How to track a forwarded package

How to track a forwarded package


After waiting patiently for your package, and tracking it through your usual methods, you’ve noticed that your package has been marked as ‘forwarded’.  But what does this mean? Has your package been sent to someone else that you don’t know? Has it been lost? The forwarded status on a package isn’t necessarily something to worry about however, but it’s definitely worth tracking your package so that you can keep an eye on its status. That way, if something you’re unsure about happens, like the addition of a forwarded status, you can act as quickly as possible.

When ordering or sending a package you should receive a tracking number to allow you to keep an eye on where your parcel is in its delivery journey. Using this you’ll be able to check whether your package has been forwarded, but what does forwarding actually mean?


So what does it mean when a package has been forwarded?

If your package has been given a forwarded status there’s a couple of options that could have happened. Essentially your package ie being sent on to a different address to the one originally listed. The likely reasons for this happening are as follows:

  • The package was sent to the wrong address or postal code by the sender.
  • You, as the receiver, or the person you are sending the package to has moved and applied for a change of address or provided a forwarding address

Alternatively, packages can be forwarded using a service such as forward2me. A package forwarded in this manner is something a little different. These are packages that are sent to a holding address and then shipped on to you. This can enable an individual to buy from places that don’t usually deliver to their own country. Package forwarding services are a completely different type of forwarding and will not be given a ‘forwarded’ status unless one of the above parameter is met.


What should I do to track my forwarded package?

You should have been provided with a tracking number when you originally sent or ordered the package. Your tracking number will stay the same, even if your package is forwarded, but if you’re unsure how to track your forwarded parcel we’ve broken down how each major courier’s tracking system works.


Tracking a forwarded package with DHL

DHL will have provided you with a tracking number for DHL express, but if you are a customer of DHL Parcel UK you’ll need to contact them directly. Online tracking remains the best port of call for DHL, but there are other options available if this hasn’t worked.

  • Online - you’ll need your ten digit DHL tracking number and can enter this on their online tracking platform.
  • By email - you can contact them by email and quote the waybill number in the subject of the email.
  • By text message - they also have a tracking feature that allows you to text your waybill number to them. They’ll then reply with your package details.
  • By phone - you can contact their customer service by phone and quote ‘track a parcel’. This is available 24/7 in addition to the other tracking methods.


Tracking a forwarded package with P2P

P2P have one method of tracking your package when you use their TrakPak service. This is using their online tracking tool ‘TrackMyTrakPak’. This can be found integrated as a pop up on their website, but also has a standalone site.


Tracking a forwarded package with UPS

UPS are another courier company who mainly provide an online portal for tracking your package. They will provide you with a tracking number, typically starting with 1Z.

  • Online - if you enter your tracking number it will give you the status of your package. They also offer more information if you have an account and log in to their UPS My Choice platform. Doing this can help you when a package is forwarded as it may give you additional information or options for delivery.


Tracking a forwarded package with TNT

TNT have a number of tracking methods available, other than just their standard online tracking. As with other couriers you’ll be provided with a tracking number.

  • Online - you can enter your tracking number in their online tracking tool. You can also add this number to a ‘watchlist’ which will store your tracked packages for 90 days, giving you updates when you need them.
  • By App - TNT have an app that will provide you with notifications on the status of your parcel.


Tracking a forwarded package with DPD

Whether you are shipping through DPD or DPD Local, they offer the same methods of tracking your packages, using your tracking number.


Tracking a forwarded package with DSV

If you are using DSV for sending or receiving shipments you have one main option for tracking your packages.

  • Online: to track a package with you’ll need to log in to their online ‘MyDSV’ portal to view and track your live packages.
  • Online: If you are using their UK operations there is a track & trace tool on their homepage that requires a tracking number.


How long does it take for a package to arrive?

The length of time it takes for a package to arrive will depend on a number of factors. These include the size of the package, where you are ordering from and the country you are ordering to. Below are some representative estimates based on a t-shirt sized package highlighting a selection of countries. For full pricing and to check the estimate for your delivery, check our package forwarding pricing page.

Examples of delivery length for a t-shirt sized package to a selection of countries from the UK. These are based on quotes from different couriers.


Delivering To

Lowest Estimate (Business Days)

Highest Estimate (Business Days)

United States of America

























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