence of DHL Aviation (the part of DHL Express that has specific responsibility for air transport) in the region has led to significant infrastructure development in the Leipzig area. Due to this, several other leading international businesses have nearby bases – including Amazon, which operates a large 75,000m² fulfilment centre in Leipzig. Our nearby proximity to this means that shipments from orders placed on on Tuesday night can be in our Merseburg facility on Wednesday morning, and on a DHL flight by Wednesday evening! Customers from all corners of the world could feasibly have their parcels with them by the Thursday – making our service incredibly quick and efficient to use. is the only European amazon site available in English, making it accessible to use by customers from all over the world. And the strategic base of our German parcel forwarding service couldn’t be closer – therefore opening up a whole world of shopping opportunities to our customers.

Buy from Germany or Europe, ship around the world

The move to open a new warehouse in Europe has been in the making for several years. forward2me has been growing a strong reputation as one of the leading providers of parcel forwarding services from the UK and as a result, we have a growing customer base around the world. Although we think the UK is a brilliant place to shop, we recognise that our customers have other things they might like to buy that aren’t readily available in the UK.

Germany itself has several well-known brands that are in high demand from customers around the world. From Steiff to Ravensburger, Birkenstock to Rakuten, German quality is world-renowned and therefore always a favourite with shoppers. Outside of German-owned products, there are several German retailers that customers may want to be able to shop from but perhaps aren’t able to via the site’s own shipping options.

In addition to opening the doors to German brands and retailers, having a warehouse in Europe also provides access to online retailers from throughout the rest of Europe. Although some European retailers do offer international shipping, not all do.  The vast majority will offer shipping within the rest of Europe, however, which is where our German warehouse comes in. Having a warehouse in Germany means that customers from around the world can buy from a whole host of European retailers, selecting our German warehouse address as their shipping location. Then, when we receive the parcel in our warehouse, we simply forward it on to the end location – wherever your address may be. For an explanation of how our parcel forwarding services work, watch our video.

forward2me – leading the way in parcel forwarding

Although forward2me may only just have established our presence in Germany, we have been going a long time in the UK and there, we are recognised as one of the leading parcel forwarding companies. We are extremely proud to have recently won the Feefo Gold Trusted award for customer service for the 6th consecutive year – a real demonstration of how happy our customers are with our range of shipping and forwarding services.

We offer 24 hour customer service, including live chat – meaning that customers can call and discuss their shipment at a time that is convenient to them.

In addition to offering parcel forwarding for single shipments, we also offer a wide range of other services – including our popular Combine and Repack service that reduces the overall volume of your shipment from multiple purchases, often meaning a significant saving on cost. We also offer a bespoke large shipping service for bulkier items, and work with a large range of businesses around the world to help with their supply chain management. You can see the full range of services we provide here.