Enhance your home experience with ONKYO!


Here at forward2me we thought we needed to share ONKYO with you, we receive plenty of their products through our doors, especially their A/V receivers.

Before purchasing any electrical equipment from the UK or EU, such as a speaker, make sure you understand how to convert your UK or EU plug to a US plug with our comprehensive instructions.

So you may ask, what is an A/V receiver?

The A/V receiver is the centre piece of a home theatre that controls and drives your home theatre experience and can enhance your viewing experience!

This piece of kit is handy as it accepts inputs from all your different devices you might want to have ready to use on your TV such as: DVD players, Blu-ray players and games consoles and directs the sound to one set of speakers.

The A/V can also improve the quality of your sound and image: the receiver amplifies and enhances audio quality and can upscale video image to a higher resolution in some cases!

What to look for when buying an A/V receiver?

Inputs & Outputs: Make sure you have enough inputs so you can link you’re A/V receiver with all the other devices you own.

Power: The number of watts determines the A/V receiver’s ability to deliver dynamic sound – the more watts the better quality sound.

Airplay: A must have for anybody who owns an iOS device enabling you to wirelessly stream music whenever you want.

Interface: Your A/V receiver needs to have an easy to understand and work interface, ideal with a panel display so you can actually use all the best features you’ve paid for.

Calibration: Automatic speaker calibration adjusts the set up so sound quality is the best it can be – all you have to do is manage to connect all the devices together!

Where can I buy one?

Use our secure international delivery and buy from one of our recommend retailers, we receive lots of parcels from, like Amazon, DiscountTV or Apollo Direct.

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Written by forward2me