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Funko Pops are wildly popular the world over, and it’s easy to see why. These fun figurines, with their oversized heads and small bodies, are cute, highly collectable and span every facet of pop culture imaginable.

Whether it’s your favourite Disney character, superhero, movie, computer game, manga or TV character, there’s an almost endless number to choose from. Many come in under £20, or even under £10, which makes them an excellent gift, whether it’s for a birthday, Father’s day or just as a treat for yourself. All of the available Funko Pop figures are highly collectable, but exclusives, limited editions and rarer Funko Pop figures can be worth a significant amount. This is one of the many reasons that our customers all around the world collect them, and often get them forwarded through us.

Here we look at some of the most popular categories of Funko Pops and the UK retailers that stock them. 

The most popular Funko Pop Figures

While there are a wide array of different types of Funko Pop figures, covering almost every single facet of popular culture, not all Funko Pops are created equal. Each category has a number of Funk Pop vinyl figures that are particularly popular.

Popular film Funko Pop! Figures

Popular movies will always be a great opportunity for character merchandise and Funko Pop! vinyls do it better than most. From Lord of the Rings to Jurassic Park to Ready Player One and a score of horror films, you’ll find a whole host of characters and creatures. Below are just a few examples of popular Pop vinyl figurines from films.

Some films have spawned extensive ranges of their own, such as Harry Potter and the Marvel universe, and we’ve highlighted a few of these below.

Menkind has a great range of movie Pop! vinyls.


The fantastical heroes and dastardly villains of the comic book world have been popular for generations. Since the incredible success of the Marvel cinematic universe and DC films like the Dark Knight, their popularity has only increased. From Batman to Spiderman, Deadpool to Wonder Woman, X-Men to Justice League, there’s sure to be a Pop! vinyl that’s right up your street. Here are some examples of the kinds of Marvel & DC Pop! Figures you can get your hands on.

Pop in a Box and The Toy Shop have a great selection.


The wizarding world of Harry Potter has inspired wave upon wave of popular merchandise covering every base you could possibly imagine. The Funko Pop Harry Potter figures are no different. There’s a wide variety of figures available representing popular characters from the Harry Potter series and some that even show spells brought to life.

You’ll find an extensive range of Harry Potter figures at Pop in a Box and Amazon UK.


From the latest Disney releases to the all-time classics, there’s a Funko Pop! for it. If you’re a fan of more recent films like the Christopher Robin movie, you’ll love Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and friends. Or if you love Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse, he is immortalised in both black and white and colour versions, in a variety of outfits and poses. There are Frozen Pop figures and a host of other Disney Funko Pop figures available for other classic movies too.

Pixar gets a look in as well. As part of the Disney family, there’s a whole host of Disney Pixar Pop! Figures to choose from, across many popular films, like Up and Toy Story.

For a great choice of Disney Pop! vinyls, head to My Geek Box or The Disney Store


When it comes to cult movie franchises, Star Wars is probably one of the first that comes to mind. While the new trilogy garnered a mixed fan response, the adoration for Star Wars is still going strong. If you love Chewie, Luke Skywalker, Yoda and friends, you’ll be pleased to know there are over 100 Funko Pop! figures to choose from. Recent additions include the likes of Baby Yoda pop! figurines too.

Pop in a Box stock a good range, as does The Toy Shop.

Television Character Funko Pops

TV characters are one of the biggest and most popular categories of Funko Pop! figures, with characters from shows, as far-ranging as Friends, Dr Who, The Simpsons and the Power Rangers finding themselves immortalised in vinyl form. Newer shows like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Adventure Time have extensive collections too. 

Whether you collect all the characters from your favorite show, or opt for a selection from a number of programmes, there’s enough to keep your birthday and Christmas lists topped up for years to come.

Browse more at EmpAmazon and Pop in a Box and start making your wish list now!

Video Game Funko Pop Figures

It’s not just film and television that’s created a demand for pop culture figures. The gaming world has a variety of incredibly popular franchises that have inspired the creation of Pop! vinyl figures. Whether it’s the ever-popular Fortnite or older franchises like Halo.

The Toy Shop and Pop in a Box have good ranges of gaming vinyl figures. 

Sports & Music Funko Pop Figures

It’s not just the fictional world that’s been turned into vinyl form. Sports stars from Football, the NBA and the WWE and a number of other sports have found themselves turned into pop vinyl figures too. This offers a unique way to show support for your favourite team or athlete plus the chance to create a whole collection.

The musical world has a wide selection of much-adored stars too. There’s a whole range of Pop! vinyl figures specifically for musicians, whether you’re into rap, rock or pop.

Check individual teams stores for sport Pop! Figures. Although you’ll often find them from the main retailers, like Pop in a Box football figures collection and the Pop in a Box music collection

Iconic People Funko Pop Figures

There really is a Funko Pop figure for everyone. With an ever-increasing range of figures, there’s a whole selection of iconic people from all over the world available as vinyl figurines now too, from political figures to artists and scientists.

To find Icons check the Pop in a Box store.

Seasonal Funko Pop! Figures

Whether it’s Christmas or Halloween there’s something for almost every seasonal event. These Pop! vinyl figures will generally be special versions of characters from popular shows, like a Halloween Mickey or a Holiday Dancing Groot, but each seasonal event will have its own selection of famous characters too. These include characters like Buddy the Elf or Santa Grinch, but also Halloween’s Michael Myers or Chucky.

The Toy Shop has a number of Christmas Pop! Figures available.

Where to buy Funko Pop! Vinyls in the UK

You can find Funko Pop! Vinyls in a number of different UK stores and online outlets. While some of these will have a large amount of the available range, some have their own exclusives and others will only stock certain items. UK Funko Pop! Sellers include the following:

To ship your Funko Pop! orders to your home address, wherever that may be in the world, you can shop from any of the listed UK websites in this guide and use our parcel forwarding service. All of these places stock Funko Pop! Figures in the UK. You can buy on Amazon UK and ship to the US with ease by using a forward2me address. This is the case with most other UK retailers too.

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