It's that time again... BACK TO SCHOOL!

Getting the kids back to school is sometimes quite a relief. Getting them ready though can be quite a challenge. They seem to need so much...bags, shoes, uniform, lunch bags, PE kits, trainers - the list can seem endless. Luckily, with the internet, most of the back-to-school stuff can be bought quickly, cheaply and delivered by forward2me in time for the beginning of term.


Having a new school bag felt like a treat when I was little. For primary school kids, there is a wealth of choice available to get them back to school in style. The Disney Store have character bags, but I was particularly enamoured with the Becky and Lolo website. They have hundreds of reasonably priced bags and can even do quilted, personalised bags for the littlies that look really special. I'm really tempted by one for myself, let alone the kids. For older children, the standard sports shops are usually the best value - places like JD Sports and Sportsdirect are good, as well as Amazon. you might as well get them kitted out for school sports while you're there, trainers and all the other bits and bobs they need now. Don't forget to use our door-to-door tracked delivery service.


I know that you can buy cheap uniform from most UK supermarkets - Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc. and they are usually good value and reasonable quality. Personally, I prefer the quality of M&S, especially for boy's trousers - they last, wash well and have adjustable waists and they coat them with something that repels stains, essential in our house! Next and John Lewis are also good. If you have kids going to a private school, Stevenson’s seem to supply most of the uniforms you might need.


The painful part. Finding shoes can be tricky - they need to last, be cool enough for school and not cost the earth. Quite a challenge, especially as the kids get bigger. Clarks is the obvious choice with practical shoes for little ones - I can vouch for their patent leather, it seems to last very well given the hammering my daughter gives her scooter brakes shoes. Other good shoe places are the supermarkets - Asda and Sainsbury’s are reasonable. Brantano have a large selection and John Lewis have good quality school shoes to send them back to school looking smart.


Oh no. I forgot about this bit. My son will be asking for tech things soon. His phone isn't quite the full shilling any more, some of his friends have the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to play with...I think he'll have to wait quite a while. Scientific calculators are still a necessary school bag addition - Staples and Argos will have many to choose from. Tablets are also creeping in as a 'necessity'. I read recently of a school here in the UK that demanded all children have an iPad. I really hope it wasn't ours...

Getting the little darlings back to school is a good chance to clear out the cupboards - out with the old and in with the new. My kids have grown so much over the summer that most of last year's stuff is obsolete. Sometimes you need extra storage, places to stash the useful things that you might want to pass on or things that you hope will still fit next year. Here at forward2me, we've spotted these storage boxes from  that you might find handy. I could use a few of these myself...