Digital Cameras Snapped Up at forward2me


Whether you're a keen amateur or a more confident professional, a new digital camera is always tempting, right? Here at forward2me, we've been assessing the latest digital cameras on the market so that you can capture the autumn leaves (or spring blossom) where you live. Why not treat a loved one to a digital camera this Christmas?

SLR Cameras

The digital camera of our dreams here at forward2me has to be the new Canon EOS 70D. I know my husband would love one of these, but at just over £1000 (body only), he might have to wait a while... It comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect of a digital camera including a 20.2 million pixel CMS sensor. That's a lot of dots... It's main competition in the same price range comes from the Pentax K-5 and Nikon D-7000 but the Canon packs more pixels than any of its competitors. I'm sounding a bit Canon biased here, but to be honest, they have such a good range that unless you need a particular feature from a Pentax or even the mighty Hasselblad, you can't go wrong with Canon digital cameras.

In the more affordable SLR range - up to £500, Canon is still the forerunner with the Canon EOS. The Nikon D3200 also gets good reviews as an entry level SLR. The smallest digital camera that's also an SLR is the Canon EOS 100D so if you're looking for something compact, affordable that fits in your luggage or even in your hand quite comfortably, this might just be the ideal digital camera for you. If you order it online, don't forget to use forward2me's secure international shipping.

Compact Cameras

If you're sporty, untidy or have kids, live somewhere sandy or very damp, then the digital camera of your dreams would be something bomb-proof like the new Nikon 1 AW1. It's a lens swapping camera that can be submerged and will even have an underwater flash (coming soon). It's not cheap, but then neither is replacing your old camera because it's full of gravel or you've been caught in the rain. The Canon Powershot is still a good bet and Leica make excellent compact digital cameras.

Sports Cameras

The Nikon above would make a great sports camera but there are also some new innovations for extreme sports enthusiasts. Attaching a digital movie camera to a skate board or mountain bike will soon be easy with the Toshiba Camileo X-Sports (due to be released very soon). Contact our customer services if you have any questions.


If you're thinking 'I have a phone that takes pictures, why have a separate camera?' then you might be interested in this digital camera attachment that sits on most smart phones to transform them into a fully functioning camera. The Sony QX10 can be used as a standalone camera but clips onto a smart phone and uses apps to give full digital camera functionality. This one would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone who thinks they have everything already... So get clicking and use forward2me's door to door tracked service to snap up the latest camera.