20 Lunar New Year Collections to Celebrate the Year of the Dragon

Updated: 30/01/2024

In 2024, we welcome the Year of the Dragon, marking the beginning of a fresh Zodiac cycle that signifies strength, resilience, rebirth, and growth. The Lunar New Year, starting on February 10, signifies the conclusion of the preceding Year of the Rabbit. To celebrate this new chapter, prominent fashion houses and beauty brands have curated collections that embody the spirit of the Year of the Dragon.

Find out how to shop for clothing and accessories adorned with dragon motifs as well as makeup and skincare collections in festive limited-edition packaging. Join us as we explore the finest offerings from the fashion and beauty worlds, celebrating the Lunar New Year and the dawn of a new Zodiac cycle.

Lunar New Year 2024 Fashion Collections 

In anticipation of Lunar New Year 2024, fashion designers worldwide are unveiling captivating collections that pay homage to the Year of the Dragon. Discover the best Lunar New Year fashion collections with our curated list, featuring global brands that can be conveniently ordered using a forwarding address. As these renowned brands have a presence across multiple countries, you can easily compare prices on different websites and choose your preferred location for shopping. By considering shipping and customs fees along with other conditions, you have the flexibility to select the most suitable destination for shipping from our warehouse in Germany, USA, and the UK.  

To welcome the Year of the Dragon, Alexander McQueen unveils a fresh collection adorned with a snapdragon floral print. This exquisite floral motif graces leather handbags, wallets, and pouches in lively red and pink tones. In the Small Seal and Mini Seal bags, the floral print transforms into a luxurious quilted interior, while wallets and card holders proudly showcase it as a striking and eye-catching design. Additionally, the timeless Small Peak and Mini Jewelled Satchel receive a stylish makeover in vibrant red leather, a color imbued with symbolism for the prosperous fortune anticipated in the approaching new year.

At the heart of Kate Spade's enchanting Lunar New Year capsule collection lie lustrous pearl embellishments, swirling dragon motifs, and sparkling glittery details. The whimsical assortment includes a fresh take on the brand's timeless tie-neck mini dress, now adorned with an abstract dragon print. Additionally, the collection showcases a series of gold dragon-patterned jewelry pieces, accentuated by delicate pearl details. Kate Spade's celebration of the Lunar New Year extends to a revamped version of the beloved Dani Tote, where a playful and shimmering dragon motif graces the side of this luxurious leather tote bag. Explore the dazzling array of dragon-themed pieces that add a touch of magic to this festive collection.

Swarovski, the renowned luxury jewelry retailer, has unveiled a captivating campaign to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. Their jewelry collection, featuring both the dragon and the phoenix, seamlessly blends the dragon's strength with the phoenix's harmony, embodying the essence of good luck and prosperity for the Lunar New Year. Swarovski showcases these virtues through their signature crystal jewelry, presenting an array of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces suitable for an elegant and glamorous celebration.

In addition to the Dragon and Phoenix Collection, Swarovski introduces the Zodiac Dragon Collection, highlighting a miniature dragon charm crafted from crystals. This charming piece graces eye-catching bracelets and necklaces, accompanied by a lucky coin and pearls that symbolize enduring luck and fulfillment. The collection also includes a reinterpretation of the Iconic Swan Collection, featuring a limited edition Year of the Dragon-themed Crystal Rock Oval Watch - a distinctive timepiece in Swarovski's iconic style. Furthermore, Swarovski presents a home collection as part of the festivities.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Prada unveils an exclusive assortment of men's and women's ready-to-wear pieces. In honor of the occasion, the luxury fashion house has crafted a campaign that evokes the aesthetics of arthouse cinema, infusing the images with a deep, rich color palette. The result is a series of poignant portraits that flawlessly encapsulate the joy, festivity, and optimism associated with the Year of the Dragon.

For this project, Prada collaborated with actress and supermodel Du Juan, alongside model Zhao Lei, known as the face of a film currently showcased at Pradasphere II in Shanghai. The campaign features a diverse array of pieces, including ultra-light organza skirts, exquisite knitwear, patent leather loafers, the new Prada Buckle Bag, and Prada's Re-Nylon shirts and trousers. These elements contribute to the campaign's overall sense of elegance, majesty, and quiet strength, echoing the spirit of the dragon.

Burberry's Lunar New Year campaign and collection draw inspiration from timeless British wardrobe archetypes, offering a contemporary reinterpretation of elements such as the houndstooth check. Starring actress and brand ambassador Tang Wei, the campaign showcases these pieces against the dynamic backdrop of the streets of Chengdu.

A classic emblematic look of the brand undergoes a transformative process, featuring a seasonal rose print and a vibrant red hue. This reinvention becomes a joyful celebration of the Year of the Dragon, evoking sentiments of good luck and prosperity through the bold and auspicious color choice. The collection extends beyond the revamped houndstooth check piece, introducing new eyewear styles that contribute to a cohesive and innovative interpretation of the classic aesthetic.

Embarking on a stylish celebration of the Lunar New Year, Loewe has joined forces with three esteemed Chinese master jade artisans. Together, Xiaojin Yin, Qijing Qiu, and Lei Cheng have intricately crafted a series of pendants that echo both cultural traditions and artisanal expertise. The jade pendants, available in various colors and styles, convey a diverse array of positive wishes for the new year, encompassing themes of abundance, success, and good fortune. These exclusive pendants form a part of Loewe's expansive Lunar New Year collection, where the timeless Flamenco purse is reimagined with a palette inspired by the hues of jade.

To honor the Year of the Dragon, Bottega Veneta has unveiled a new collection accompanied by a film entitled "The First Sunrise With You," directed by Jess Jing Zou. Featuring actress Shu Qi, the film delves into various characters' experiences of witnessing the first sunrise of the year. Incorporating themes of travel and togetherness, the film serves as a canvas for the transition from one year to the next, emphasizing new beginnings and cherished moments with loved ones. The collection introduces fresh interpretations of the iconic Andiamo and Sardine bags, along with captivating new colorways for the Orbit Sneakers, adding a touch of innovation and style to the celebration of the Year of the Dragon.

Fendi's latest collection, a delightful collaboration with Frgmt's Hiroshi Fujiwara and the beloved Pokémon franchise, brilliantly captures the dual nature and authenticity intrinsic to the fashion house. Through this collaboration, Fujiwara's renowned vision for streetwear and elevated multi-modality seamlessly melds with classic Fendi silhouettes, including the iconic Baguette and Peekaboo bags. The resulting pieces stand out not only for their impressive creativity and craftsmanship but also for their forward-looking vision, skillfully translating a core theme from the Pokémon games into a fresh and innovative perspective.

Emblazoned with images of dragon-type Pokémon, the collection offers a whimsical and entirely unique approach to commemorating the Year of the Dragon. This collaboration exemplifies Fendi's commitment to evolution, infusing classic designs with a playful spirit and breathing new life into established themes.

Dr. Martens welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a special Lunar New Year collection for 2024. Highlighting the mythical creature's bold spirit, the iconic 1460 boot features black smooth slice leather, Hair On leather tongue, and dragon insole artwork. Traditional 'lucky' red replaces signature DM's yellow on welt stitching, AirWair heel loop, and more, with gold dragon-engraved details. The Adrian loafer undergoes a festive transformation with similar features, paying homage to subcultures from the rebellious '70s. Both styles offer a unique blend of style, tradition, and durability, inviting wearers to step into the new year with luck and flair.

Gucci's Lunar New Year capsule collection for 2024 celebrates the Year of the Dragon with ready-to-wear pieces, bags, and sneakers that incorporate the house's iconic codes and motifs. The collection features vivid hues, bold prints, and dragon-themed details, paying homage to the auspicious animal in the Chinese zodiac. Interlocking G wings on backpacks, GG prints on sneakers, and an interlocking G dragon print on handbags showcase the dragon motif. As the Year of the Dragon signifies prosperity and harmony, Gucci's capsule collection ensures a stylish and symbolic ensemble with curated selections of fashion items, including vibrant trainers, handbags, silver jewelry, and eyewear. Embrace the spirit of the dragon and step into the new year with a blend of tradition and contemporary elegance from Gucci.

Fossil's Lunar New Year collection boasts a striking gold-tone stainless steel watch with a mesh bracelet and a vibrant red dial featuring Roman numerals and a sculptural dragon. The dragon, with delicate details and an antiqued finish, adds mythical charm. Accompanying the watch is a dragon pendant adorned with pavé crystal accents and red crystal eyes, along with agate necklaces, rings, and bracelets. The collection extends to cardholders and wallets, all elegantly showcasing dragon-inspired accents. Fossil's Lunar New Year pieces seamlessly blend traditional symbolism with modern design, offering timeless accessories to make a bold and stylish statement for the Year of the Dragon.

Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with the Mulberry x Mira Mikati collaboration – an exuberant capsule collection featuring bags, ready-to-wear, and accessories that perfectly capture the essence of the Year of the Dragon. This limited-edition partnership showcases designer Mira Mikati's vibrant and lively signature color palettes, breathing new life into a range of Mulberry styles. From the iconic Antony to the fresh Clovelly Tote of the new season, adorned with playful tassels, braided strips, and an impish dragon character specially crafted by the London-based Lebanese designer for this unique collection. The capsule extends to ready-to-wear pieces, encompassing neckerchiefs, denim, cardigans, and corduroy overshirts, available in a delightful array of sugary palettes such as Azure, Candy Pink, and Acid Yellow – a reflection of the joy and optimism associated with the onset of the new year.

Exclusive Lunar New Year 2024 Beauty Launches

Explore the finest Lunar New Year beauty collections with our carefully compiled list, featuring global brands that can be conveniently ordered using a forwarding address. With the collections available across different websites in Europe, the UK, and USA, you can compare prices and regulations on cosmetics shipping to choose the forward2me location that best suits you. 


Embrace the Lunar New Year in style with Nars, presenting a limited edition collection featuring bestselling products adorned with festive motifs. Whether you opt for the exclusive Powermatte Lipstick in Start Me Up to kick off your radiant year or delve into the brand's latest Quad Eyeshadow, anticipate a year ahead filled with flawless beauty.


Guerlain invites you on an extraordinary olfactory journey with a perfume crafted in celebration of the Lunar New Year. This numbered edition marks the beginning of an annual collaboration, each dedicated to the Chinese zodiac sign. For the inaugural edition of 2024, Guerlain pays homage to the majestic dragon, symbolizing the upcoming year in the Chinese calendar.

The legendary Bee Bottle, dressed in vibrant red for the occasion, is adorned with a golden dragon meticulously created by Parisian jeweler Francesco Truscelli. This exceptional masterpiece cradles the powerful trail of Neroli Outrenoir, reminiscent of an imperial dragon's essence. The exclusive fragrance is a manifestation of elegance and luxury, capturing the spirit of the Lunar New Year in every exquisite note. 


Step into the enchanting world of Dior's Lunar New Year collection, where their bestselling fragrances, makeup, and skincare products take center stage in exclusive festive packaging. Renowned artist Pietro Ruffo brings to life a luxurious, starry realm adorned with a myriad of flowers, celestial constellations, stardust, and mythical creatures in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Indulge in the magic of the season by gifting yourself or loved ones with the extraordinary Dior offerings, thoughtfully curated and presented in limited edition packaging. Give the gift of a Dior dream and embrace the Lunar New Year with a touch of luxury and enchantment.


Embrace the Lunar New Year with radiant skin courtesy of Clinique's limited edition collection. This special release celebrates the festive season with iconic glowing skin essentials presented in exclusive packaging. The collection includes Clinique's renowned "Take the Day Off" Cleansing Balm, the Even Better Spot Corrector, and Moisturizing Lotion and Gel, all meticulously crafted to enhance your skincare routine. Elevate your beauty ritual with this Lunar New Year collection, a perfect blend of effective skincare and festive elegance.

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier's limited edition Radiant Fortune collection welcomes the Lunar New Year with a trio of makeup essentials. The Blush Color Infusion offers 10 hours of natural-looking cheek color in special festive packaging. The award-winning Translucent Setting Powder and Puff, known for its finely-milled perfection, also dons limited-edition Lunar New Year packaging. Additionally, a Limited Edition Duo of RoseGlow Caviar Stick Eye Color minis completes the collection, adding radiant hues for a celebratory eye makeup look. Embrace the Lunar New Year in style with Laura Mercier's glamorous and exclusive makeup offerings.

Charlotte Tilbury 

Charlotte Tilbury's exclusive Luxury Palette, Queen of Luck, is a limited edition release to celebrate Lunar New Year. This quartet of highly pigmented eyeshadows offers a lucky moonlit glow, featuring universally flattering shades curated for easy application. Enriched with finely milled powders, the eyeshadows blend effortlessly, while Multi-Reflecting Pearlescent Pigments provide extraordinary sparkle effects. Glossy Luster adds magical luminosity, and the inclusion of Squalane ensures a smooth and luxurious application experience. Queen of Luck is not just a makeup palette; it's a radiant tribute to Lunar New Year, embodying beauty, luck, and effortless glamor.


Embark on an enchanting journey inspired by the ancient tales of Chinese imperial dragons with Rituals Cosmetics' latest limited edition collection, "The Legend of the Dragon." This captivating assortment includes body scrub, shower foam, and more, each infused with the alluring scents of plum and cedarwood. Elevate your daily body care routine with this enchanting collection that promises to transport you to a world of mythical allure.


Elevate your skincare routine with Fresh's remarkable Lunar New Year collection, a tribute to the Year of the Dragon adorned in vibrant dragon totem packaging. This limited edition series introduces three products infused with the brand's iconic tea-based formulas, including the Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum, and Black Tea Advanced Age Renewal Cream. Embrace the spirit of renewal and indulge in the luxurious essence of Fresh's exclusive collection designed to celebrate this auspicious lunar occasion.

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As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, themed fashion collections and beauty edits not only showcase exquisite craftsmanship but also serve as vibrant expressions of joy, prosperity, and creativity, reflecting the spirit of this auspicious lunar occasion. Shop your picks with forward2me and enjoy hassle-free delivery to your doorstep wherever in the world you're celebrating Lunar New Year 2024. Our parcel forwarding service brings you convenience and peace of mind with free storage and Combine and Repack option, as well as the best rates guaranteed with our price match policy. 

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