Have a Car and Motorcycle Part-y with forward2me

Calling all petrol heads! Some of our most popular items to ship are car and motorcycle parts. Whether you are a biker on a Harley, a mod on a Vespa, or even a vintage geezer, we can ship the parts you need.

Car Parts

Here in the UK, vintage cars are still really popular, if anything more than ever. Kit cars and modern 'vintage' makes such as Morgan are the industry leaders and their supporters regularly meet at county shows, car shows and fairs where they show off their bodywork, upholstery and everything else related to cars. Morgan is the world's longest running production car and the company will soon be launching an electric vehicle, the EV3, that they claim is 'hand crafted and exhilarating to drive'. It will have a range of 150 miles.

It's not just car parts but clothing and accessories to go with the vehicles that make the hobby addictive. If you are interested in all things kit, vintage, classic or just 'general motors', there are many websites for companies based here in the UK. We can ship large items, even that classic kit for the car of your dreams. Just use our fast international shipping service and contact our customer service department if you have any trouble using your international credit card.

Motorcycle Spares

Vespa (Italian for wasp) is a company based in Florence. They began manufacturing motorcycles after the war and the earliest Vespas date back to 1946. The designer had an aeronautical background and the design features are similar - it was the first motorcycle to be created as a single piece (monocoque) and with aerodynamics as a conscious design element. Vespas rapidly became popular, a fashion statement through the 1950s and 60s and there are many clubs and societies going strong globally, even today. If you're a Vespa fan, take a look at vespaspares.co.uk for a comprehensive range of parts and accessories.

Motorbikes, whatever age, are cool. If you own a classic Harley or a Norton or even if you don't, forward2me can ship what you need. If you're thinking of embarking on a new hobby, we can even ship out motorcycles. There are some interesting projects to buy, including really early motorised bicycles on the vintage bike classified website. They're not as expensive as I thought they would be - some classic bikes cost less than a decent new mountain bike, and you don't even have to pedal. Take a look at eBay too for parts and spares.  

Perhaps you have shipped your car abroad and need spares? Or do you run your own smallholding and need tractor spares? From the tiniest screws to entire V8 engines, don't forget to use our international, tracked delivery service to get all you need for your hobby or business. You'll probably need a new garage to put it all in too...