Shopping Quality Cosmetics and Makeup from The UK

Buyers often suffer from the struggle of finding the right product. This goes for everything, appliances, clothes, cars, everything. We often have visible parameters that we can compare and use to base our decision on. If you buy the wrong hoodie, for instance, you can always return it and you will notice that it doesn’t fit right away. However, there are certain products that may cause harm to us, and we might not notice that on time.

Cosmetic products are something most people use to some extent. Even if you don’t use makeup on a daily basis. Even some lotion creams may cause rashes on sensitive skin. That is why people are, or at least should be quite picky when choosing cosmetic products for themselves. Most frequent users have favourite brands, which they trust and only buy products from them.

Today we will look at some famous retailers and brands, distributing and/or manufacturing quality cosmetics products from the UK. So, even if the given brands are not popular in your country and they don’t appear often on the shelves, now you will have a way to get them.

best brands you can shop from the uk

It is all about the brands! Just like we have to keep our names clear and spoken well for as individuals, brands have an image to build and keep. Probably that is why some of them have established themselves as "Cult brands" over the years and acquire loyal customer bases. Let’s talk about some of the biggest glossary brands in the UK



Glossier is a manufacturer that has your day-to-day beauty routine when they develop their next product. Not only that, but the brand actively collects feedback, thoughts and ideas from their customer base. They even do that, before they have started to manufacture actual products. With the help of their first site, “Into The Gloss” they have found the inspiration to come up with exactly that, what their customers want. This unique approach puts strong foundations for Glossier.


One of the biggest portals for beauty. Not only an online shop, but a beauty magazine where you can grab products straight from the pages and hands of models. Here you can not only find quality products, but guides and even masterclasses from professionals. The brand is well-known and popular. The strategy of not only creating products, but actually putting them in the hands of professionals and showing the results, sure works fine for CharlotteTilbury.


M.A.C is a brand that is often behind the curtains of fashion shows and professional photoshoots. Today it is an undoubtable trend setter in the niche and has millions of followers. The start of Make-up Art Cosmetics leads us back to 1984 when the duo Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo launched M.A.C. Today the brand is always present on magazine covers, the purses of top models and beauty drawers of the AAA-list. The M.A.C store is the place for professional makeup, the one that looks good on you and on photos.


In the rows below we will mention some of the biggest retailers for beauty products in the UK. If you ever decide to make a purchase, you can rely on their experience in a constantly evolving niche.



The Superdrug store was established in 1964. They are a retailer with more than 50 years of good practices, bringing quality products at affordable prices. You can look through their catalogue, filtered in alphabetical order for your convenience. All of the biggest cosmetics brands are listed here. Superdrug even has their own line of makeup and beauty products, proudly carrying the stamp of approval of the Cruelty Free International organisation. For those of you, that are determined to get good care of themselves without harming a single living creature in any way. You can also visit the “Top Offers” section of the site to see if any of your favourite brands are on sale.


The oversaturated market of skin care, makeup, shampoos and so on is a place where you can easily get lost and buy more than you need and will ever use. Not only that you might fill your cabinets with unneeded products with bold claims and lack of results, but you throw a good portion of your earnings in doing so. This is what made the founders Jess and Lex to roll their sleeves and create a place where you can find hand-picked products that will leave you satisfied with the purchase. It is to get lost alongside the isles, but Cult BEAUTY is here to aid you in the right direction. You can filter the listed products on brands or types to help you find your next favourite product. The one that is always in your night drawer or makeup table.


Boots is one of the biggest retailers in the UK when it comes to wellness products. Not only do they sell makeup and skin care products, you can also find electrical items for your good looks like electric toothbrushes, hair removal devices and more. Boots is the place where you can stack your beauty drawer from and might even score a deal on your favourite products.


FeelUnique is a leading premium beauty retailer in Europe. Here you can find more than 30,000 products, a couple of clicks away from your doorstep (sometimes with some help from us). As you can assume from the brand’s name, FeelUnique has a slightly different end goal. The retailer has partnered with Mind and helps the organisation to provide mental guidance to those in need. Meating our own beauty standards could be frustrating and even take a toll on our well-being, that is why such partnerships make sense. Props to them in that regard, help them out by helping yourself find the right beauty product, relying on their honest reviews.


AllBeauty is a UK retailer that topped Which?’s list for best online stores in 2017. Although 2017 is in the past, their mindset and dedication has not changed. That is definitely something the store can brag about and they are proud with their impeccable customer service. Here you can find, well you guessed it, all that has to do with beauty. The only thing the store may lack is makeup products, otherwise everything that has to do with self-care is in stock and ready.


We at Forward2me are always ready to help with your online shopping in the UK. We provide a top-rated UK parcel forwarding service. You can send all of your purchases from different retailers and brands to our warehouse, we offer 30 days free storage time. Once you are done shopping and all of your items are here, we can consolidate them into one bigger package and ship them to you.

Important: In some of the above mentioned sites you will also find aerosols, perfumes and nail varnishes which are classified as dangerous goods for international shipping purposes. We might be able to ship some of these but it’s country dependent. If you are interested in any of these products, better contact our customer service before making your purchase. Keep in mind that there might be extra charges from the courier, that are not related to forward2me’s service.

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